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Amanda Sep 9
Autumn approaches.
Pumpkin spice, apple cider,
the flavors of fall.
Amanda Sep 5
The burn I swallow,
it has a familiar taste.
I think it's of you.
Amanda Aug 24
Your trance: seductive,
oozing voluptuous love
I cannot resist.
Amanda Jul 20
The ledge looks warm and welcoming,
beckoning me with its sleek rocky surface
with the promise of forever dripping down
its granite surface like newly harvested honey,
leaving nature's tongue to arouse my fear of love,
and awaken my unspoken desire for danger.
Amanda Jul 2
My mouth becomes dry,
At the thought of you, my dear,
Dazzling them all.
Amanda Jul 2
You have me in chains,
I await your commands, sir,
but they aren't enough.
Amanda Jul 2
I am your weakness,
No matter what in the end,
It is always me.
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