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KG Nov 18
Waiting on the elevator
For my day of labor
Instant gratification after
Days of waiting safer
Now we talk in secret
Spaces craving the others
Flavor of disgust leaving
Rust in my joints and bones
Masochistic I remember
Pain has always been my
Glenn Currier Jun 20
I’m drowning in this night.
Please give me a jot of joy
turn on the light
to spurn this blight
I’ve gone overboard
send me a buoy.
liakey Apr 27
numbness falls over me;
like a thick wool blanket protecting me from the cold of a dark, winter night

insulated and warm,
my feelings fade away.
yet the coldness surrounding me remains,
constantly inviting me to play.

I wonder how long this numbing will last?
when will the sun rise again and another empty night like this will have fully passed?

returning with the day is the pain of this freezing terrain,
reminding me just how little from the darkness I’ve really strayed;
I know this is only a temporary wait to sustain.
Artem Mars Apr 23
Two days ago, I went to bed
With more than average noise in my head
It hurt and I cried
Hurt so much that I died
The only one that could save me
Was miles away from me
Since then, the world sped up
Goes too fast for my lungs
So they just gave up
I am decaying at home
In front of my mother
I am melting so slow
In front of my brother
I am nothing but bone
In front of my other
دema Apr 20
For then a lost wanderer approaches ,
locks his hand in mine,
and as he trembles in nerves,
he promises to save me
from anything
Katie Mar 25
Make me a bird
So fast and free
That no one could catch me
I'll fly so high
Without a care in the world
I'll soar to the rainbows
I'll be alone
Jieun Mar 8
i turn each page
of the book
with anticipation

anticipating if
the princess gets
the prince?

if the hero
gets to save the day
yet again

if the ugly duckling
became the beautiful
swan it was meant
to be

but instead
when i turned the page
of this book
i have

i realized
the lost girl
didnt get to find who
she was

the lost girl
didnt get
to see the light

and now she was
a broken wing
broken beyond

and that lost
was me

i lost myself
and i had no
to see the light

because i was

and was too far
to be saved
liakey Feb 25
the darkest nights
are always those you must face alone.

no knight in shining armor
will appear until it’s already dawn.
excerpt from my poem “alone”
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