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J J Jan 19
Pretty life goes by--
A cord wire and silence
Between you and I

May God have mercy on our souls,
Boredom is the drug with most effect,
By the time we know we're sinners we'll both be dead.

These drugs that make you think like a different person;
Whyyyy would you ever think you were worthless?
Tomorrow's only the same if we leave it that way,
And God knows just how perfect you are to me...

Now and forever
Now and forever
Nooooww and forever
Now and forever
I swear, I swear.

(Dododoo doo dododoo do)

* farewell
I only ever recorded this  accapella sadly as I never learned any instrument and any planned band fell apart, so have this here.

Written for someone who's a stranger to me now.
Her lips drew me in like flame doth the suicidal moth.
To my soul, aspire to be immortal
& exhaust all things possible, be
selfish & ruin death of it’s act.
To the soul find out what makes
existence worth the trouble.
But my soul, dare not become
a God nor muse.
nevaeh Nov 2020
she's an indie girl
all neon pink and green
with her wavy hair
her chains n' beads
she's got fishnet tights
and a cute little skirt
big stompy boots
and an oversized shirt
sunset colored eyes
and sweet sticky lips
she's all by herself
and she still gets her kicks
i actually feel really good about myself right now
pearl Mar 2020
that feeling you get
              when you’re on the tube and you’ve got
that song blasting in your cheap earphones
            you stare out the window, not that there’s anything to look at
     just a blurry wall
                you think yourself to be some sort of
cinematic genius in these moments
              you watch yourself in something of a movie
                       where you’re the director, the star, and the writer
       it’s emotional and perfect
             like a stupid ******* indie music video
                  for the song you love that nobody knows
chris Feb 2020
take this road
to the moon

take his hand,
the moon child,

cause that’s how
its supposed to be

all this pain
all this sorrow
that’s our destiny
Kemarin aku mengajakmu melihat senja.
Katanya kamu suka warnanya merah jambu bercampur oranye seperti jeruk mandarin kesukaan ibu.
Kamu selalu ceriwis membahas senja ini dan itu.

“Jangan lupa kopi dan puisi! Kita harus merayakan isi bumi.”
“Kamu mau kan melihat senja bersamaku?”

Kemarin aku mengajakmu melihat senja.
Telah kupersiapkan sekian lama.
Aku rakit sendiri senjaku dengan kopi manis dan puisi cinta yang kau sebut - sebut itu.
Aku merangkai pelan-pelan sambil menghayal bola mata emas yang berbentuk kenari kesukaanku dan lengkung pelangi bibirmu.
Cukup lama buatnya,
tapi senjaku sangat cantik.
Dan sedikit rapuh.
Aku harap kamu senang.

Kemarin aku mengajakmu melihat senja.
Tapi kau pergi ke laut dan menjelajahi waktu.
Terhanyut malam.
Aku tidak ada di sana.

Kamu menolak senjaku.
Katamu ada senja yang lebih bagus.

Senja, senja, senja.
Muak dengan puisi senja.
Aku bukan anak indie regional, aku pendengar Ed Sheeran, top 50 ,Danilla Riyadi dan Sapardi !
Aku ya begini begini begini!
Maksud hati tidak menulis puisi emosional. Tapi aku menulis untukmu (bila membaca) dan, ah indie anjing!
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