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Achick May 17
I’m trying find the words to say
I’m trying to figure out the words to write
I need to say something
I feel it in my chest
It’s a pressure that’s weighing me down
It’s a rag in my mouth
Silencing me
Something is bothering me
Something is making me uneasy
Something is affecting me
Something is changing me
Is it for the better?
I don’t know yet
Growth happens when your uncomfortable
Is that why I’m so anxious?
Is that why my mind is racing
Is that why I’m shaking
Something triggered me
I’m thinking back through my routine
I went to work
I was listening to loud music
Now I remember
The protesters triggered me
Looking at each one of their faces as they called me a murderer
Lined up one by one
Condemning me to hell
Screaming blood is on my hands
I work at a women’s clinic
I’m helping women
I’m helping
"She's the perfect girl" he screamed,
Describing her as the funniest to be seen,
But does he know what the heart hides?
Does he know the art of disguise?
Each day the sun sets,
she's the same broken girl
Who goes home to rest,
"The day surely has been a tough test" she moans imprisoned in painful thoughts,
She has the loudest voice in school,
Alas, at nights she screams and cries without a single sound,
Hugging her tear- Stained teddy bear,
She picks her best friends call without a care,
Voice as happy as ever,
she makes a joke,
Behold, she's alone again, imprisoned in her own hell again,
She remembers each night how the world ripped her soul,
Now her heart isn't a whole, even after several years
She's the same broken girl who cries silent tears
Save me from my remnants,
That flake away
From my soul.

Bury me alive,
Away from those
Who draw me in so easily.

An emotional scratching post
To them is all
I ever was,

Reach inside
My hollow chest
And finish what they started,

For I am nothing but a seed
Traversing this
Barren dirt,

Left only to
My dire thoughts,
Taking slowly my life essence.

The clouds, they overcast this
True face with a
Gilded mask,

As I'm left to
Scream beneath it,
Oh, save me from my remnants.
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J Feb 18
Stuck in the thick that drags me under
I struggle for breathes, grasping for the surface
The runner appears beyond the drowned
Do you see me?

A sense of familiarity blankets my surroundings
Yet it is shrouded with insecurity
The runner stops to peer into the abyss
Can you help me?

I reach to where the moon and stars used to be
Your conflicted face reduces to fear
Only hesitating before fleeing
Where are you going?

I sink deeper than before
As the runner abandons the gloom
A stream of tears left next to your footsteps
Why are you crying?

Now I am consumed
Now I am alone
And now I am tired
Why did you leave?
The runner suffers just as much. They do not want to runaway, but it is in their nature.
Alvin Agnani Dec 2020
I see through the looking glass that mirrors your reflection.
"I shan't be the last" - a promise from the undesirable.

But it would seem your ears are clogged with ink and horrid venom.
Ignore my gaze, my compliments, and everything I give you.

One day you will realise that you were never alone.
It was merely your IMAGINATION.
Do not lie to yourself. Somewhere, someone sees you for who you are, and accepts you wholly.
KG Nov 2020
Waiting on the elevator
For my day of labor
Instant gratification after
Days of waiting safer
Now we talk in secret
Spaces craving the others
Flavor of disgust leaving
Rust in my joints and bones
Masochistic I remember
Pain has always been my
Glenn Currier Jun 2020
I’m drowning in this night.
Please give me a jot of joy
turn on the light
to spurn this blight
I’ve gone overboard
send me a buoy.
liakey Apr 2020
numbness falls over me;
like a thick wool blanket protecting me from the cold of a dark, winter night

insulated and warm,
my feelings fade away.
yet the coldness surrounding me remains,
constantly inviting me to play.

I wonder how long this numbing will last?
when will the sun rise again and another empty night like this will have fully passed?

returning with the day is the pain of this freezing terrain,
reminding me just how little from the darkness I’ve really strayed;
I know this is only a temporary wait to sustain.
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