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Jason Adriel May 19
I am a narrow stairwell
Waiting for the morning bells
To ring, for the early birds to sail
Watch all the cabs be hailed

Waiting for her to come
Will she come today?
Doubts, I have some
Should I kneel and pray?

But to whom?
Who would to listen to a narrow stairwell
Maybe God would
Will I look like a fool?

My claustrophobic natures will intervene
When was the last time I had a nice dream?
It's always the same, redundant scene
The scene is always that same redundant one

I am a narrow stairwell
Waiting for the morning bells
Ed C Apr 24
I got a new desk today,
I thought "HEY!
if I get a new desk
I'll be able to fix this mess!"
I put together the desk,
it wasn't hard,
I didn't sweat.
I put it in my room
and I got upset
because despite the desk
being beautiful and tall
wooden and long
perfect for that corner in my room,
it was not big enough for the clutter
and the mess
and the stress
and all the books and the stuff
that I need around me.
So now I have a desk and my things
and we all float together in my solitude.
Sometimes you need a desk and sometimes the desk doesn't need you.
Maryan Abdi Feb 20
The ceiling grew in size.
My vision became blurred.
I began to see nothing but black.  
I struggled to move.
My body felt as if it was being constrained.
I couldn’t speak.
My voice was gone.
I couldn’t do anything.
I felt helpless.
I felt paralysed.
Rain Feb 17
It’s a city from the outside,
Shining on a hill
But from the inside looking out
It’s just another jail
It sometimes feels like the city walls are pressing in, suffocating me, but I can’t leave, at least not yet. Soon, though, I’ll be leaving; soon... I just have to remember to breathe long enough to get there.
Luna Jay Jan 17
All of this time, I felt so claustrophobic;
The walls are caving in on me.
But, I’d never tell anyone.
No, no…
My home and chest and mind and
Sanity can all cave in,
And I won’t say a ****** thing.
I am sick of missing myself.
I’m right here, I’m just…
I stumble over my own two feet
Like some blind traveler,
Lost on these same roads I’ve walked
And maybe, just maybe,
This time I’ll actually wake up
On the count of three.
Maybe then, it’ll finally make sense.
The walls were never caving in.
They were floating away.
They’re gone.
There is no four corners that I will
Allow to define me.
I am nothing and everything all at once..
I am whatever the stars
Wish to see me as.
I am only worth the thoughts I leave
Here on this planet.
Rowan S Jan 3
****, ****, ****, ****
Fuzz through the brain
Zapping pain
Through icy passages of panic
Swell, flow, overflowing
With pain, doubt, hate, anger
Breathe in, Breathe out
Think about the seat
The air, it's cold
My ears ring
Count from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
Walls are getting closer, life squeezes
God's cruel fist crushes
Air from my lungs
Thoughts from my brain
LET ME ******* GO
Why am I so broken and insane sometimes?
The ocean draws near in my ears
The shore creeps close, the tide stalks through my canals
Air, water, rushing, getting louder
Pounding, ******* pounding

Someone save me please.
                                -the claustrophobic mind
I handle my panic attacks at times by riding the emotions and using writing as a grounding technique. My pen as a conduit to root myself to where I physically am, and not where my mind takes me.

This is from roughly 2 years ago, and I have made so much progress in regards to my mental health management. I rarely, if ever, have panic attacks these days, but I will always remember how it feels to have the walls shrink in your mind.
Emmah Sep 2018
Too many bodies
Strange arms and hands
Too close, too close
I can’t hear my thoughts
Through that constant noise
I can’t see over the shoulders
I can’t see through the gaps
I’m being pushed
All sides closing in
I’m moving against my will
Swept along in a sea of flesh
When will it stop
When will I get out
I can’t hear
I can’t see
I can’t breathe
The crowd doesn’t allow escape.
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2018
It's funny how
In a 5 foot square space
We feel confined

Yet in this
Smaller space of a mind
We are free.
Examine the poem for yourselves, pretty straight forward. :)
Jewel M C Apr 2018
all alone in a crowded room
claustrophobia consumes
as i'm uncomfortably surrounded
by strangers
with friendly faces,
ultimately unfamiliar
yet seemingly displaced
from this blur of insanity
they pass as our reality

          where are we?

i am searching for familiarity

                                                  in an unfamiliar place

trying to find

                              a familiar face
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