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In bitter ink
I dip my feather.
My hands carve out
A weathered letter.
I hold the page
Steady, it hovers
Grazing the flame.
Your name getting hotter,
Til it crumbles to ashes -
Catching fire at my altar.

▪︎ mica light ▪︎
MuseumofMax Jan 2022
As I approach this new year

I will put myself first

And keeping those I love
Close to me

I will find success in everything I do
I will grow my wealth and my knowledge

I will follow my intuition
And continue to use my abilities to help others
Growing my spiritual gifts
So I may see

I will use my passions to create beautiful things
I will make a difference in this world
I will be an advocate for those who cannot speak up

Above all I will remember to take time to myself
I will listen first, then share
I will show them I care.

I am protected and so are my loved ones
No harm be done
And blessed be
A manifestation for myself going into the new year. Feel free to use this for yourself as well! I wish you all a happy 2022 and good luck!
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
As a child I listened for small voices

Little footsteps and mini hand prints

Night light left on
To welcome the visitors

They never said hello

I guess I’ll never know….
Wrote this a little bit ago and it reminded me of childhood
MuseumofMax Dec 2021
Hello again
It’s me

Tomorrow I’m going to therapy
I’m really nervous

But I’m gonna do really well
I’ll be comfortable
And maybe make new friends?

Help me through this if you can

But either way I will do it
And I will stay strong

I’ve been working on myself
And they will see
Amanda Jul 2021
The witching hour,
I swirl contents in my glass.
Poison. Potion. Cure.
Jennifer DeLong Jun 2021
Wanna play with my voo doo doll
A pin or two wont do
Better with a cut or two
Paint it black or dark blue
Thats what , I do
Voo doo doll one for me
Maybe one for you
Wanna play with my voodoo doll
Button eyes different sizes
Theres one red the other green
My voodoo doll likes you
She wants to play a game
Stick a pin
its a game just for you
So will you play with her
My voodoo doll has eyes on you
Lets see what she can do
Do you feel it
A ***** or does it itch
Isnt this fun
A voo doo doll
She has so much to explore
So come on
Lets play
See what happens
Dont be scared
Shes not of you
Wanna play with voo doll too...
© Jennifer l Delong 6/2021
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
part of me wants to scream
I want to scream out to the world to get them to understand
I want to scream until there isn’t a single breath left in my lungs until they sting with the energy , I've expended and my words hang in the air for all to hear
to be a poet you must write with a certain passion
live with the satisfaction that you can constantly assemble phrases words and lines
because to truly write you must feel
you must freely write your emotion
you must learn to let go of your darkest secrets
allow the words to flow from your mind
liberate yourselves from mental slavery
they cannot comprehend why I write
I am striving for inner peace
fighting for the freedom of my soul
writing is my form of release because sometimes
poetry is not a release of emotion but an escape of emotion
moments & raw emotions
these aren't things ready made
we fear what we know but do not understand
we are loose at the seams
pretending to fine
Yet desiring to be heard
understood from the core
of our poems our souls
© Jennifer Delong  🦏 8/14/18
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
As I look up through the trees
I see her shining ever brightly
I feel her talking to me
She speaks through her energy
She speaks with her glow
I am captivated and so in awe
I listen I feel I hear I know
We are like one
I share with her my deepest emotions
In her , I know I can show
I am free to let go
She's my moon
She's my truest light
The nights , I wait
For soon she will return
I listen I feel I hear I know
© Jennifer DeLong 🌙
Feb 17 2019
Jennifer DeLong Mar 2021
Standing on the beach, sand between my toes
What lays in my future, who will come and go
The sun beams down upon me,I look out
at the vast ocean in front of me,I wonder
I feel so insignificant compared to this ocean
What difference can I make,
will I even be given a chance
I realize then while standing there,
that all I have to do
Is listen to my heart
and it will pull me through
For strength and inspiration
are not material things
They come from deep inside of you
they give your soul its wings
So whenever you're in doubt
and you begin to stray
Take a look down deep inside
and the answer will come your way
If you only believe in yourself
you can make your dreams come true
For no one else can do it,
the power must come from you

Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Lynn DeLong
Jennifer DeLong Mar 2021
When I can find in this world a piece of truth and a knowing of trust then , I will be free of the burdens of my walls built so high I cannot see
When , I can find love with passion & truth then my walls will begin
to crumble
When this worlds comforts me & I can feel hope & a bit of peace
These walls will fall & my soul
will be set free
I hope I find this serenity
I desire this to be
So mote it be © Jennifer L Delong 8/15/18
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