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King Arthur Apr 9
Oh, you poor thing
Only a mess of tears and feathers now
Your innocent halo, cracked and broken
Your newly-found wings, singed to a coal black
How did it feel to be discarded?
Cast out of the only home you knew
Having to fall so far down, so far below
Into a place where no one knows your name
Only a shapeless form on the sidewalk now
And for what, because you changed?
Because they didn’t like this new you,
Even though, from birth, this has always been you?
They just never saw it, refused to see it
Covered their eyes and prayed some more for you
Did it hurt the way they shouted fire?
Holding onto old traditions and ideals
And trying to convince you this was wrong,
That you were wrong?
Did it hurt the way they scarred your body?
They way they refused to listen,
Condemning you without a trial?
Without a voice?
Well, many of us have felt the same
Your not alone in that
But sooner or later you’ll have to rise,
Up from the ashes, dusting them away
So pick up your discarded, broken halo
Stick the ends into your bleeding head
Wear it like a crown, with pride, with bravery
Shed your feathers, reveal what’s underneath
And when you walk into that darkness, you’ll see
Just how not alone you are
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Cherubic laugh; sly, impish grin;
Angelic face; wild chimp within.

It does not matter; sleep awhile
As soft mirth tickles forth a smile.

Gray moths will hum a lullaby
Of feathery wings, then you and I

Will wake together, by and by.


Life’s not long; those days are best
Spent snuggled to a loving breast.

The earth will wait; a sun-filled sky
Will bronze lean muscle, by and by.

Soon you will sing, and I will sigh,
But sleep here, now, for you and I

Know nothing but this lullaby.

Keywords/Tags: lullaby, child, cherubic, angelic, imp, chimp, mirth, sleep, snuggle, snuggled
Birthday Poem to Myself
by Michael R. Burch

LORD, be no longer this Distant Presence,

Star-Afar, Righteous-Anonymous,
but come! Come live among us;

come dwell again,
happy child among men—

men rejoicing to have known you
in the familiar manger’s cool

sweet light scent of unburdened hay.
Teach us again to be light that way,

with a chorus of angelic songs lessoned above.
Be to us again that sweet birth of Love

in the only way men can truly understand.
Do not frown darkening down upon an unrighteous land

planning fierce Retributions we require, and deserve,
but remember the child you were; believe

in the child I was, alike to you in innocence
a little while, all sweetness, and helpless without pretense.

Let us be little children again, magical in your sight.
Grant me this boon! Is it not my birthright—

just to know you, as you truly were, and are?
Come, be my friend. Help me understand and regain Hope’s long-departed star!

Keywords/Tags: Lord, God, birthday, happy child, angelic songs, birth, love, innocence, sweet, gentle, meek, mild, manger, hay, hope, star, Christmas, Bethlehem, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men
Tiana Mar 2
Your smile is angelic,
Your scent is sedating,
Your voice is melodic
And only for you
I get this much poetic;
When you can't stop gushing
alex Feb 28
See through the forgotten glass,
glowing with the holy colors,
its vibrancy laid across the tile floor below,
shadows casting the figures of eden
all but lost among the setting sun.
Leaving trees....

Rain drops run off leaves,

joining wet streams,

As my heart bursts at the seams,

Will this feeling last forever or diminish?

I hope to feel peace before death spell's cast,

before my life reaches its finish.

I wish to leave all pain in the past,

And have a heart heavy, full of love that lasts.
Pyrrha Jan 8
Your angelic words wrapped with demonic intent
Wont reach me from all the way up there
Your pedestal is too high, I'm afraid I can't hear a word you say
Your godlike vocabulary can't hide that devilish motive
And for as much as you lie, you are one awful liar
That angel light of yours can't blind me anymore
I have a special pair of sunglasses now
They block out all the repugnant **** from sight
Wahed Dec 2019
If Butterflies could speak,
Would we hear your lullaby?
A tale of a mountain peak,
And roses tumbling from the sky...

If Heaven were a sound,
Would we hear your voice?
Singing out aloud,
Dancing, as we rejoice...

If Angels were to walk this ground,
Would we get to see your face?
Would we finally be found?
To be Blessed with your embrace...

A magnificent glow,
As we Light up the Earth.
Creating a state of flow,
As your presence brings a rebirth...

We are waiting for you,
So we may fall into your love.
We are craving you,
So we may soar up above...
Jules Nov 2019
My thoughts on you
seemed more angelic
than the reality
of what stood
before me.
Naysayers are bystanders
meant to only see the clouds thicken as you climb
and to only smell the dust of your triumphs.

Haters are takers
of your brilliant shine
and elysian decent

You are delightfully masterful!
and in some small way...  you are      Godly!
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