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Marri Feb 2020
Will you be my Valentines?

Oh, okay.

You rip my heart out of my chest,
Pink ruffles and all,
And crumble it up.

You swish swish swish it into the trash,
You feel so powerful.

It lays there,
Bottom of the barrel,
Crumpled and beat black and blue.

The pink ruffles are now zig zag bright red.
It wheezes out in desperation.

I scramble to the bin,
Trying to scavenge the leftover pieces.

I pick through the trash,
I look ridiculous,
But I can fix this.

My fingers run over broken glass,
Paper, and even banana peels.

I find it,
The last remnants of my beating heart.

It’s still crumbled up,
But this can work.

I start from image.

I steam press it,
Whisper it sweet nothings,
And kiss it back to life.

It beats.
It beats,
It’s beating.

My heart is alive once more.

Will you be my Valentines?

Yes, heart, I will.
Susana Sep 2019
As a cookie
I crumble, easily
As an orange
Squeeze me , tears will shed
As the deep blue sea
Tranquil, yet slowly damaged
Luna Jay Dec 2018
The walls,
They fall.
The minds,
They crumble.
The teeth,
They shatter
On contact
With your words.
The skin suits,
They wither.
The single identity crisis,
They splinter.
Into a man’s
Multiple personalities.
The tears,
They spill.
The spines,
They chill,
The hope,
They lost forever and
A day ago.
And nothing is left
But the measly foundation;
Rotting and infested
With termites.
mint Dec 2017
there’s a gouging hole where my chest used to be
ever since the moment i met you
a tiny piece of me has crumbled and fallen to the floor
leaving trails of myself as i pass
and over the months as i have been chipped away at
my soul
has emptied

i’ve grown tired of the pain
i’ve grown tired of the wanting and the longing

i’ve rushed to pick up pieces of myself again but i found that they don’t fit

i am not the same anymore

we are not the same

nothing will be like it was
these months have sloshed like water, up and down and now the water is gone
a new tide has come in

and i don’t know how to fit here in these waters
what to expect from them

acceptance rolls in between my fingers
touching my skin and begging to be absorbed
this past month i have been playing with it in my hands, feeling its tacky sticky texture

it promises no returns, only a way to pick up my pieces again and fill in the gaps you left, with it’s presence

i lay on the ground
water laps at my body and pushes bits of me into the holes they once occupied

i lay

my hand is now covered in it, the acceptance

i lay in the slowness, the grey sounds of the water filling my ear and there is nothing i can do but wait

wait for the acceptance to over take my body
wait for myself to be whole again

i remember your face and i wonder how that’s ever possible

and yet here i am, being put back together and remedied

here i am

waiting for my impossibilities to soak into my skin and become possible

here i am
i dont know how to get over her but i will, its happening, i just have to wait
Rae Oct 2017
You were my everything, now I am nothing to you.
I fell in love with you, and you thought you felt the same.
You did not.
I fell in love and continued to fall deeper.
You led me on and continued to walk.
My heart crumbled and cracked, and you tried to help me.
Although you only made it worse.
So I cannot love you anymore, because I have been told the inevitable,
That you do not love me, and I can't force you too.
Kristy Jun 2016
My heart is like a cage,
Trapping feelings that it can't let go.
My heart is like a drum,
Hammering away as our skins touch.
My heart is like a rose,
With thorns yet admiration for you.
My heart is like a tower,
Every brick was placed to protect myself from you.
My heart is like glass,
Breaking into pieces as I see you with her.
My heart is now crumbled.
Pencil scratching words out
The sound of paper and lead connecting
Frustration, not meaning what you write
Eraser comes out
The crumbler of words
Rubs across the unwanted
And now unsaid
Words that don’t let you speak your mind
Wipe the crumbled words away
Let them fly off the table
Land on the ground
Begin an adventure
That only crumbled words can
Rolling out into
Into what it means
What do I say
The crumbled words representing
Things you would never dare admit
Letting themselves free
I miss you
I love you
Brushing those haunting
Impacting, changing words away
Keeping yourself
Inspired by a friend who once told me she called erased words crumbled words
Beau Grey Apr 2016
How do you shake that
which thrives on being crumbled?
It's simple - you don't.
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