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She was not like most people, she got caught somewhere in between reality while swallowing substances as a form of psychiatry.
She had found herself always stumbling accross her own art you see, even amongst her own world she was lost and misplaced her galaxy's key.
She was never exactly listening while breathing in your level of dimension you see, her thoughts wandered much too far off the edge of her galaxy's sea.
This place she ended up was consumed by madness, darkness, and imagination. She was always shaking on the floor fighting the feelings of prostration.
This woman lived inside of her head you know, all these things she could not explain somehow made her grow.
She fought against her own world, how was she supposed to stay sane when the reality around her was swirled?
She tried her best by hiding behind the moon and sprinkling her world with fairy dust, still she found herself screaming at the stars to please shake off the feeling of ****.
She was cursed with a heart that never ceased to love, voices whispered in the skies of her own galaxy and laughed at her from above.
She refused to waste her time believing in actuality, for she was too busy seducing starlight with her sensual sexuality.
Her unpredictable personality was either devilish or angelic, she was lost while chasing dragons in this world of hers oh so psychedelic.
You would never dare to walk deeper into her thoughts of fantasy and lucid dreaming, your naive infinity could have never established any meaning.
You were unimpressed by her actions and resented her always reckless, around the witch's neck laid her luck inside a necklace.
She remained in her own nonsense believing mysteries indeed mystical, in the end these mysteries meaning nothing less than egotistical.
You never saw beyond the facts of your own perspective, little did you know
from her's she was fighting villians just to keep her nature protected.
Julia Apr 12
i’m figuring out my sway
how to center night and day
like the first steps of a trembling fawn
or the breaking of the dawn

i’m testing out my bpm
counting my minutes for Them
i’m getting licensed now
it’s the only way we know how

i’m deepening my roots
putting nicks in my new boots
i’m feeding from the gem
sacrificing zero femme

i’m reaching harvest soon
just in time for harvest moon
sweetest peaches tell
Him how to understand my spell
Feeling this energy
It's racing through my body
Making me feel extra witchy
Pulling out out some herbs
Time to dance this out
Burn the sage
Shake & Shivey
Let my witchy out
Raise it high
Use it to empower me
© Jennifer Delong 1/18/19
Lady Ravenhill Aug 2018
Real charm wast only a desp'rate inclination
In mine own heart, until thee
Did breathe life into mine own breast
With thy f'rvent fascination
Igniting the true charm
In mine own soul in joyous delectation.
Whisp'r'd gently in mine own ears
With thy delicate incantations
©LadyRavenhill 2018
jennifer delong May 2018
The light was all, I saw
The door locked tight
I couldn't move
For a sense of warning
impaled me still
Mindfully, I screamed
Cast me protection
From this , I plead
I stared at that light
As, I kept silently still
But thankfully, I awoke
Just in time I do say
Who knows what was
Just beyond that door
©Jennifer L Dlg 5/25/18
Mansi Apr 2018
At the ****** of midnight
(Supposedly the time when
Witches with pointed hats
Fly on ancient brooms
In the dark sky)
I feel a chill run down my spine
A new energy filling me up
And a sense of belonging to another world...
Nylee Nov 2017
Her chants
dark and just
her voice
heavy and unheard
her strength
delicate but firm
her intent
illegal but valid
her brew
scented and light
she is calling out to
power and nature
in her dark lair.

She speaks native
with intricate melody
hand gesture
like a fiery dance
her movements precise
adding each elements
with fine cuts
preparing a concoction
in dark and fire
undisturbed and neat
she wore no fancy
nothing witchy
not a pointy hat
or that broom you'd think
no evil smirk
no mad cackle

she shakes the atmosphere
temperature goes north
earth trembles
things feel the wave
as this ritual
reaches a completion
she adds the last of
remaining ingredient
with the last mantra
she completes with thunder
and the cloud bursts
with white light
clearing the skies
so blinding energy
spreads over.

Lady Ravenhill Oct 2016
a sultry innocence
her careful creation
woven from a spell
in a sacred location

cleansing the air
with sticks made of sage,
magical words
dancing from each page

in the book of old
to commence this night
her skyclad skin,
snow white in the moon's light

the ancient magick
swirling amongst the smoke
draped in the delicate fabric
of her black silken cloak

a vile of butterfly ink
and acorns of the great oak
her ritual words, offerings
of power to invoke

earthen crystals aligned,
an athame serrated
their bodies and souls
soon to be mated

With all the power
of the sky and earth
in this circle cast
comes now the birth

they dance like heathens
around the fire
of her soul's divinity
and all her master's desire
@LadyofRavenhill 10/30/16
Lady Ravenhill Oct 2016
Real magic was only a desperate inclination
In my heart. Until you breathed life into my breast
With your fervent fascination
Igniting the true magic in my soul
In joyous delectation.
Whispered gently in my ears
With your delicate incantations.
@LadyofRavenhill - 10/27/16

— The End —