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May 2015
Dance with me.
Inhale me.
Wrap me around your tongue and teeth.
The stale smoke out
Of your
Black and charred lungs.
Into the cool,
And now toxic,
Morning dew.
Wrap your fingers around me.
Take a long,
Silver draw.
Wrap your spit
Around my yellowed
Ribbons of cancer.
Catch a lungfull of me.

Pick up the bottle.
Its just a sip.
A taste of poison
Won't **** you.
Feel me.
Like gasoline.
Let me set your insides
Let the liquid waves crash
Over your teeth.
Drip the liquid fire
Down your throat.

Pop it. Swallow it. All of it.
Let the wave of unreality drown your
Pathetic screams
Of plea.
Pull you down for a swim.
Drown me.
In addiction.
Hello. I'm that man in the white coat.
I own the pen and pad.
I prescribe those little jewels
Of worthlessness.
Feel you eyes begin to droop.
Drool on yourself.
Whatever it is that makes
You feel comfortable.
I'll help you into that pine
Coffin. Tuck you in.
Concave the lights.
Forever floating in your morphine day dream.
Free Verse
Luna Jay
Written by
Luna Jay  18/F/North Carolina
(18/F/North Carolina)   
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