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Amanda Apr 2023
Watermelon sweet,
a juicy summer mess that
I taste in July.
Amanda Jul 2021
The witching hour,
I swirl contents in my glass.
Poison. Potion. Cure.
Amanda May 2021
I reminisce a simpler time.
I listen to Lana Del Rey past midnight as if it's 2013 again,
pretending her graphic imagery is my actual life
while I search for my exes on google since they don't use Facebook,
wondering what ever became of them.
Is my high school sweetheart happy he got married and had a family with someone that wasn't me?
Did my college boyfriend ever snap out of his depression and regret breaking up with me in the middle of the night at his Boston apartment leaving me to wander the streets aimlessly until the sun rose above the city skyline?
As much as I crave answers, unfortunately my google trail runs cold.
If I had blinked twice, would my life had turned out that differently?
And if it had, would I even want to be me?
A little ramble since life is hard and it feels like nothing has changed and yet everything has.
Amanda Apr 2021
Pop the cork, pour one
down the drain to symbolize
a new beginning.
Amanda Dec 2020
Let me feel again,
Anything. Everything. Please.
I will take it all.
Amanda Nov 2020
Point the barrel at me.
Let me see my future
unfold right before my eyes
as you pull the trigger.
You killed me.
Amanda Nov 2020
Sobbing in my hands,
wishing for the world to be
finally at peace.
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