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Luna Jay Mar 2019
No one can put a number on my love-
Though many have tried.
No diamond rings or shiny things,
Could ever change my views,
Of how I feel and what I think and
How I dream of you.
Seasons change; cold wind and rain-
Flowers wilt and die.
Spring again, I blossom then;
And you are by my side.
Always you speak to me,
So elegant and true.
Always captivate me with your soul-
Radiating indigo hues.
Aaron LaLux Feb 2019
At the Indigo getting into it with an Indigo,
in Tulsa or at least en route after one more round in LA,
stuntin’ in The Land of Abundance all real no frontin’,
can get anything I want except getaway,

and this all feels totally cliche,
spending time but got no time to waste,
already at redline trying not to flatline,
catching up to made up deadlines and keeping pace,

trying to lose the stress without losing my mind,
trying to win the hearts and convince the minds,
trying to do everything without having to try,
only do and do not do you like you buy,

welcome to America,
consumerism on steroids,
where we empty our pockets to fill up our closets,
empty hearts with souls for sale anything to fill the void,

everything that was ever made sacred was destroyed,
now we’ve got black artists on the radio making white noise,
where are our idols how are we supposed to look up to anyone,
but sometimes I feel like there’s no escape and I have no choice,

so I buy in in order to not be left out,
get the girl get the clothes get the hotel room,
but really I don’t feel like any of this is mine,
plus I’ve got a place to be so I should go soon,

so long farewell,
I bid you my Love good day,
but before I go let’s go one more round,
for Old Time’s sake before I make my escape out of LA,

at the Indigo getting into it with an Indigo,
in Tulsa or at least en route after one more round in LA,
stuntin’ in The Land of Abundance all real no frontin’,
can get anything I want except getaway…

∆ LaLux ∆
Luna Jay Jan 2019
Indigo child
Hair flowin wild
I ask you to stay
And you disappear awhile.
Indigo lover
I don’t want to smother
I’ll stay away,
My heart breaks undercover.
Indigo go
I go solo
For a man who doesn’t want me
Frisky; I glow ***
Indigo mild
Your words are filed
In my head as I please.
Will I cross denial?
Indigo other
From another mother.
You make it hard to say
Do I love you only as a brother?
Indiglo bo
Loves me more, tho.
He loves to eat
And the love game is a low blow.
Coventore Jan 2019
I've been on this journey for far too long.
My vim and vigour long since gone.
So many trials conquered, so many tests,
yet my soul only craves for one final rest.

A world so familiar to a soul so old,
A world full of wonders, a world full of woes.
I dance the twisted dance that many called life,
A dance of joy, yet also a dance of strife.

I've danced the steps many, many times;
This world seems nothing new to me.
Yet I write these words with shifting rhymes,
asking when the end of said dance could be.

My body is young, but my soul is old;
weariness weighs down my fresh bones,
As I write down the story that is being told,
Wondering when I can go home.
To all old souls, indigos and starseeds reading things, are you new here? Or is this world familiar to you? Do you ever feel tired of being here over and over again, and wish to return from whence you came? So do I...
Aaron LaLux Oct 2017
We are the Hopeful Romantics,
the Indigo Children,
the Wild Lovers with Untamed Souls,
the Colorfully Raging Light,
against the Monotoned Emotionless Masses.

Unconditional Love.

Dawn Richardson Jan 2016
Oh, sweet child of the light,
Your wisdom shines on through
The hum of a million Ohms,
Coursing through your fibers
Bouncing through the universe like
Shooting stars, they collide.

Power and beauty you behold,
Beams of light surround you
No constraints on your will
But will they medicate you into submission?
Or shall you meditate for awhile?

What is your mission?
Oh, sweet child of the light,
You’ve been here before
I can see forever in your eyes.


— The End —