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Zywa May 11
That's how he has been:

that toddler, his little hands --

two little starfish.
Column "Niet verplegen" ("Not nursing", 2023, Ellen Deckwitz, in the NRC on August 31st, 2023)
lua Jan 5
one good pose, one good picture
the perfect timing
perfect conditions
clouds lined up
as the planets do
he puts his arm around her shoulders
and they talk
gazing over the cityscape
as if they're the only people in the world

he's no gentleman
he's no man
she tells us stories
of his lies
we listen because
why wouldn't we?
we are them in physical form
a reminder of
why they're together
in the first place

i snap a photo, a couple more
i don't dare
utter a distraction.
Zywa Dec 2023
The dear family

photo, with a golden edge --

of melancholy.
Poem "Foto" ("Photo", 1980, Herman de Coninck)

Collection "Em Brace"
Zywa Sep 2023
Flat pillar of salt,

my fixed image of mama --

Beloved photo.
A photo is an image fixed in salt compounds
"Ivoren wachters" ("Ivory guardians", 1951, Simon Vestdijk), chapter II and V

Collection "Inmost [2]"
Deep Jul 2022
Browsing through the gallary of my phone
I found none solo photo of him,
Never said I, "Father I want to click your photo, look here"
Now, he is gone
And I have started forgetting how he looked.
Nigdaw Jun 2022
bathed in light
I can almost touch
it feels alive around me
I feel my ancestors fear
and respect
as I capture it
on digital SD card
Zywa Jan 2022
Usually it goes,

sometimes I'm happy, right then --

I take a photo.
"Donkerder vogels" ("Darker birds", 2018, Ellen Deckwitz)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Nigdaw Nov 2021
I see the world
through the lens
of another mans eyes
shared experience
shot at 1/500th
of a second
rainforest at sunset
a whole knowledge
of technical skill
expressed in an image
I can walk into
to be a part of it
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