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Jack Sep 2
I want to change the world,
Because I don’t like what I see,
A place filled with pain,
This is not what it’s meant to be?

I want to change the world,
Because it hurts to be
In a place without  
Stable transparency.

I want to change the world,
Because I’m not happy being me,
Challenged by other’s sorrow,
Houses priced at a substantial fee.

I want to change the world,
A world too unhappy to see,
That the screams they hear
Are the death of you and me.

I want to change the world,
Make a difference for a change,
But the top 1 percent
Will never let us rearrange,
Because they’d rather a profit over life,
And that’s why we must live with strife,

I want to change the world,
But in my bed I lay curled,
Because it’s easier to be dead,
Or maybe
I’m just losing my head.
The world is going to end and nobody cares
Jack Aug 1
Did you think it would be this way?
When the dust settled,
And I was stood there,
Bloodied, bruised and lost.
When you stood across from me,
Without seeing the projectiles
That found a home deep within
The fleshed out shell,
That was once human,
You tended to them,
Slowly tugging them out.
I did not flinch,
I did not hurt
As you carried out your delicate work.

I no longer bled for those lost,
I no longer bled for what I was,
I no longer bled,
As your careful, ignorant touch
The shell became body once more,
My wounds, though ever present, scared over,
Did you think it would be this way?
When you saved a villain,
And created me.
Human again.
Jack Feb 8
Stroking with delicate fingers
Over your temple and through
Your thick hair,
Brown as the wilted trees of winter days,
You cry to me.

“Who am I?”

Silenced by my inadequacy
To respond to your tears
And the disgust of your vulnerable
Weeping call,
Mountains of shame carried within.

“Do you love me?”

You wail softly to my rejecting ears,
But of course I do
But of course I don’t
Who could love you?
A fading light of which shone so bright.

“Help me get better?”

You cry out for someone’s helping hand
But you only have me
And my snide plans to **** you.

“I’m going to **** myself?”

I’m sick of you.
Tired of fixing your mistakes
For you to **** up again.

“Do you miss me?”

I did not hate you, lover,
I despised you
Every time I looked in the mirror
I saw
Your whining face,
And moaning heart,
the figure of my torment,
The figure of your torment,
With thighs scraped and tortured,
I remembered what you were.
What I was.

And then you died,
And then I was born.
No longer defined by your mistakes,
A Phoenix from the ashes,
I could,

Goodbye, to the lover I left Behind
Jack Dec 2018
******* in a car,
Screaming Matty’s lyrics,
An angel placed before me,
With a voice not meant for the ears
Of mere mortals like myself,
The chocolate ocean of her glistening eyes,
Swallow me whole in a Marinas gaze,
But for once I can reach the floor,
Able to stay afloat and no longer
Battered by titanic waves of chaos,
The sweet glow she resonates
Illuminating every dark corner of
My mind,
Once an inescapable void,
Now filled with the fruitful warmth of love,
For the person who surely came from above.

Before me stands a towering figure
One that is doubtlessly divine,
Her shadow consumes me,
But it’s warmth is surely a sign,
That she is the one that all the hurt was for,
And how I just want her to be mine,
A single tear seeps from my eye,
Graced by your beauty,
Unable to make a sound
Out of my corrupt lungs,
Speechless until I force the words out,
“You really are the one, aren’t you?”
Jack Nov 2018
I’m falling in love again,
And I had told myself never again,
But I let myself slip again,
Her oak brown eyes make it impossible to refrain,
And I’m falling in love again.

I’m falling in love again,
But it’s early again,
And I’m scared again,
Of sadness that I may regain
If I choose the wrong girl again.

I’m falling in love again,
I’m smiling and happy again,
She makes me feel human again,
No longer tortured by starving pains,
I’m starting to eat again.

But I’m falling in love again,
Because I think she’s the one again,
And this time I think I’m right,
And I know she thinks I might
Be the one she’s been waiting for,
Early days still, but I’m starting to adore
The open mouthed smile she gives me
Every time she lays her eyes on me.
Alone at night, thoughts of her drive me insane.

Im falling in love again.
I wrote this a while back and thought it was probably time to post
Jack Oct 2018
Within my arms and in the comfort of my bed,
She runs her hands through my hair,
Her cigarette scented fingers
Massage away the aches of a working day,
My cheeks tortured by hours of endless laughter,
And the eternal smile she puts on my face,
In this moment I’m ******,
She’s got me and she knows it,
I once saw myself as a broken toy,
Left to rot at the bottom of a chest,
Forgotten by time and those who’ve left me behind,
But now feeling like someone’s first choice,
In my head I’m introduced to a new voice,
It whispers in a soft, mumbled sound,
“Please, stick around.”
Sorry I’ve been offline for a while, only just got around to posting this. Remember you’re worth all the love in the world and never forget it JY x
Jack Oct 2018
40 innocent lives taken during the act of a war crime,
Not perpetuated by terrorism or dictators this time,
But by a close, western country and ally,
The US, you didn’t hear about it though and you may ask why
It’s because the media owned,
And you’ll only ever be shown,
What they want you to see,
Which means you’ll never be
Informed of the important events,
And the corruption will never be sent,
Back to the hell it came out from,
And no one will ever know about the bomb,
And the school bus it hit in Yemen,
Young souls never to become men and women,
But at least I know about Theresa’s dancing,
And all the other ******* about prancing,
A world uncaring of what we want and choose,
When will there be good news?
Modernity has failed us
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