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Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
Realized liberty, bike lanes,
okeh, Bret Weinstein is right, they do measure liberty

all my roads have double yellow lines, as a measure of safety
in a two-way world.
{which is partly why the code in DNA runs one way}

measuring minding
trips my trigger, to what I was thinking of writing
while watching a whispy-white haired man-my-age,
measuring the edge of a two-story house,

which a good man is building for his daughter,
down the hill, from where I sit.
That old man is bowed, in a compressed spine
kinda way,
bam bam men walked that way, in China, before the dams.

Tote that bail, tug that rope, nuthadayowe-der wise,
otherwise, aliens versus everything
pop knowns
you had locked away, in those gated intellectual troughs.
Yes, yes, troughs,
Pigs eat from troughs, cows eat from cribs,
chickens eat from dirt and sheep *** all the grass for wool
to pull over our eyes
filtering lies
like sunlight under big old Pines shading little old
Rosemary patches that feed bees,
wooly eyes, wise
meander, would you say away from world's wisest men discussing
what may be done, we set a spell, make peace with
having nothing else to do.

-- that sorta ran through my mind as I watched the elderly carpenter.
He was careful, but not afraid, aware.
He stepped from joist to joist,
at the very edge of the second story peak edge
perpendicular to the foundation square,

eye-ball-level to me
slow and steady he takes a tape, {such a witty invention}
a tape attached to a spring,
whereas once such things were actual hinged wands that unfolded
at the flick of an old wizards wrist,

then out came the soapstone, to lay down the line,
make the mark.
Here is where we cut, measure twice,
cut once,

he is sayin' in his mind, to me, I think, I imagine being told
this is how we learn what is right.
we learn to measure what works by what is.

If the distance between two points is beyond the reach, oopshit
I got distracted and he fell.
Things we imagine catching attention, good enough to step...
Heyaless May 2020
Do you feel how broken we are ,
Both of us miserably broken .

Yet one is trying to hold the other ,
And the other is trying to figure out his own .

How unfair this love has become .
You just whispered to me you love me ,
And I've made you my soul .

I didn't want this kind of love .
Where you'll push me , stab me with silence everyday .
And whenever you want to love me you'll pull me closer .
But have you even realise every single behavior of yours was a slap on my face .

I could see where the cracks and how my love for you is seeping through my fingers.
I wish you were here to give me hand to hold that love .

You're were so much to me , how much was i for you ? Don't say .

I was knitting this beautiful love around you but when I look back i saw you unknotting .

I was giving effort and it bacame effortless to you .

I love so easily i just can't get over that easily .

I will never forgive you for loving me and making me feel unloved .

I will never forgive you thinking that I will get settled with someone else easily .

I will never forgive you for thinking that I will unlove you easily

I will never forgive you for thinking I will move on easily .

I will never forgive you for thinking that I can replace you with someone else .

I will forgive everything that hurt me , how loving you hurt me , i will forgive everything about you.  I just can't forgive your thinking .

I love you but I can't go back where respect does not dwell .
No matter how much you love someone you can't hurt them easily and get back to them without even feeling guilty. You know what does that mean ..?? She's your products you can pick and threw whenever you want . You can hurt and expect to heal by themselves . Once you lose them , you're lost forever.  

I love you until the end.  I will draw the end .
He was a rat, she was a rat
down in one hole we did dwell
both were as pale as a witch's cat
they loved each other well.

He had a tail, she had a tail
both long and fine
each said 'yours is the finest tall
in the world, except for mine.'

He smelt the cheese, she smelt the cheese,
they both said it was good.
both remarked it would greatly add
to the taste of our daily food.

He went out, she went out,
I saw them go with pain
what happened to them i never can tell
for they never came back again.
Folorunsho Mike Iyanuoluwa
I asked about a man named Wealth
Who lives nearby - just up the street
I asked his nearest neighbors
About Wealth, and when I could meet

The neighbor on the left replied
That Wealth was not a friendly guy
And since this was the certain case
To help us meet - he wouldn’t try

And then the neighbor on the right
Said “Wealth’s a super friendly man”
“Easy to talk to - fun to see”
Could we meet?  “We surely can”

Both neighbors quick to answer
But with such different views
It left me puzzled right at first
But soon I knew which view I’d use

So Wealth and I remain good friends
I’m happy that I know him well
Get to know this man called Wealth
Enjoy his home and with him dwell
This is Prosperity Poem 73 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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This poem was not the easiest to write.  I really did inquire of a person who lives near me, and I received different views from both of his nearest neighbors.  So I started out telling about that experience, and then linking to prosperity.  Then I decided it worked much better to have the man actually be a man named wealth.  Are you friends with Wealth?
If's and but's surround us in life
One step either way can change fate
A false move or a reaction to strife
Can make things go another way

One second too fast or too slow
Can shape what happens next
It's a crazy thing to undergo
These life decisions happen quick

'If I could go back' as the saying goes
'I would've done it differently then'
But in this life we'll never really know
The answers to what could have been

We can dwell on things from long ago
And wonder about what if's and when
But it will always still be the unknown
We still have to let the future begin

So make the decisions with no regrets
We must do so again and again
Don't forget that we are all blessed
That we are alive and it's a gift

© 2020  Michael Messinger(All rights reserved)
In your words,
I find cure.
By your look,
My soul enlivens.
O You Who dwells in my hearts.
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