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Jack Feb 8
Stroking with delicate fingers
Over your temple and through
Your thick hair,
Brown as the wilted trees of winter days,
You cry to me.

“Who am I?”

Silenced by my inadequacy
To respond to your tears
And the disgust of your vulnerable
Weeping call,
Mountains of shame carried within.

“Do you love me?”

You wail softly to my rejecting ears,
But of course I do
But of course I don’t
Who could love you?
A fading light of which shone so bright.

“Help me get better?”

You cry out for someone’s helping hand
But you only have me
And my snide plans to **** you.

“I’m going to **** myself?”

I’m sick of you.
Tired of fixing your mistakes
For you to **** up again.

“Do you miss me?”

I did not hate you, lover,
I despised you
Every time I looked in the mirror
I saw
Your whining face,
And moaning heart,
the figure of my torment,
The figure of your torment,
With thighs scraped and tortured,
I remembered what you were.
What I was.

And then you died,
And then I was born.
No longer defined by your mistakes,
A Phoenix from the ashes,
I could,

Goodbye, to the lover I left Behind
Dec 2018 · 266
Jack Dec 2018
******* in a car,
Screaming Matty’s lyrics,
An angel placed before me,
With a voice not meant for the ears
Of mere mortals like myself,
The chocolate ocean of her glistening eyes,
Swallow me whole in a Marinas gaze,
But for once I can reach the floor,
Able to stay afloat and no longer
Battered by titanic waves of chaos,
The sweet glow she resonates
Illuminating every dark corner of
My mind,
Once an inescapable void,
Now filled with the fruitful warmth of love,
For the person who surely came from above.

Before me stands a towering figure
One that is doubtlessly divine,
Her shadow consumes me,
But it’s warmth is surely a sign,
That she is the one that all the hurt was for,
And how I just want her to be mine,
A single tear seeps from my eye,
Graced by your beauty,
Unable to make a sound
Out of my corrupt lungs,
Speechless until I force the words out,
“You really are the one, aren’t you?”
Nov 2018 · 842
i’m falling in Love again
Jack Nov 2018
I’m falling in love again,
And I had told myself never again,
But I let myself slip again,
Her oak brown eyes make it impossible to refrain,
And I’m falling in love again.

I’m falling in love again,
But it’s early again,
And I’m scared again,
Of sadness that I may regain
If I choose the wrong girl again.

I’m falling in love again,
I’m smiling and happy again,
She makes me feel human again,
No longer tortured by starving pains,
I’m starting to eat again.

But I’m falling in love again,
Because I think she’s the one again,
And this time I think I’m right,
And I know she thinks I might
Be the one she’s been waiting for,
Early days still, but I’m starting to adore
The open mouthed smile she gives me
Every time she lays her eyes on me.
Alone at night, thoughts of her drive me insane.

Im falling in love again.
I wrote this a while back and thought it was probably time to post
Jack Oct 2018
Within my arms and in the comfort of my bed,
She runs her hands through my hair,
Her cigarette scented fingers
Massage away the aches of a working day,
My cheeks tortured by hours of endless laughter,
And the eternal smile she puts on my face,
In this moment I’m ******,
She’s got me and she knows it,
I once saw myself as a broken toy,
Left to rot at the bottom of a chest,
Forgotten by time and those who’ve left me behind,
But now feeling like someone’s first choice,
In my head I’m introduced to a new voice,
It whispers in a soft, mumbled sound,
“Please, stick around.”
Sorry I’ve been offline for a while, only just got around to posting this. Remember you’re worth all the love in the world and never forget it JY x
Jack Oct 2018
40 innocent lives taken during the act of a war crime,
Not perpetuated by terrorism or dictators this time,
But by a close, western country and ally,
The US, you didn’t hear about it though and you may ask why
It’s because the media owned,
And you’ll only ever be shown,
What they want you to see,
Which means you’ll never be
Informed of the important events,
And the corruption will never be sent,
Back to the **** it came out from,
And no one will ever know about the bomb,
And the school bus it hit in Yemen,
Young souls never to become men and women,
But at least I know about Theresa’s dancing,
And all the other ******* about prancing,
A world uncaring of what we want and choose,
When will there be good news?
Modernity has failed us
Jack Jul 2018
I’m writing about you again,
Because you’re trapped in my mind again,
I grab the thought of you and smash it to pieces,
The shattered shards stab into my head,
And plant themselves in deep gashes in grey matter,
But what’s the matter with holding onto someone you love?
But what’s the matter without me?
Help me let you go,
Never let me go,
Place your hands against my face,
Hold it tight,
Kiss it,
Love me,
Miss me.
Jul 2018 · 1.1k
Writer’s Block
Jack Jul 2018
I want to write but I don’t know what about,
“Write about her” my head will shout,
But it’s not fair to you,
It’s not your fault I feel so blue,
All I can think is “I love you” and that’s how I know it’s true.

I want to write about the flowers and trees,
And the sun kissed scenes
That I see in front of my grey face,
I want to find a place
That I can crawl into for a safety base.

I want to write about the state of the world,
Where everyone who is sad or lonely is hurled
To the back of everyone’s head,
And they have the audacity to have said,
“How can someone yearn for the silence of being dead?”

I want to write but I’m in a place that reminds me only of sorrow
Taking these random pills ignoring the knowledge that this will only borrow
The happiness that I was meant to feel tomorrow.

And so I’ll write about how I will always feel like this,
Just a ghost everyone can see,
An empty shadow that takes the form of me.
Jun 2018 · 397
Lie To me Again.
Jack Jun 2018
Drown me in the lies of your affection and care,
Feelings that we both know are only there
Because you snorted that **** and swallowed that pill,
Even though you know its not true you will
Spill beautiful syllables of how you miss me,
And that all you think about is to kiss me.

swallow me up in black moon of your dilated pupils that whisper  lies,
Let me swim in the oceans of your eyes.
I miss you more than you miss me,
And that’s a guarantee,
Tell me those 3 paralysing words again,
Lie to me again.
Jun 2018 · 485
Jack Jun 2018
He wraps his ash covered, yellowed fingers around its neck and squeezes,
He doesn’t know what he’s doing yet,
But he can’t stop.

“I can smell the cigarette on your clothes” it gasps,
“Do you really need that to feel happy?”

“Why are your pupils so dilated, boy?”
“Do you really need that to feel happy?”

“I can smell the drink on your breath, boy”
“Do you really need that to feel happy?”

As he hold tighter around happiness’s neck,

He doesn’t know what he’s doing,
The face shifts and shakes violently,
His own face now smiles back,
“You’ve killed your happiness again”
It whispers, on its final breath,
Save me.
Jun 2018 · 571
Conversations With God
Jack Jun 2018
“It won’t be long now, my child”
A voice boomed from above,
“I will soon welcome you into the next life,
Just take up your sharpened knife”,
“You’ve caused too much pain,” he whispered,
Cradling my head,
“All through life you’ve whimpered”
“It’s about time that you were dead”.

“Why do your eyes pour?”
“All the pain you saw,”
“Trapped in a head at brutal war”
“You have nothing left to live for”.

As tears rolled down my greyed cheek,
So much so i could barely speak,
“No,” I cried out loud, “what about her?”
“I still need to make her my lover”.
Dead man walking
Jun 2018 · 446
Jack Jun 2018
Feeling myself slowly dying,
Due to my own proficient lying
Catching up to me all together,
Swallowed up by the feeling he will never
Be able to feel okay again,
Ensnared in the burnt out ashes of a once bright flame,
I have lost everything,
My family, my education and her,
Life, such a fickle thing.

Titans trample over my mind,
Who knew love could be so unkind?
He feels himself slipping away, crying,
It’s come to my attention that I am dying.
I’m sick of this place
Jun 2018 · 359
the Night he lost it all
Jack Jun 2018
The night he lost it all,
His tragic fall,
He loved her with all his heart,
But they never got a proper start,
Breaking apart from within,
All due to his own sin.

I’d prayed for you to forgive me,
Yet God said it could never be,
“You’ve hurt her too much” he said,
“Get that into your ****** head”,
I tried and tried but it could never be enough,
But to get over what I had done, it was too tough.

And I got what he asked for,
A goodnight kiss.
A girl to miss.
Save me
Jack May 2018
His head hurts again
His eyes are black and bagged again
His lips an unrelenting frown again
His heart is sinking again.

Swollen with pain for no reason again,
The happiness from her he’ll never regain,
He cries out loud for something thus,
The sweet release of nothingness.
Let me leave this place
Jack May 2018
‘Hiya baby, I’m sorry I was a *******,
I don’t mean to make excuses but I’ve been so tired lately’,
With a tear in his eye that was what he had said,
Praying it was enough for her to forgive him greatly,
But she didn’t want to be hurt anymore,
With head against his shoulder, caring.
She said her mind was at ****** war,
A fight that she was finding so unbaring,
His heart, in pieces, on the floor shattered,
Unable to love himself he found all his happiness in her.
She was the only thing that mattered.
May 2018 · 377
Jack May 2018
As my problems begin to multiply
Like knives in my heart, I start to cry
In this moment I look to the sky,
And pray there’s no soul more pained than I.
I wrote this poem a long time ago but only just rediscovered it, I hope you enjoy it. JY x
Jack May 2018
The girl he wanted with such desire,
Now passion burns like a blazing fire,
Starved lips reach her gentle face,
On her tiptoes and I’ve found my place,
A distinct taste of cigarettes and wine,
Swallowed up by her, the ultimate crime,
As the dark surrounds our figures,
Silhouettes together our loving light flickers,
Delicate tongues marching on foreign turf,
Finally, the girl who shows me my worth,
The kiss i never wanted to end,
Ensnared within each other, my girlfriend.
i love you
May 2018 · 341
The Moment It All Went Away
Jack May 2018
He beheld her within his brown eyes,
A goddess on Earth in front of him she lies,
Blonde hair dancing over his black pillow,
A silent promise he’d never, again, feel so low,
Blue eyes staring back with wholesome love,
Now seeing an angel he’d never believed of.

In each other’s arms they lay all that day,
And in that moment it all went away,
One thought rang around his mending mind,
He looked up and whispered ‘please be my lover’.
May 2018 · 599
why do you smoke?
Jack May 2018
Why do you smoke?
All your thoughts begin to choke
Your weak windpipe, delicate from pain,
And now you’re alone, hurting again.

Why are you smokin’?
Are you truly that broken?
So desperate to leave this place,
No one to have as a safe base.

Realising all the pain you cause,
in your head, sarcastic applause,
Recognising your life is a joke,
Is that why you choose to smoke?
May 2018 · 684
i wrote a poem for you
Jack May 2018
So, I wrote a poem for you,
Because, like always, you were playing on my mind,
Refreshing as cold mornings, grass littered in dew,
You are always smiling and kind,

I spoke to a God I don’t believe in with tearful prayer,
Asking for you to love me, kiss me, play with my hair,
I know, to you, I haven’t been fair,
But I look at the space in my bed and just wish you were there.
i think i love you
Apr 2018 · 421
Creature Comforts
Jack Apr 2018
Drink pressed against his sweating palm,
Cigarette cradled between two extended fingers,
Artic monkeys blasting out of a tiny speaker,
In his mind echoed screams of guilt,

Creature comforts from a world that doesn’t care if he’s sad,
A world that would rather he died just to make a profit,
Just a social security number on a screen,
Killing him slowly but he loves the peace,
His creature comforts.
Apr 2018 · 427
Why Do You Cry, Boy?
Jack Apr 2018
Why do you cry?
Is all you think about really the urge to die?
Do you truly just want to let go and fly?
Have you honestly lost all hope to try?
When I look at you all I can do is sigh,

You’re useless, boy,
Thrown around by life like rag doll toy,
Why wont you get up and fight?
Use all of your strength and might,
Why wont you stand up, boy?
All things you love you destroy,
Self-destructive habits aren’t good you know?
Yet all this said you do it so,
Why do you cry, boy?
Apr 2018 · 474
A Goodnight Kiss
Jack Apr 2018
Driving in the night, finally alone,
Ignoring faint buzzes from his silenced phone,
He’s tired of hurting everyone he loves,
To the back of his mind he violently shoves
All the pain spewed out from a broken mind,
Refusing help of any kind.
Trying so hard to be brave,
His head, a dark, lonely cave
When will he learn to just say no?
They’ll never know how he just wants to let go,
When will he get what he deserves?
When will his justice finally be served?

And all he wants
A goodnight kiss,
A girl to miss.
Apr 2018 · 406
I Want To Be A Poet
Jack Apr 2018
I want to be a poet,
Studied like Keats and Shakespeare,
For my writings to invoke love, sadness and fear,
For classrooms to be filled with my spilled words,
More exciting stuff than multiplication and surds,
For entire essays written about my verbalisation of life,
To let them know my truest pains and strife,
So people know how I feel about ‘her’,
For them to learn, to me, her identity is a blur,
To make my perfect family proud,
To have the world to know ‘Jack Youd’

Or am I just a lonely poet,
Writing words never to be read, embraced and felt,
All my words, wisdom and woes,
And yet people will never know it.
i want to be a poet. JY x
Apr 2018 · 357
i just wanted more time
Jack Apr 2018
Singing together in the dark,
Emptied bottles,
Lit cigarettes,
Spending youthful nights in a park.

Laughter shared in the dark,
Dancing happily,
Smiling erupts,
Glowing like stars, embers gently spark.

An incredible night finishing in the dark,
Unforgettable moments,
Finally free,
Idiots, on drunken adventures they embark.

She towers over him,
Oh, he knows it’s a crime,
He cries into the night,
‘I just wanted more time’.
an amazing day halted by time, the only thing with the actual authority to rule you. dont believe what they tell you. stay safe and life well JY x
Apr 2018 · 364
His Beautiful Friends
Jack Apr 2018
No, they are not heroes from comic books, promising to uphold justice,
But to him they are Superman with his unmatched strength,
They are Batman with his unchallenged logic and wisdom,
They are Captain America with his incorruptible morals,
They are Thor with his magic hammer to fight off the darkness,
His friends are his backbone, his strength and his stable wall to lean on,

No, they are not Gods or Superheroes,
But to him they are the world, his love and his reason to live,
They’re My Beautiful Friends.
im not one for recognising what i have in the moment and truly appreciating it, to be honest thats one of my truest flaws, but today i spent the day with two of my beautiful friends and i noticed what i have with my friends and how much i adore them completely. its not often that i notice what i have but right now i feel like the luckiest poet in  the world because, right now, i can recognise my beautiful friends and the unmatched joy they bring me
Mar 2018 · 36.6k
please be naked
Jack Mar 2018
“please be *****”

she stands in her doorway wearing just a gown,
I walk in the house, dumbstruck by beauty,
up in her room undoing the bow, the shield simply slides down
caressing her curves, stroking down to the floor,
intertwined bodies craving the touch of the other,
joined as one in the gentle acts of love and ****,
romanticised ideals of perfection and soft rhythm,
delicate groans as two become one,
the broken poet, for the moment, is gone,
my drug addiction of you, just wanting more,
As my heart bleeds, love begins to pour.

“please be *****”.
this poem is influenced by The 1975 instrumental song "please be *****". i regularly think of this song as romanticising the act of *** and the trust required with it rather than what most songs make it today. despite having no lyrics the song speaks volumes to me and id definitely recommend it to anyone. stay safe and live well. JY x
Mar 2018 · 294
i forgot to feel nothing
Jack Mar 2018
I forgot to feel nothing,
Cigarette pressed to my lips,
My only comfort from myself,
Your name imprinted in my head,
Unable to forget
the touch from your soft hands against my aching body,
I do my best but it is not enough,
Trapped inside a tired existence,
My body screams your name,
A tortuous cry from within,
I forgot to feel nothing again.
Mar 2018 · 392
I’m Not Okay.
Jack Mar 2018
“It’s all okay”,
That’s what they say,
Although they will never know
What it’s like in my head, they say it so,
I know they are trying,
But it will never stop my crying,
I’m not okay.
Mar 2018 · 209
Fuck The World
Jack Mar 2018
The world tells us we are nothing,
They say we cause crime, so disgusting,
They say we have no work rate,
They insight all this hate,
They say all we do is drink and smoke,
And on their lies people choke,
They will charge us a fortune simply for living ,
And exploit our blindness, unforgiving,
They will take our money with brutal smirk,
And then say it’s because we won’t work,

They call us “snowflake”,
But all of our happiness they will take.
**** The World.
Mar 2018 · 247
Her Khaki Dress
Jack Mar 2018
Staring deeply, her eyes locked with mine,
Her spirit drink garnished with lime,
A beauty wrapped in a deep khaki dress,
Turns my mind into a hopeless mess,
Walking home, her body wrapped around my arm,
A whispered promise to protect her from harm,
We crawl drunken into my bed,
"Cry for me" in soft voice you said.
Mar 2018 · 470
If I Die
Jack Mar 2018
What would happen if I die?
Would anyone I love even cry?
Only capable of **** and to lie,
I wonder what it would be like to fly.

What would happen if I die?
Maybe it’s worth a try.
It’s not time yet though. Stay safe and live well. JYx
Mar 2018 · 3.9k
he wants to die.
Jack Mar 2018
A painful tear leaks from my eye,
It screams a terrible sound,
A sound so loud but unheard from all around,
It flows down my cheek and seeps into the ground,
“Help him”, it cries “he wants to die”
Mar 2018 · 205
A Shadow Of myself
Jack Mar 2018
A shadow of my former self,
With broken sense of mental health,
Knowing now his soul won’t mend,
Hopelessly praying it will soon end,
Smiling, the disguise it will always be,
No longer wanting to pretend to be happy.
Feb 2018 · 244
thinking about killing me
Jack Feb 2018
Where has that boy gone?
The excitable, football-mad child,
Enjoying every second of his youth,
Playing with friends so close that they’re brothers.

Where has that boy gone?
The one who showed unimaginable love to all,
Cherished his family without fail,
So happy, so free, was that not me?

That boy has gone.
Only a shadow remains,
A scarred existence taken day by day,
A vacuum to all happiness within his house.

That boy, I fear, has gone,
I do not like who remains,
An emotional wreck unable to feel,
A dishonest mess unable to stay sober.

It took too long but now I see,
He’s thinking about killing me.
Feb 2018 · 293
Jack Feb 2018
High as a kite he soared,
Visions of worlds running by, never bored,
Filling his lungs, letting go of the weight he flew,
In the end just another distraction from you.
Anything to forget. Stay Strong and Live Well. JY x
Feb 2018 · 319
her Hands around my Throat
Jack Feb 2018
Tangled within each other against the bed
Intense eye contact held throughout,
Your blooded hands wrapped around my bare throat,
Sat across my stomach,
Your titan grip constricts around my neck
Crushing my weaselly windpipe,
As my life seeps away
Your loving, murderous grip holds tighter,
I smile at you and you at me,
Feb 2018 · 274
Wanting to be Normal
Jack Feb 2018
His lost, drunken mind,
Who knew it would be so unkind?
Tearing himself up from within,
Causing his body to become so thin,
Alone in a house, his only comfort to drink,
In an abyss of sorrow our boy will sink,
His face a wrinkled frown,
What he wouldn’t do to not feel so down,
Beautiful words set to be so informal,
Our boy, alone, just wanting to be normal.
i just want to be normal. JY x
Feb 2018 · 193
Jack Feb 2018
Broken down inside,

A loss of his childish pride,

Nowhere left for him to hide,

This is how he felt when he finally died.
Feb 2018 · 190
The Empty Space on His Wall
Jack Feb 2018
The empty space on my wall stares,
It watches me sleep,
It whispers to me that no one cares,
In a voice that belongs to you.

It infects my head,
Taunting me with the inability to rest,
I think it wants me dead.

The empty space on my wall stares,
Your name used to hang there,
Sprawled on paper covered in tears,
Surrounded by hearts, memories of laughter.

Thoughts of guilt and regret make an entry,
And decimate my already broken mind,
My once proud, loving heart is now empty.
I wrote this poem a long time ago but i didnt post it publicly but its one of my personal favourites due to the truth behind this story and the empty space that now resides on my wall so ive decided to post it publicly. I hope you love it the way i do, Stay Safe and Live Well. JY x
Feb 2018 · 447
"Honest Iago"
Jack Feb 2018
My head is not set on straight,
Avoidable actions that I take feed my hate,
Manipulating, deceiving, my gentle mind has gone,
‘beware the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on’,
The evil Villain of my own story,
I’m the only one able to abhor me,
Searching for happiness bed by bed,
Unable to save my own head,
How my heart feels I am never sure,
Consumed by ****, just begging for more
Sat alone, feelings of fear start to itch,
You know what they say; Karma is a *****.
i do not like who i am but i dont try to change. i am to blame for my every issue in life and for my feelings of sadness and worthlessness. youth is hard to navigate and morals are fogged by over exaggerated feelings of immature love and ****. it has taken me a long time to realise how truly unhappy i am however, as the saying goes, it will take me even longer to realise that i can change that. Stay Safe and Live well. JY x
Jack Feb 2018
Perfect nights with bright, star-dotted skies,
Become the sharpest of daggers for his shrunken eyes,
Still, sparkling lakes teeming with green-headed duck,
Silences his head and leads him to peace? Does it ****,
Humungous, wooden giants standing sternly in place,
But everywhere he looks he sees your face,
Watching bright birds glide higher and higher,
Never able to distract the fact he’s just a liar,
Rolling, flowered hills as far as eyes can see,
Could never null my hate for me.
There's always a contrast to what i see and what i feel. a distinct difference that interests me, which is why i decided to put my thoughts to poem as a way to explore my inner thinking. i hope you enjoy. Stay safe and live well. JY x
Feb 2018 · 293
His Canteen Bench
Jack Feb 2018
Sat on his lonely canteen bench,
Aching helplessly inside his chest,
Stuck inside a mind at war,
The feeling of loneliness is infectious. JYx
Feb 2018 · 251
A Poem From His Broken Mind
Jack Feb 2018
His tormented head hurts once more,
His entire being is unbelievably sore,
Reaching for love but denying the feeling,
His tired soul so sick of healing,
Desperate for feelings of attention and care,
But ignoring those that give it with a cold stare,
Feelings of self-resentment beaten into his core,
He doesn’t want to feel anymore.
Trying to change, in the end there’s no use,
A quiet voice whispers abuse,
The voice of you I think,
Here I am, back on the brink.
never in control of myself and my own life. Live well and Stay strong, JY x
Jan 2018 · 370
Death of Love
Jack Jan 2018
How he wished he could,

He tried harder than he should,

Beaten down to his core,

He couldn’t love her anymore.
its important to know your own self worth and to be able to notice if someone is not treating you how they should. there is no excuse for this. live well and be happy. JY x
Jack Jan 2018
In the middle of the room,
Singing loud with her medicine in hand,
With every second, fighting the gloom,
A subtle pain that is near unable to stand.

Trouble at home, in school and in her heart,
Trying to alleviate the pain with her drink,
Smiling to prevent falling apart,
Smoking and dancing to distract her ability to think.

Our broken girl is in pain,
Although her feelings have been numbed for the while,
She’s struggling to stay sane,
You have to look hard to see The Subtle Tear Within Her Smile.
It's a rare skill to be able to hide your true emotions to protect the people you love from any pain, it means sometimes your feelings get over looked when you need your subtle tear noticed but its the price we pay to save our people. Stay safe and Live well. JY x
Jan 2018 · 455
Jack Jan 2018
Sat in my lonely bed,

Room for you to rest your head,

We were lay here together when you said,

‘why do you wish you were dead?’
the worst thing in the world is being asked why you're sad by people you just want to protect from all this negativity. it will ******* you to share your deepest and unspoken aches and pains but it must be done, just make sure you've found the one. Live well and stay strong. JY x
Jan 2018 · 207
Just Come Home
Jack Jan 2018
Since she left I can not eat,
My fragile soul I’ve begun to beat,
Full up on nicotine and drink,
My aching heart has begun to shrink,
Torn up by crippling loneliness,
Unable to feel the warmth of happiness,
Connected only through a phone,
Oh baby, just come home.
No comment. Live well and be happy, JYx
Jan 2018 · 258
He Misses You
Jack Jan 2018
The hole in his chest,
Left behind now you’re gone,
Now his head has become messed,
And he misses you,
He struggles now to rest,
Trying desperately to fight hours,
To have met you he is blessed,
And he misses you,
To make time for you he’s pressed,
Battling through lonely days,
Wrestling his way through life’s test,
And He Misses You.
You never really realise what you have until its gone. You won't appreciate it, you'll take advantage of it and then you'll be left completely alone and useless when its gone. Stay safe and life well. JY x
Jan 2018 · 240
The Boy vs Life
Jack Jan 2018
Fighting his fight,
Try as he might,
Beaten black and blue,
All because of you.

Life rotting him to his core,
All his body painfully sore,
His losing battle he fought,
Without help of any sort.

He shakes, struggling to cope,
Losing all his youthful hope,
Our silent warrior, making no fuss,
Postpones his fighting just to save us.
Why can't you save anyone? this is based on a close friend of mine who regularly suffers in silence. He is not alone and he will no longer have to  fight on his own. Stay safe and protect your people. JY x
Jan 2018 · 265
My Aussie Treasure
Jack Jan 2018
Blonde haired, blue eyed and wearing a smile always,
My Aussie Treasure,
She picked me up from the depths of my broken head,
And Gave me happiness beyond measure.

Friends with anyone who would talk to her,
My Aussie Treasure,
Embraced in caring arms,
Indulging in youthful pleasure.

Owning the ability to dance wildly to anything,
My Aussie Treasure,
Although here for a short time,
She filled my time, distracting me with leisure.

Gone now,
My Aussie Treasure,
Half a world away,
And yet still held in my heart, without question
This is, very obviously, dedicated to My Aussie. she was always there for me and gave me the care and attention i needed to try to combat how i feel and to start to fight my way to happiness.  she was always smiling wildly and adored us all, and any dogs she could find, with everything she had and treated us like we were everything to her. we will never lose you and you best be coming back in summer. See you soon you precious person and message me when you have your wifi connection again, my gem! Live well and find your very own Aussie Treasure, my lovelies. JY x
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