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Casey Jun 16
"A man so flat and boobless you could skip him across a lake like a prized stone"

I showed my surgeon the text post, and she said
"We'll get you there!"

**** right, she did.
Staring into the mirror, I see all of me.

Mortal boundaries declaring who I've always known myself to be

Thank you for all of your support throughout the years, dear readers <3

Finally, finally, finally
I am free
As of today (june 15th, 2023) I am 9 days post op :))
I've never felt more euphoric. ever.
I love this feeling and i hope it stays forever
WickedHope Sep 2021
You burned me  
We smelled like Mary and Jane
I laughed hard
Dug my nails in deep
As I writhed in pain  

I was too quiet
But I screamed too loud  
You didn't care
We were like fvcking kings    
Living in a cloud

You tied me up  
So I could stay resting in bed
Lied to me
Betrayed by a kiss too is how  
Jesus ended up dead
How do I stop being a fvcking *****
Spriha Kant Apr 2021
Withering by the prolonged waiting for someone is strangulation of euphoric flavor.

© Spriha Kant
I still hear your euphoric melodies,
The way your eyes would sing.
Vivace, you set the tempo;
The master of playing my heart strings.
MA Oct 2020
There’s something about you.
That’s so familiar.
Makes me feel like I’ve been here before.
Like I’ve loved you before.  
You make my heart dance.
I swear I met you.
I can’t put my finger on it.
But your just a stranger.
-elixir- Jun 2020
I lay in the embrace
Of the grass,
As my heart
Leaps euphoric,
To absorb the light,
The celestial glory,
From the heavenly
abode of stars,
Above me, in the sky.
I wanna dance in the light with the brightest star.
Phoenix32 Apr 2020
His dark eyes, vast and vibrant like the night sky.

I fall deep inside them completely mesmerized.

A trance so bitter sweet, even the most sincere melancholy falls to my feet.

And the truest sorrow must admit defeat.

I want to drown in his embrace.

My heart sinks every time I see his face.

He is such a splendor to my dreaming eyes.

His smile like the sunrise

His calm so divine.

Like constellations drawn upon the earth, our souls merge as our bodies entwined.

But these moments don’t last, falling away
like the sands if time.
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