Jack Nov 28
I’m falling in love again,
And I had told myself never again,
But I let myself slip again,
Her oak brown eyes make it impossible to refrain,
And I’m falling in love again.

I’m falling in love again,
But it’s early again,
And I’m scared again,
Of sadness that I may regain
If I choose the wrong girl again.

I’m falling in love again,
I’m smiling and happy again,
She makes me feel human again,
No longer tortured by starving pains,
I’m starting to eat again.

But I’m falling in love again,
Because I think she’s the one again,
And this time I think I’m right,
And I know she thinks I might
Be the one she’s been waiting for,
Early days still, but I’m starting to adore
The open mouthed smile she gives me
Every time she lays her eyes on me.
Alone at night, thoughts of her drive me insane.

Im falling in love again.
I wrote this a while back and thought it was probably time to post
Jack Oct 23
Within my arms and in the comfort of my bed,
She runs her hands through my hair,
Her cigarette scented fingers
Massage away the aches of a working day,
My cheeks tortured by hours of endless laughter,
And the eternal smile she puts on my face,
In this moment I’m ******,
She’s got me and she knows it,
I once saw myself as a broken toy,
Left to rot at the bottom of a chest,
Forgotten by time and those who’ve left me behind,
But now feeling like someone’s first choice,
In my head I’m introduced to a new voice,
It whispers in a soft, mumbled sound,
“Please, stick around.”
Sorry I’ve been offline for a while, only just got around to posting this. Remember you’re worth all the love in the world and never forget it JY x
Jack Oct 23
40 innocent lives taken during the act of a war crime,
Not perpetuated by terrorism or dictators this time,
But by a close, western country and ally,
The US, you didn’t hear about it though and you may ask why
It’s because the media owned,
And you’ll only ever be shown,
What they want you to see,
Which means you’ll never be
Informed of the important events,
And the corruption will never be sent,
Back to the **** it came out from,
And no one will ever know about the bomb,
And the school bus it hit in Yemen,
Young souls never to become men and women,
But at least I know about Theresa’s dancing,
And all the other ******* about prancing,
A world uncaring of what we want and choose,
When will there be good news?
Modernity has failed us
  Aug 3 Jack
My heart often hurts these days,
All the pain that has been caused in my life.
My father leaving, only being there for my brother;
My boyfriend cheating, always blaming our problems on his mother.
No matter how many fights there are my heart continues to ache,
And that is the cause for my heart break.
  Jul 24 Jack
liv faye clarke
when i watch you light your cigarette
i wish it was me instead
what a honour
being inhaled by you
id love to dance through your lungs
be inside your body and fill a space within you
but instead i am just myself
you know i'll always be there and
i don't feel like a novelty or a luxury
i am simply just the girl
who's lighter you will borrow
to smoke out the sorrow
of someone else
so much more than me
this poem doesnt make sense anymore !!!
Jack Jul 12
I’m writing about you again,
Because you’re trapped in my mind again,
I grab the thought of you and smash it to pieces,
The shattered shards stab into my head,
And plant themselves in deep gashes in grey matter,
But what’s the matter with holding onto someone you love?
But what’s the matter without me?
Help me let you go,
Never let me go,
Place your hands against my face,
Hold it tight,
Kiss it,
Love me,
Miss me.
Jack Jul 9
I want to write but I don’t know what about,
“Write about her” my head will shout,
But it’s not fair to you,
It’s not your fault I feel so blue,
All I can think is “I love you” and that’s how I know it’s true.

I want to write about the flowers and trees,
And the sun kissed scenes
That I see in front of my grey face,
I want to find a place
That I can crawl into for a safety base.

I want to write about the state of the world,
Where everyone who is sad or lonely is hurled
To the back of everyone’s head,
And they have the audacity to have said,
“How can someone yearn for the silence of being dead?”

I want to write but I’m in a place that reminds me only of sorrow
Taking these random pills ignoring the knowledge that this will only borrow
The happiness that I was meant to feel tomorrow.

And so I’ll write about how I will always feel like this,
Just a ghost everyone can see,
An empty shadow that takes the form of me.
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