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Luna Jay Mar 2019
One last time I look around,
As I’m lifting off of the ground.
Saying goodbye to the birds and the bees-
Floating above Ross’ Happy Trees.
I am pleased.
I’m being released.
No more captivity
On the big blue marble.
A balloon cut from its string,
I rise until I hit
Invisible walls.
The sky is the
Only place I have left
To fall.
trf Dec 2016
An inner conflict was brewing in the brain of this Regal Man.
Snap shots of his world come and go, having lost time as his memento.

He never missed the most important meeting on his calendar each day, same as planned.

His insipid body, a vehicle driven by the same shiny things that attract barracudas.

A papercut on his tongue from licking an envelope, was a microscopic distraction.

Yearning for a momentary state of bliss, it was time for his sinuous routine to get on with the show.

The ***** induced a memory of his stoicism, brought back to life as an afterglow.

Disparate cynics, cannot fathom these deepest of depths.  
Man can’t choose his D.N.A. like nomenclature.

Be blessed you are immune child and take a deep breath.
Habits may be hard to swallow by some; no plethora of education.
As much of a paradox as this may be, the pursuit of this dance is not feeling like death.

Knowing that every cylindrical spin of the pistol can determine the future,
Indulging in an appetite of chaos, will be sure to obscure.

Only hours before the celebration that gives thanks to our last Harvest,
A quandary this time was stewing in this stoic man’s galaxy.

On his left shoulder was a badger, putting his life to THE TEST.
To his right was an angel, her relentless pleas dismissed.

Like being beset in quicksand, he dreamed that option was best.
A thought went through his head but vanished like a wave at sea.
Licking his fingers to feel the wind he sang out, “Memeto- Mori”. (Remember Your Death)

11/20/16 By _TRF R.I. P.hriend
best friend left 3 children, a beautiful wife, friends, family and life...behind. as he took the road mainly traveled by the needle that escapes humanity. Selfish, some may say, but to not understand is the role we must play. Leaping to his splatter, this wretched vehicle was doomed to despair everyone involved

— The End —