Jack 4d
I want to be a poet,
Studied like Keats and Shakespeare,
For my writings to invoke love, sadness and fear,
For classrooms to be filled with my spilled words,
More exciting stuff than multiplication and surds,
For entire essays written about my verbalisation of life,
To let them know my truest pains and strife,
So people know how I feel about ‘her’,
For them to learn, to me, her identity is a blur,
To make my perfect family proud,
To have the world to know ‘Jack Youd’

Or am I just a lonely poet,
Writing words never to be read, embraced and felt,
All my words, wisdom and woes,
And yet people will never know it.
i want to be a poet. JY x
Jack Apr 17
Singing together in the dark,
Emptied bottles,
Lit cigarettes,
Spending youthful nights in a park.

Laughter shared in the dark,
Dancing happily,
Smiling erupts,
Glowing like stars, embers gently spark.

An incredible night finishing in the dark,
Unforgettable moments,
Finally free,
Idiots, on drunken adventures they embark.

She towers over him,
Oh, he knows it’s a crime,
He cries into the night,
‘I just wanted more time’.
an amazing day halted by time, the only thing with the actual authority to rule you. dont believe what they tell you. stay safe and life well JY x
Jack Apr 11
No, they are not heroes from comic books, promising to uphold justice,
But to him they are Superman with his unmatched strength,
They are Batman with his unchallenged logic and wisdom,
They are Captain America with his incorruptible morals,
They are Thor with his magic hammer to fight off the darkness,
His friends are his backbone, his strength and his stable wall to lean on,

No, they are not Gods or Superheroes,
But to him they are the world, his love and his reason to live,
They’re My Beautiful Friends.
im not one for recognising what i have in the moment and truly appreciating it, to be honest thats one of my truest flaws, but today i spent the day with two of my beautiful friends and i noticed what i have with my friends and how much i adore them completely. its not often that i notice what i have but right now i feel like the luckiest poet in  the world because, right now, i can recognise my beautiful friends and the unmatched joy they bring me
Jack Mar 28
“please be naked”

she stands in her doorway wearing just a gown,
I walk in the house, dumbstruck by beauty,
up in her room undoing the bow, the shield simply slides down
caressing her curves, stroking down to the floor,
intertwined bodies craving the touch of the other,
joined as one in the gentle acts of love and lust,
romanticised ideals of perfection and soft rhythm,
delicate groans as two become one,
the broken poet, for the moment, is gone,
my drug addiction of you, just wanting more,
As my heart bleeds, love begins to pour.

“please be naked”.
this poem is influenced by The 1975 instrumental song "please be naked". i regularly think of this song as romanticising the act of sex and the trust required with it rather than what most songs make it today. despite having no lyrics the song speaks volumes to me and id definitely recommend it to anyone. stay safe and live well. JY x
  Mar 20 Jack
liv faye clarke
I keep reading over our messages
Questioning myself
Where did it go wrong
Where did i go wrong
Why am i always too intense
Did that scare you
Was it overwhelming
Was it unattractive
Im sorry if I’m not pretty enough for you
I really tried to be

I hope you’re okay
Jack Mar 20
I forgot to feel nothing,
Cigarette pressed to my lips,
My only comfort from myself,
Your name imprinted in my head,
Unable to forget
the touch from your soft hands against my aching body,
I do my best but it is not enough,
Trapped inside a tired existence,
My body screams your name,
A tortuous cry from within,
I forgot to feel nothing again.
Jack Mar 15
“It’s all okay”,
That’s what they say,
Although they will never know
What it’s like in my head, they say it so,
I know they are trying,
But it will never stop my crying,
I’m not okay.
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