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JoJo 12h

i didn't fall in love
with someone who wanted
to rewrite my story.
i fell in love with someone
who wanted to give me a new ending.

12h · 24
JoJo 12h

in the wilderness
i found Your love
a love deep enough to
******* the walls of my heart.

in the wilderness
You spoke to me with
a tender voice
calling me home.

in the wilderness,
i fell in love You for
the first true time.

in the wilderness,
You stripped me bare
to make me whole.

JoJo 14h

her heart has been broken
so many times she wonders
if it's beyond repair.

the walls she once loathed
now surround her heart,
unapproachable by man.

each night she lies
awake wondering if
anyone hears her cries.

but He hears her
and tells her heart to be still
for He will dry her tears,
take her and restore
her broken heart.
for she is His bride.

1d · 120
God's tool.
JoJo 1d

i am just a cog in the machine.
a tool of the man
but i know God
will still use me
for his Purpose.

so call me a tool
but this tool serves
a purpose.

For those who feel inadequate. You have a purpose. God sees you. God knows you. God can use you wherever you're at.
4d · 52
JoJo 4d

if I could replace all the
words in every book
with your name
I would,

but no amount of words on a page
could ever compare to what your heavenly
father calls you:

His daughter.
His most prized possession.
The one who took the nails
so that you may live.

so dry your tears
and dance with Him.
for He dances beside you even
on your darkest nights.

For my dear friend Kelsie. I love you! God loves you.
JoJo 4d
i've loved and lost
but i am thankful for
the stars that guided my way
back to Your heart.
5d · 354
my Redeemer.
JoJo 5d

I want to pick you up
and carry you in my pocket
for the rest of my days.

little did I know that
you'd be the one to
carry me for the rest
of my days.

For God, my Redeemer lives.
6d · 59
JoJo 6d
my friend in the bottle
took over my life
now I’m struggling for my life.
Mar 15 · 157
my tears.
JoJo Mar 15

there is no hole
big enough to fill
the satisfaction of my misery.
even my tears overwhelm
the ocean from which
all life swims.

instead i keep my tears
locked away in a reservoir
where the demons feed off them.

Mar 7 · 39
JoJo Mar 7
sometimes I want to
tell my heart to be still
but I can’t because its beating
has become dependent on this
crippling anxiety.
Mar 1 · 63
how much?
JoJo Mar 1
how much money would it
take for someone to **** me?
how much money would it
take for someone to stop my
heart so i can be rid of this neverending nightmare?

how much money did it
take for you to **** me
with your toxic love?
Mar 1 · 71
JoJo Mar 1
i smiled as my final tear
stained the concrete
then i pulled the trigger
and the world went dark.
Feb 19 · 293
JoJo Feb 19

the mirror was her friend
but all she saw
was her ghastly skeletal
reflection telling
her to put down the food once more.

Feb 14 · 85
JoJo Feb 14

i hate that I still
crave your embrace
even after you've
up my heart
stolen my joy and
confiscated my tears

i hate that you
built a fortress
in my heart where
your enemies take captive.

i think it's time
you and I part ways.
you're killing me
but i can't seem to stay away.

Feb 9 · 69
sun and moon
JoJo Feb 9

stay close to people who feel like sunlight
and run away from those who feel like the moon.

Feb 8 · 121
JoJo Feb 8
clean sheets.
warm bodies
***** *******
poking you
as we reach
the threshold
of ecstasy.
I am
you’re shaking
and the
world goes
and I
Feb 7 · 72
melancholy happiness
JoJo Feb 7

my tears bled
like diamonds onto the sidewalk
and the sun soaked them up
before they had a chance to shine.

Feb 6 · 72
Ugly heart.
JoJo Feb 6

You made fun of that poor wretched soul but no amount of makeup could
cover up your ****, darkened, mishapened heart.

Feb 6 · 1.6k
Beautiful disaster
JoJo Feb 6
She was a beautiful disaster
waiting for you to rebuild her.
Feb 5 · 118
JoJo Feb 5

do you have the courage
to believe in love
even when your dreams
catch fire within your heart?

when your vision
simply becomes an idea.

do you have the courage to love
once more?

Feb 5 · 196
the altar
JoJo Feb 5

i am so thankful
God took the time
to carve your delicate
hand into mine
so that we may unite
as one at the altar.

Feb 4 · 250
the reason
JoJo Feb 4
you're the reason
i can dance between
the fire and never get burned.

you're the reason
that i can say goodbye
to the moon
and not cry while it's sleeping.

you're the reason
that i can't spell
"I love you"
without you.
Feb 3 · 150
JoJo Feb 3

she spent her entire
life chasing diamonds
only to realize
that her greatest
treasure was always beside her
whispering in her ear
"you're more precious than all the riches of this world."

Feb 3 · 129
being human
JoJo Feb 3

I am no longer
afraid to be a human being
to feel the sunshine
beat down on my skin
to feel the rain
soak me

to feel the pain
of stubbing my toe
against the railings

to walk barefoot
on the cold concrete
while dressing my wounds

I am afraid of
living a life
without purpose
a life filled only
with the selfish desires
of my flesh.

I am afraid
of my soul dying
knowing You.

Feb 3 · 107
eternal fountain
JoJo Feb 3

go forth
among the lake
and take a sip
of My never-ending
love for you.

quench yourself
in the goodness
of My lands.

and I shall
replenish your
soul with
eternal life.

JoJo Feb 3

Even the loneliest traveler
Needs a home when the waves
Crash on the shore.

Even the loneliest traveler
Craves the sensual touch
Of another human being
When the darkness overcast
Its grisly shadow.

Even the loneliest traveler
Needs a touch from God
From the top of the hill.

Feb 2 · 135
JoJo Feb 2

Does the sun miss the moon
When it’s sleeping?
Does the hand miss the thread?
When it’s no longer spinning?

Is the child no longer?
Dependent on its mother
even after he or she
reaches adulthood?

Is a clock is still a clock
Even when it’s not ticking?

So tell me how could I
Possibly miss the chance
To dance with my first love
for the rest of my days.

For the brokenhearted, may you confide in Him for whom is the healer of all things.
Feb 1 · 733
forgotten love.
JoJo Feb 1

What a shame
That the rose
Died before You
Got a chance to water it.

What a shame
That the candle
Burned out before
You got a chance to light it.

I guess that’s
The beauty in forgotten love.

Feb 1 · 393
i am flower.
JoJo Feb 1

I am a flower
except my roots and
stems have been plucked
and my roots drowned
beneath my tears
until You positioned
the sun above the
gound from which I grew
and my leaves grew
from Your love.

I'll always be Your flower

Jan 30 · 162
the ninety-nine.
JoJo Jan 30

I wrapped my heart in
and watched the foxes
roam the vineyard
until You
and prodded
and left
the 99
for me.

God's love is more powerful than I ever thought.
Jan 29 · 121
sobbing soul
JoJo Jan 29
my soul sobbed
when you walked
away and left me
in the rain
that you created
with your

my soul sobbed
for one more
but you
soaked everything
and ruined
my mascara.

my soul sobbed when
you walked away
and I all I could do
was let you.
Jan 28 · 664
JoJo Jan 28

even in my darkest hour
I will still rest
upon Your unchanging love
for me.

I will lie
In the pastures
and weep with your sheep
for You are good to me.

Jan 27 · 181
The Veil
JoJo Jan 27
To live by blind
Faith is to
Carry the torn veil
To the cross.

So, God,
I come to the alter
To sew back the
Veil the devil
Tried to destroy.
Jan 24 · 120
peculiar feeling.
JoJo Jan 24
I'm not sure if you're addicted
to my sadness
or if I've gotten used to
the silence that creeps
between us while we sleep
but there's something
peculiar about
the way you

it's enticing
so intoxicating
that I don't mind crying
next to you
for a little while longer.
Jan 23 · 101
twist of the tongue
JoJo Jan 23
if only we used our tongues
to speak words of beauty
rather than to cut someone
down like a dagger.
the twist of the
tongue is a powerful tool.
it’s shame you used yours
to cut out my heart
when all I wanted was to love you.
Jan 23 · 156
JoJo Jan 23

These shapeless faces
don’t have any value
until I looked in the mirror.
Suddenly, I knew my worth.
and so should you.

Jan 23 · 106
paradox of me and you.
JoJo Jan 23

i froze my tears
just in case I might need
them again
in case you decide
to light another fire
with your lies.

this is the paradox
of me and you.
like water & oil
we forced ourselves to mix.
but instead we just floated
on top of one another.

Jan 23 · 227
JoJo Jan 23
Sometimes cutting is
Easier than pretending
I’m not hurting.
Sometimes cutting is easier
Than saying I’m  okay
When I’m  really dying
On the inside.

Sometimes cutting will
lead to a decision I
Can’t take back.

save me.
Jan 23 · 60
JoJo Jan 23
how long will you wrap yourself
in jealousy before you let
it destroy the soul
I tried to rebuild.
the lips I once kissed
are tainted with the green monster’s
so I’m left once more
to reveal my heart’s contrition
for wanting you.

now I’m left
alone with the remains
of what the green monster

he destroyed your heart
but God forbid I let him destroy mine.

JoJo Jan 22
i kissed a girl
and i liked it.
no, i'm not weird.
i refuse to conform
or for you to label
me as inferior
for following my

i am not
some trophy
or prize to be
to inflate
your ego.

i am a human being
**** it.
and i demand to
be heard.

i don't always
cross my legs
when i sit.

i don't always shave
because i am a mammal
and mammals have hair
and that's okay

if i'm being honest
i'm tired of the sterotypes
of who you want me to be.

so i'm gonna be me.
like it or not,

i'm a human being
and i demand to be heard.
Not necessarily a feminist piece but take it as you wish :)
JoJo Jan 22
your tears are like
the most expensive perfume
known to man.
and i cannot get enough.

please cry on my shoulders
and let me bask myself in
your glorious scent
for all eternity.
Jan 22 · 181
proceed with caution.
JoJo Jan 22

i don't expect you to mend my soul overnight
but i do ask that you
treat my heart with careful consideration
because i don't think i can handle
another tear.

all i ask is that
you proceed with caution
and mend my heart.
one day at a time.

Jan 21 · 786
color me you
JoJo Jan 21
Color me with
Your beautiful lies
So I can watch the
Distance between
Us grow.
Color your lips
On mine with
Your red lipstick
And I’ll watch
The sparks fly
From within
My heart.
Color me you
And I’ll
Earn back the
Trust I lost.
Jan 20 · 165
JoJo Jan 20
i am in prison
but it’s not what you think.
there are no bars.
no chains.
there are no scheduled visitations
except for the demons
that visit me in my nightmares.
and the monsters under the bed
That greet me
When I wake.

Instead, i am
imprisoned by my own
tumultuous thoughts of anxiety
and contrition

i am in prison
made from my own
imaginary friends.
and i can’t seem
to find
Jan 18 · 1.0k
the lonely drought
JoJo Jan 18
I watched you water my petals
Soaking my roots with your love
But then the drought came
And you left me thirsty.

My petals wilting away
From your abandonment.
And I watched as my soul died
In the lonely drought.
Jan 18 · 134
I am no poet.
JoJo Jan 18
I am no poet.
I am simply the product
Of my heart’s contrition.
My emotions bleed
Through my words on a page,
But I am no poet.
Jan 16 · 506
not a suicide note.
JoJo Jan 16
sometimes i want someone to take the rain
but leave the pain
so I can watch my heart slowly die
like it was always meant to.

but mind you,
this is not a suicide note
because my soul has already died.
Jan 16 · 1.2k
the rain.
JoJo Jan 16

The beauty of walking in
the rain is that no one sees you cry.
instead, we are just strangers
getting water in our eyes.

JoJo Jan 13
The day I became a superhero
Was the day I chose
To stop loving you
Even though my heart
Craved your presence.

The day I became a superhero
Was the day
I chose to walk away
From your abuse.

The day I became a superhero
Was learning to love me for the first time.
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