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lib Feb 12
beneath the pale stars
your strong arms holding me tight
the clock strikes midnight
carriage returns to pumpkin
dress of silk and gold to rags
another tanka poem
Anais Vionet Oct 2021
Happy pumpkin spice latte season!

Someone said the leaves had turned
to butterscotch, banana, and lemon
but they don’t taste right.
I love everything pumpkin spice
Logan Robertson Oct 2020
Sally's Halloween dance the pumpkin patch
She plays the field, tricks and treats for her match
Thru to the winding vines, she scored
A Jack-O-Lantern she adored
With her sweet find Sally beamed at her ******

Logan Robertson


It's fun to write with puns and innuendoes and Sally does it swell.
Summer gets darker,
Sun begins to fade,
Our lives get more wise, through the dances of autumns haze.
Leaves fall off and a charmed aroma of sweet cider symphonies come down the trees unto hearts that bleed.
Enjoy the rich colors autumn brings, deep burgundy red, grape purple, golden bronze and chocolate sweetness floats into the air of a summoned season that we call Fall.
Delicious treats on our tongue touched pallets,
soft, warm, chewy cinnamon buns, red stains covering our lips from that glass bitten candy apple we bought at the fair. Smells of apple cider and maple syrup and our lovers kiss that is smooth like a pumpkin spice dream when my chap stick smothers your face in such delightful ways.
I love the fall, it is my favorite season. What is yours?
a low flying crow
eyed pumpkin seeds lying
in Helen's backyard
LLillis Nov 2019
Erratic squirrels
Irresponsibly consume
Fermenting pumpkins.
RoseW Nov 2019
I am surrounded by                                                               ­ 
yellow dim lights

their fleshless grin
their sharp screams bouncing, echoing in my head
their dull triangular eyes
they’re desperated to know who I really am

I want to Get out, Run, Escape, Avoid
but the blunt lights are Tracking me, Chasing me

until I become one of them.
I wrote this poem on Halloween!!
Anastasia Sep 2019
walking with you
in the october air
colored leaves
swirling around us
the taste of pumpkin spice
and whipped cream
lingers on your lips
autumn hums
her pretty song
a hand in mine
stepping on leaves
i don't think
i'll ever leave
inspired by this song
Erian Rose Sep 2019
Fields flood high of corn stalks
As we drove along with the country roads
Leaves splattered pathways in a vibrant tint
Electrifying the crisp air around us
Pumpkins grinned softly
Nesting in beds of acorn heads

Fall couldn't be any better
Than watching out the window
And laying my eyes upon the setting sun
While apple cider and spice linger in the ether
Protected in your sweater
Amanda Sep 2019
Autumn approaches.
Pumpkin spice, apple cider,
the flavors of fall.
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