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Dec 2020 · 599
Haiku 294
Amanda Dec 2020
Let me feel again,
Anything. Everything. Please.
I will take it all.
Nov 2020 · 1.3k
Amanda Nov 2020
Point the barrel at me.
Let me see my future
unfold right before my eyes
as you pull the trigger.
You killed me.
Nov 2020 · 279
Haiku 1117
Amanda Nov 2020
Sobbing in my hands,
wishing for the world to be
finally at peace.
Nov 2020 · 423
Haiku 289
Amanda Nov 2020
It's been awhile
since I have let myself feel
anything at all.
Oct 2020 · 663
Haiku 512
Amanda Oct 2020
Cactus blooming red,
matches the blood in my veins,
hauntingly precious.
Oct 2020 · 303
Haiku 215
Amanda Oct 2020
Molding lumps of clay,
Sticky, earthen residue,
shaped to doughy love.
Oct 2020 · 371
Stormy Haiku
Amanda Oct 2020
I feel like a storm.
Powerful, striking and dark,
but also afraid.
Aug 2020 · 215
Haiku 513
Amanda Aug 2020
You have not aged well.
The weight you carried became
your worst enemy.
Aug 2020 · 467
Haiku 444
Amanda Aug 2020
Somebody told me
wounds are healed by time, but mine
are time travelers.
My wounds are time travelers, elusive to the healing process. Or at least that's how it feels sometimes.
Aug 2020 · 953
Haiki 8820
Amanda Aug 2020
And then I saw it,
At dusk, beating its small wings.
A guest from heaven.
My grandma passed away a few weeks ago, and today would've been her 88th birthday. She loved hummingbirds. I saw one today, at dusk, while talking on the phone with my aunt. It felt like a sign from her that she was okay, and that's she with me.
Jun 2020 · 1.0k
Haiku 610
Amanda Jun 2020
Take a photograph,
Let it develop slowly,
Patience is virtue.
Jun 2020 · 238
Haiku 511
Amanda Jun 2020
Bleeding from my lips,
breathing in tortuous love
when I'm all alone.
May 2020 · 667
Haiku 341
Amanda May 2020
Sometimes the past comes
and its earth-shattering sound
vibrates through your skull.
May 2020 · 257
Trust Me
Amanda May 2020
Finding ways to heal
It takes time and reflection
Isolation helps.
Mar 2020 · 495
Amanda Mar 2020
To paint?
To write?
To make a cup of coffee
in the broad morning light?

To sing?
To create?
To have something tangible
created in the wake?

Of tragedy
Of plague
Of a sickness we aren't sure we have
we quarantine because reason is vague?
Mar 2020 · 335
Space Created Me
Amanda Mar 2020
The stardust I came from
is no match for the explosion
in the universe that I'll create.
Dec 2019 · 189
Domino Effect
Amanda Dec 2019
Trauma from the past
knows how to enter itself
back into your life
when you least expect it,
causing the dominoes of your
sanity to collapse under the
societal pressures you've housed
your mental state into, silently
praying there will be a glitch in
gravity that will cause all motions
and bad thoughts to cease, leaving you
with a state of uninterrupted peace and
numbness to shield your remaining
innocence and childlike mannerisms away.
Even if it's just for a second.
Sep 2019 · 330
Haiku 09
Amanda Sep 2019
Autumn approaches.
Pumpkin spice, apple cider,
the flavors of fall.
Sep 2019 · 288
Haiku 11395
Amanda Sep 2019
The burn I swallow,
it has a familiar taste.
I think it's of you.
Aug 2019 · 365
Temptation Haiku
Amanda Aug 2019
Your trance: seductive,
oozing voluptuous love
I cannot resist.
Jul 2019 · 323
The Drop
Amanda Jul 2019
The ledge looks warm and welcoming,
beckoning me with its sleek rocky surface
with the promise of forever dripping down
its granite surface like newly harvested honey,
leaving nature's tongue to arouse my fear of love,
and awaken my unspoken desire for danger.
Jul 2019 · 205
Haiku 132
Amanda Jul 2019
My mouth becomes dry,
At the thought of you, my dear,
Dazzling them all.
Jul 2019 · 238
Haiku 213
Amanda Jul 2019
You have me in chains,
I await your commands, sir,
but they aren't enough.
Jul 2019 · 394
Haiku 391
Amanda Jul 2019
I am your weakness,
No matter what in the end,
It is always me.
Jul 2019 · 289
Am I?
Amanda Jul 2019
Am I worthy?
Of mercy?
Of kindness?
Of love and affection?

Or am I doomed?
To the void?
To being numb?
To feeling incomplete?
May 2019 · 376
Haiku 510
Amanda May 2019
It's been six years now
and I still wonder about
what we could have been.
May 2019 · 294
Haiku 704
Amanda May 2019
Forgot my halo,
I left it on your nightstand
right next to your horns.
May 2019 · 411
Haiku 144
Amanda May 2019
Golden sun, shining,
illuminates the moon, now
we shine together.
Apr 2019 · 482
Haiku 2013
Amanda Apr 2019
He was everything
that I was scared to become.
I hope he's okay.
Apr 2019 · 256
Haiku 84
Amanda Apr 2019
You tend to say words
that only shatter my heart
to tiny pieces.
Apr 2019 · 637
Haiku 31
Amanda Apr 2019
Crushing gravity;
Knowing that I crave human
intimate moments.
Apr 2019 · 284
Haiku 57
Amanda Apr 2019
Aching emotions,
the violin's hum is sharp,
piercing my numb soul.
Jan 2019 · 238
Amanda Jan 2019
Words dripping in desire
like the oozing thickness of honey;
it's too sticky and hard for me to swallow.
Dec 2018 · 222
Amanda Dec 2018
I reach a hand up
hoping it is your face that
my fingers rest on.
Dec 2018 · 115
Brain Haiku
Amanda Dec 2018
All of our brains
are sick with worry and fear.
Mental illness *****.
Dec 2018 · 496
Twist the Knife
Amanda Dec 2018
My back is barely a canvas
as my blood drips between my shoulder blades
creating a destructive masterpiece
from allowing the cuts to be visually stimulating
rather than attempting to treat them
with the love and respect
that they deserve.
Dec 2018 · 206
New Year Haiku
Amanda Dec 2018
Black and gold colors,
the new year is arriving
before I can blink.
Dec 2018 · 290
Empty Haiku
Amanda Dec 2018
Even when I seem
to be surrounded by souls,
I still feel alone.
Dec 2018 · 260
Your Cascading Flames
Amanda Dec 2018
So much fiery passion
burning to break free
from the prison it's
being kept inside.

It's your hair,
and it's your eyes.
While I could drown,
I could also be saved.
Nov 2018 · 420
Orange and Yellow Haiku
Amanda Nov 2018
The horizon tries
turning me to the night, but,
I know better now.
Nov 2018 · 212
Haiku "Missing You"
Amanda Nov 2018
Salt and vinegar,
the ****** taste in my mouth,
resembles your lips.
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
Astrological Explosion Haiku
Amanda Nov 2018
Stars only reflect
the inner most desires
burning to escape.
Nov 2018 · 229
Haiku 11318
Amanda Nov 2018
I long for his hands
to caress mine tenderly
for eternity.
Jul 2018 · 224
Shining Again
Amanda Jul 2018
Sunlight streams in
through the cracks
in our antique door,
spilling the day's glow
amongst the hardwoods,
glazing it in caramel,
with specks of the past
twirling and dancing
in the broad rush of light.

I compare myself
to the imperfections
highlighted in the wood,
the grains that have suffered,
the ones that bore too much weight,
they now illuminate the scars
that couldn't be buffed out completely.

Thankfully for our souls,
just because we are damaged,
it does not mean we are useless.
I find a great comfort in knowing
our inner light is much more forgiving,
and that none of us are alone.
Jul 2018 · 212
Haiku 020
Amanda Jul 2018
The sinking ship is
in my thoughts, but navigates
a new charted course.
Jul 2018 · 238
Amanda Jul 2018
Nurture me,
touch me gently
and don't worry
if I'm frightened.
I've just felt this feeling
before and it's never
worked out in my favor.
Jul 2018 · 367
Haiku 041
Amanda Jul 2018
Crackle, sizzle, snap,
Fire burns intensity
Too hot to notice.
Jul 2018 · 289
Haiku 066
Amanda Jul 2018
Red hand-picked cherries
leave behind a residue
on smudged, brittle lips.
Jul 2018 · 242
Haiku 044
Amanda Jul 2018
My lucidity
fights alcohol like how glass
cuts skin like a knife.
Jul 2018 · 335
Haiku 090
Amanda Jul 2018
The reason I'm here
is to take away your pain.
Don't you understand?
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