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I think it lives in me
My horror
The eyes of a creator
exiled from human existence
And displaced into dark corners
Of my increasingly less human heart
I think you’ve seen it
After a few tequila shots
In the heat of an argument
In the mumbles of a deep sleep dream
And it frightened you
To not only suspect but to know
That something so dark could live
In someone you held in light
And if this is the reason you ran away
I understand
My horror lives in me
And as soon as I’m sure it is sealed
It won’t be and it will slither up my stomach
And spools itself around my heart
Squeezing my blood into the far tips of my fingers
And the ends of my toes
And I’ve pricked them my phalanges
On the sharpest needles
In hopes I could drain myself of it
But I never can
See- my horror lives as me
And from time to time
I hide it long enough to love
And sometimes be loved back
But my horrors don’t go for that
They are a jealous thing that can love only me
 Aug 2015 Luna Jay
life's jump
There are two ways
that I am
this fastened break
of my confessions  
swinging from the day
with complete forgiveness
without end
In my self-suffering
I can not forgive

I call the days I have lived
I checked with those that have been
That know me from my ways of love

Trapped in these means
with ocean crash gifts  
I have become okay
within this thought of
my most sorrowest moments

Adrift alone
atop this naked
of cold

Without my distorted attractions
running through my head & heart
where i live love
but cannot give

I tempt my body with food
and my friends with me
and desire more from
this living than is

Confronted in my cower
lays this
"to do better" than me
but, stuck as me
I am.
I don't need a mirror to remember
the face of broken
or to see again
what to you I have been
No reminders need be here
as I Am

Crying out for one more night
or for the rest of my life
matters less now that going back
is not an option

how I feel to cover whats left of me
yet hardly remember the way that    
I've welcomed this pain like an old friend
coming to collect from my pen
without writing a way
to remove from me
what I am

I will never speak again
or lead with emotions
-Just release
and forgive you
as I am
needing more than this
to end
The moment I saw you
it was if
I had never seen another woman in my life
like all the other women
I had known before
melted into one person
and quietly stepped out the backdoor of my memory
I was aware both by the amount of children in the world
and the amount of drinks being bought by other men at bars
that there were in fact other women
but not for me, the moment I saw you
they all became faded images in someone else’s head
and in mine there you were, and still are, clear as day
standing with drink in hand, mouth moving
and there I was, and still am, waiting for them to stop
just so I can kiss them
like I had, and have, never seen lips before
Brother, in my dreams you have always just died.
I’ve never dreamt you are still talking to me
nor are you many years gone
your absence is always known, fresh, and painful
it feels like a skinned knee
stinging red and raw and with every movement
It reopens and spills out more and more pain.

Sometimes I am at your funeral
I’m talking through tears about the things you loved
listing off:
reading books
long conversations
a good beer
and I stop at me.
How much you loved me, how much we were alike
and our one difference-the size of our hearts.
Mine, a tiny fragile thing with room enough
only to house you and
you, who had a heart so big
your body couldn’t let it live.

It couldn't keep breathing without making your blood thinner
so that it could more easily pass through that
giant beating ***** of yours
such thin blood that kept you alive just long enough
for you to feel every bit of pain and every moment of sadness
that having such a big heart always brings
every sad thing I feel in my dreams.

Brother, I'll say to your corpse
remember that time you were drunk
so drunk that when I told you we were out of ice
you started sobbing
you sobbed on the ground and you screamed so loud,
and you said, “but where will the penguins live?”
I laughed at you, I picked you up off the floor
and I told you, “They can live with us and I’ll pay their part of the rent.”
Then I whisper to you, softly enough
So that the congregation won’t hear
I love you more than you loved everything
Even penguins.
 May 2015 Luna Jay
Ryan M Hall
When her eyes meet my hungry gaze I know she'll be mine.
She is smitten by my charm.
She playfully teases me about the gold band around my left ring finger.
A promise that after tonight will mean nothing.
They can't hold me accountable for my actions.
I'm dissatisfied.
My life isn't what I pictured it to be. With a marriage on the rocks and a teenage son who favors his mother, who could blame me?
I won't let them take me for granted anymore.
No one will understand.
No one will get me.
Eventually, no one will care.

— The End —