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LLillis Nov 2019
Erratic squirrels
Irresponsibly consume
Fermenting pumpkins.
RoseW Nov 2019
I am surrounded by                                                               ­ 
yellow dim lights

their fleshless grin
their sharp screams bouncing, echoing in my head
their dull triangular eyes
they’re desperated to know who I really am

I want to Get out, Run, Escape, Avoid
but the blunt lights are Tracking me, Chasing me

until I become one of them.
I wrote this poem on Halloween!!
Anastasia Sep 2019
walking with you
in the october air
colored leaves
swirling around us
the taste of pumpkin spice
and whipped cream
lingers on your lips
autumn hums
her pretty song
a hand in mine
stepping on leaves
i don't think
i'll ever leave
inspired by this song
Erian Rose Sep 2019
Fields flood high of corn stalks
As we drove along with the country roads
Leaves splattered pathways in a vibrant tint
Electrifying the crisp air around us
Pumpkins grinned softly
Nesting in beds of acorn heads

Fall couldn't be any better
Than watching out the window
And laying my eyes upon the setting sun
While apple cider and spice linger in the ether
Protected in your sweater
Amanda Sep 2019
Autumn approaches.
Pumpkin spice, apple cider,
the flavors of fall.
Mae Apr 2019
A mber leaves and golden fields glisten in the morning sun
    as farmers work each day to finish the harvest.
    After all  is done, the warmth of family welcomes them home.

U nfazed by the moonlight, a football field fills to the brim
    as school colors filter into the stands full of hopeful fans.
    All the while, friends huddle under blankets avoiding the chill.

T rucks fill pumpkin patches as families pick out decorations for
    their porches,
    and friends enjoy corn mazes, hayrack rides, and haunted trails.
    The excitement for Halloween grows like a wildfire as the day
    draws near.

U nder each roof, families come together for Thanksgiving:
    savory turkey, green beans, and pumpkin pie.
    The rest of the day is spent visiting with satisfied appetites.

M any girls search their closets to find sweaters
     for warmth and comfort as they try to ward off the crisp autumn
     Wrapped in soft, cozy cotton, the evening soon becomes as
     exciting as ever.

N othing can compete with all I love about fall:
    candy apples, pumpkin spice, sweaters, and fallen leaves.
    Needless to say, I am partial to the
                                       chilly nights,
                                            Halloween frights,
                                                 and football lights.
Rich Hues Dec 2018
Some are friendly and like to be kissed,
Some are lonely and cut their own wrists,
But some have found,
When a man is around,
That it's surprisingly easy to walk into a fist.
Alexander Foe Oct 2018
My insides are hollow
My outside is a face

I used to be alive
Now I'm the dead

A green crown I wore
I used to rule the land

But t'was stolen from the hand
That places sweet sentiments
Right inside my head
Happy H.!
julie Oct 2018
trees are changing their robes;
on misty mornings
I am sitting on my porch.
a book  
I've found in a vintage bookstore
at the corner of my street
is lying in my lap

drinking a tea
wrapped into my favorite blanket
and watching my neighbors
carving their pumpkins

smelling the scent
of firewood
while also listening to
Frank Sinatra

autumn, oh autumn
where have you been?
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