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part of me wants to scream
I want to scream out to the world to get them to understand
I want to scream until there isn’t a single breath left in my lungs until they sting with the energy , I've expended and my words hang in the air for all to hear
to be a poet you must write with a certain passion
live with the satisfaction that you can constantly assemble phrases words and lines
because to truly write you must feel
you must freely write your emotion
you must learn to let go of your darkest secrets
allow the words to flow from your mind
liberate yourselves from mental slavery
they cannot comprehend why I write
I am striving for inner peace
fighting for the freedom of my soul
writing is my form of release because sometimes
poetry is not a release of emotion but an escape of emotion
moments & raw emotions
these aren't things ready made
we fear what we know but do not understand
we are loose at the seams
pretending to fine
Yet desiring to be heard
understood from the core
of our poems our souls
© Jennifer Delong  🦏 8/14/18
As I look up through the trees
I see her shining ever brightly
I feel her talking to me
She speaks through her energy
She speaks with her glow
I am captivated and so in awe
I listen I feel I hear I know
We are like one
I share with her my deepest emotions
In her , I know I can show
I am free to let go
She's my moon
She's my truest light
The nights , I wait
For soon she will return
I listen I feel I hear I know
© Jennifer DeLong 🌙
Feb 17 2019
Standing on the beach, sand between my toes
What lays in my future, who will come and go
The sun beams down upon me,I look out
at the vast ocean in front of me,I wonder
I feel so insignificant compared to this ocean
What difference can I make,
will I even be given a chance
I realize then while standing there,
that all I have to do
Is listen to my heart
and it will pull me through
For strength and inspiration
are not material things
They come from deep inside of you
they give your soul its wings
So whenever you're in doubt
and you begin to stray
Take a look down deep inside
and the answer will come your way
If you only believe in yourself
you can make your dreams come true
For no one else can do it,
the power must come from you

Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Lynn DeLong
When I can find in this world a piece of truth and a knowing of trust then , I will be free of the burdens of my walls built so high I cannot see
When , I can find love with passion & truth then my walls will begin
to crumble
When this worlds comforts me & I can feel hope & a bit of peace
These walls will fall & my soul
will be set free
I hope I find this serenity
I desire this to be
So mote it be © Jennifer L Delong 8/15/18
Wild and Wispy
or so they say
Willful and Wise
that may be true
Witchy and Wonderful
Could it be
Or so it seems
They may be
Seeing me
from looking in
Or looking through
It could all be true
© Jennifer L DeLong 3/4/2021
Looking thru the crystal ball
Wondering will it tell me
What is in my near future
Will , I find you there
Will , I find a bit of peace

Crystal Ball , I need you
Show me some magical grace
Bless me with your vision
Clarity is yours now

Reveal yourself to me
Will , I be blessed
This , I shall see.

© Jennifer L DeLong 2/2021
Floating above on this midnight cloud

Winds flowing through pushing stars about

Seeing the dust of glitter strewn about this Galaxy

Wondering if , I am whole

as if the moon could answer

Letting the air be music
I stare at this magical wonder

I could lay here forever

The beauty of magic starlight
daring the moon to dance

sparkly and soft colors
dress this sky

Floating feels so right

Magically keeping me here
Upon her whispering cloud
Wispy and warm

Galaxy feels so close
like I could dance across her
stars as they glitter telling me
here and there

Taking me to dreams
Midnight Magic
bringing me home

Awake another day
But soon ,I shall return

to this midnight cloud

©Jennifer L DeLong

Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
I am a mystery yet to be
I am a contradiction
a model of possibilities
I am driven to succeed
Stopped mid speed
I am a lover
deeply passionate
With no one to call my own
I am habit forming
full of wonder & lust
I am all of me and more
I am deeply devoted
Yet wildly ambitious
I am so many things
I am so many emotions
I am waiting for the divine
Hoping for a rather 🔥'y
throwing me every where
to become pixie dust

© Jennifer L DeLong 11/10/2020
jules May 2020
i sit in the bathtub
surrounded by
lit candle wicks
allowing tears to flow
feeling the comforting
cleansing of the water
wash over me gently
as i connect to my breath

the new moon
allows for manifestations
and new beginnings
so, i grab pen and paper
and jot down:

when i see myself in the mirror
i want to look deep within
and see the divine being i am
instead of
someone i wish not to be

i wish to cultivate
self-love, stillness
and harmony;
giving myself the space
to slow down and reconnect
while loving myself tenderly
for all that i am

i wish to spread
this love of self
unto others in my life
and to the collective
beings on the planet

in hopes that they too
will see the beauty
that is already within them

thanking the four elements:
earth, air, fire and water
for their guidance
and protection,

i step out of the bathtub
blow out the candles
dry myself off and
step out of the sacred space
releasing my intentions
into the wild.
She was not like most people, she got caught somewhere in between reality while swallowing substances as a form of psychiatry.
She had found herself always stumbling accross her own art you see, even amongst her own world she was lost and misplaced her galaxy's key.
She was never exactly listening while breathing in your level of dimension you see, her thoughts wandered much too far off the edge of her galaxy's sea.
This place she ended up was consumed by madness, darkness, and imagination. She was always shaking on the floor fighting the feelings of prostration.
This woman lived inside of her head you know, all these things she could not explain somehow made her grow.
She fought against her own world, how was she supposed to stay sane when the reality around her was swirled?
She tried her best by hiding behind the moon and sprinkling her world with fairy dust, still she found herself screaming at the stars to please shake off the feeling of lust.
She was cursed with a heart that never ceased to love, voices whispered in the skies of her own galaxy and laughed at her from above.
She refused to waste her time believing in actuality, for she was too busy seducing starlight with her sensual sexuality.
Her unpredictable personality was either devilish or angelic, she was lost while chasing dragons in this world of hers oh so psychedelic.
You would never dare to walk deeper into her thoughts of fantasy and lucid dreaming, your naive infinity could have never established any meaning.
You were unimpressed by her actions and resented her always reckless, around the witch's neck laid her luck inside a necklace.
She remained in her own nonsense believing mysteries indeed mystical, in the end these mysteries meaning nothing less than egotistical.
You never saw beyond the facts of your own perspective, little did you know
from her's she was fighting villians just to keep her nature protected.
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