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max Apr 23
I don't know who needs to hear this but

don't do drugs
if you can't handle them
Know your limits
I guess to clarify, yes-im mainly talking about flower in this but all drugs could apply, also this is mainly talking to the people who smoke and then freak the **** out and smoke some more, don't do that. **** is supposed to help, if you're freaking out while using it, stop.
Sani Jun 2019
I took drugs all by myself
Thought that it would help my brain
But that don't know what's caring
Knows that hurting is funner
And now I'm a stoner

Sorry, dad.
My drunk custom haircut attracts much
Dogs bark at my so called smoke such

Sorry, mom.
The boy you chose me to marry
Ran away from me scarred
My lady killers are like me
Don't do lovely, we do hard

Sorry, brother.
I unlocked my chains
Snuck through the drains
Sped up crossing lanes
Stripped with Lil Wayne

I was forced to see the looks of me
Every colors that I had been
There were fakes, there were doses
I saw expired written over my faces
back at writing again after a long time~
anotherken Nov 2018
Powdered blue, I seep into
A lost city, that one city
Where rainbow colors shine upon
The fragile appall of this shining race
I call a sick fantastical whimsical face
*****, ****, thieve
No matter how we do it, we don't heed
We don't need
To smell, to taste the greed
Of a cold-blooded primitive man
Into this crazy kaleidoscope
That you put up to stop our plans.

Liquid red, I fall into a trance
Babes, everyone wanna dance
Lightning in a bottle,
Bottle it up
Lick it up
**** it up, you stuck-up ****-up ****-up
And a ******* headache in the morning
Rise up, follow up
Don't stop stopping
To stop popping
And stop
To stop at a stopping stomp.

A grey smoke at the white table,
We starve off our stories and fables.
Listen to the rock and roll radio
As we drive past the speed limit
Man without limits
Is it what that impasse is, that can be passed?
How many can ye,
O faithful people
Pass into limbo
Pass unto your mumbo-jumbo,
I will hold onto that doorknob's hole
Looking at the narrow path ahead.
Before the dead man drives me dead.

Let us, then, oh you and I,
With our black dresses and white umbrellas
Drive off into the desert road
To look at the sun's light
Oh, how our blight
Has caused us blind
But we don't seem to mind
What we inject unto ourselves!
L e a d  t h e  w a y ,  o h  l e a d  p o i s o n i n g.
Karmen Aug 2018
Not same am I Renee
Same sane not, who is this Renee know do not know of
Humanism does define Renees sum up sort of
Her travels though this life doe not contain great lies
Unheard voice leaves it’s messages in depth when least expect
If you’re wishing to seek who’s Renee to who you speak
Take a seat , learn to breathe
Repeat after me
Woo-saaaaa ,
Light shutted sight in follow for seconds
Enjoy the earth from your surrounds
Talk little out loud , beginning with name of whom you seek
Desire to hear the message from your head
All ears. You’re pretty clear
I’m near
Renee that remain with depth
Stayed with true care
Rooting for you to have the very best that which whatever you define it to be
You mean more to me
To scare me off or cause fear
I am not lost
Or scared to seek beyond
Just here for here
Whenever you may seek or be need
Don’t be prideful
The Renee you do not know
The Renee you know of from once
They both and other forms , do not judge
Purely goldly just love .
*nudge *
Stay up
High high who am I lol
Replace name with you or change the ranges to whom
Karmen Jul 2018
Reminder of all reality took a swing to my face just today
Cause all isn’t the same
Memories are a fade
And I’m tryna go on
The thought that it’s the end
When we aint even dead
It’s all wished for never
Wanted to be your homie
Talk a little in the distance
But it’s your misses
She’ll make you regret
Whatever this , that
Was not when is
You’ll miss this
Just don’t know it yet
You’re gunna see
I was widdit
And no one can commit like I
Your eyes tell
Alll you hide and want to deny
I can see your life
your soul that guides
Reminds your heart
It’s its own beautiful art
Thought days get dark
It leaves a mark
That’ll spark another’s
Offering a hand
To make you feel at ease
Sweet breeze
I take in, coming one
Misery will not defeat me
Ahhaa forgot what I was on topic about . ******
Alvira Perdita Jun 2018
i was lying with my head on your chest,
listening to your heartbeat,
when i was overwhelmed by sadness.

a sadness so deep i could feel it cutting
through me. a sadness so strong that i
felt like i was suffocating.

i balled a fist with your shirt, holding
tightly in case you slipped away; you,
the last thing that i have to keep me sane.
please dont go.
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
**** air in
To my lung
Green roast
Ghost it real
Quick after
The art of
Her highness
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