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Bellissima May 13
In the East
chaos enthrals me.
The man in the park who
sips green listerine.

The bathrooms in bars,
white dust, sprinkled
across porcelain seats.

An angelic experience!
I walk in glory
among souls of the *****,
fascination in impurity

though maybe
they are me...
For public viewers, the word is *d i r t y* (which apparently is an inappropriate word)
Amanda May 11
Forgot my halo,
I left it on your nightstand
right next to your horns.
Jay Apr 30


but so naive;

They told me that they wanted the best for me,

they asked me to believe them,

so I did.

Seraphic voices

taught me I’d be nothing without them

only a blank page,

only a waste of space

So I swallowed my pride

and accepted what I was taught to believe

the voices in my head were relentless

Ambitious as ever,

I raised my voice

but they were quick to hush me

I was told to follow,

to step down from my pedestal;

No one likes raw, uncensored words,

So I did as I was taught.


Beatific at first

but now so warped,


blurry figures in my peripheral vision

threatening to leave when I needed them most;

My precious voices

I held on

oh, so dearly

the creator of my own catastrophe,

I built my own cage.

Blissful with them

Miserable without;

Despised for my piousness,

I set myself on fire

for their comic relief.

Struggling to breathe

I was told I could have the world

but not the truth,

never the truth;

There is no escape.
Yvonne Nice Apr 22
With eyes that can strike both fear and awe
and a heart that was forged of gold
A mind filled with wisdom beyond the Library of Alexandra's
and a touch of a mothers love
A hug of a fresh blanket
and a smile of sun rays
A laugh of life
and a ferocious love that envelopes all that are worthy

It is in them that I find solace
from the world and its many ravines
And when I need it most
I can always find them there
It is in them that I bestow trust
as if a chest of ancient relics
And all they have to do is look at me
and I know they'll be safe

I love you, good friend
More than I even know
Overflowing like a flood
with as much force as an earthquake
I shall always be there, my friend
and i'll do anything for you
For you are the most beautiful dragon
and I could never find another
Because in your soul, is a soul like mine
kindred spirits beyond time
And i'll always love you
Even when the moon falls
I'll be your guiding light when you need me
and we shall haunt the lands together
until the end of time

Thank you <3
I love you so much, you're an amazing little bad *** dragon and I have more faith in you than I do myself.
Worship my demons
To find a reflection
Of angelic me
what was
at stake
there with
Homeric and
that equality
must examine
rush with
Fredrick now
outcome with
that matter
so embrown
Grecian with
extemporaneous wile
in this
mound of
their debate

ren Dec 2018
why do you look so blue,
tell me,
what is bothering you?
a lovely pure soul i wish was left untouched
was groped inappropriately
by the hands of toxicity and hatred of others
but she continues to emit light
to this dark lonely life of mine,
not quite thriving yet she is still alive.
she may not believe but she is my everything,
i look at her with eyes only full of love and admiration,
i am an awe as she stares back at me-
i see these sparkles in her eyes like no other
and she still smiles widely
through the waves of pain,
this is why i love you
but please remember,
i am always here.
farthest star Dec 2018
Her essence like a fleeting dream
                        floating through the ether of spacetime and
            grasping my heart so ******-y

Perfection wrapped in satin, bow down
independent queen
no need for a crown
she knows she's my everything
and she speaks to me like no one else
no other being alive, just her in the moment
and she bestows upon me
an illustrious golden token

            A being angelic, a punisher of poets
                        but a pen a weapon, a paper a field
            My mind a war of how you make me feel

against the blanket of black
move swiftly
like an aruarian dance
"Come with me" she whispers
and yanks the strings
that bind me to her
she's unforgiving, hands around my words
and we form a fragile melody
with us so valiant, we concur
I wrote this for a poetry class I took last year and it is one of my most precious and proudest works I've ever created. I chose this to be the first poem to share because I think it shows the level of skill I'm at in writing at the moment lol
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