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Slowly but surely I can feel it tugging at me
Pulling me back into the dark dangerous place of misery
I am screaming no one notices
I don't think anyone likes me
No one cares
I scream again
A tear falls gently down my face
What's going on?
I feel invisible. No one looks at me no one cares about me
Depression... that word runs around my mind every day
I had never thought how easy it was to feel like this
What is wrong with me?
I feel like I am on the edge of a cliff
Just one small push and I will be tumbling over
However one pulls back and I feel at ease
One pull back and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders
I'm screaming at someone to help me
Please I am going to fall down
Someone help me
I look down the cliff and see a huge pit of darkness
Someone help me...
Sara I Raad Apr 30
I push away the people who are closest to me.
Maybe it's because
they are so quick to come and help me.
But what if I don't want to be saved?

Sara I. Raad
Are you okay, you ask
and I say that I am
though I haven’t been “okay” for years

I can’t decide what’s worse:
how okay I am not,
or that you looked into my eyes
and believed I was telling the truth

I can’t cry for help
as I fall into the abyss
so I cannot expect you to save me
but here I am anyway
hoping you might catch me

You don’t
and I find rock bottom,
let the darkness encase me
I cannot blame you, this is on me

If I had leapt a little further
perhaps I could have caught myself
but it is too late now
Val Graz Apr 19
I hate me, I hate everything about me,
The things you can see, and especially those you can't see,
I hate living, getting up every day,
Make money, they say, gotta get paid,
But I can barely stand up in my own skin,
How do I help others, when I can't begin,
I'm stuck like cement in my own body,
And I wanna **** it sometimes, don't tell Mommy,
She's still traumatized,
From all the other times,
I downed a bottle of pills,
Hoping I'd get out of this place,

So someone help me, help me live,
Because it can't always be like like this,
I'm drowning in my own self-loathing,
It's like a permanent set of clothing,
I can't get away from me,
So someone, help me, help me,

I've been reaching for a hand to pull me out for so long,
I'll just keep it hanging here, until I've had enough,
Lonely as the last of their own species,
No one else like me, I guarantee this freely,
Haunted by my childhood, and the demon that possess it,
Caught up in my own head, and all of it's dumb ****,
I can't see two steps ahead, sometimes I can't even see one,
God whoever made me, I hope they were having fun,
To make my pathetic existence worth something at least,
Even if just a stain on some old *** sheets,

So someone help me, help me live,
Because it can't always be like like this,
I'm drowning in my own self-loathing,
It's like a permanent set of clothing,
I can't get away from me,
So someone, help me, help me.
Omi Mar 8
Am I too late my love?
Eyes fixated on me
She stares piercingly into my soul.

She hums,
with sorrow in her eyes.
My heart starts to bleed
Can’t she see my aching heart?

Ok. take my soul
So I am nothing but flesh and bones
Just don’t leave me in this lonely lustful sphere.

Now she screams
Next, she weeps
Why does she weep?
I am finding it hard to breathe
Why can’t I breathe?

Please, just say something before
I drown in my thoughts.
As I attempt to touch her;
they laugh.

O' mother
I see now 
They surround me
My demons.

but it's no use,
now that I'm dead.
Jaxey Feb 4
She was scared of the monsters
Hiding under her bed
But the scariest of them all
Were the ones in her head
Can you get rid of these monsters
YourNightLight Dec 2018
What is this fickle world,
where not everything is as it seems.
Who am I truly?
Forever changing & evolving into something more or less.
My world is as a sandstorm in a desert.
I flutter along with the motions,
nothing more & nothing less.
I call out to you from the deepest depths of my heart.
Do you feel me?
Do you hear my cries?
Come save me.
Wrap me up in you.
Come save me.
روبرت Dec 2018
They say talk is cheap
I say its priceless
Supply and demand
Its cheap when its abundant
But oh so priceless when the market is dry
Where is my bailout?
You never know how precious something is till you hit rock bottom
روبرت Nov 2018
This place is full of demonic step sisters
I miss my pristine Cinderella
Can we skip the ******* slipper
I’m waiting
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