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Danny U Busch Apr 2022
an orphaned sky
yet almost blue
depicting wasteland beautiful
travel save, ye lonely bird
and take care of your thought and word

a single beat, a single song
abandoned lands, a moan so long
hurting kind, oh bless my soul
melancholia has taken it’s toll

contoures blurred
in a view unkind
the difference of
the second sight

a stone uncarved
a tide unfilled
unequation - remain in light
straight ahead
neither left, nor right
straight ahead,
neither left, nor right

things unsaid, things undone
things unsomething, songs unsung
the road untravelled
the weakness strong
the deeds so many
too many turns wrong

oh faithful breath ye gentle wind
make me see the morning light
straight ahead
not left
not right…
written in 2015
Kambry Wilson Apr 2022
Everything is loud,
No matter where I go.
I can’t control the sounds,
Or will my heart to slow.
I seem to beg for silence,
Or a moment of release,
To just escape the world,
And plead the sounds to cease.
I do not want to die.
But I’m afraid to be alone,
With all the noise inside my head,
I want to find my home.
Yet the darkness overwhelms me,
Begging for a taste,
Of the loneliness inside my heart.
A dam willed to break.
Hey guys! I wrote one of my first poems since high school tonight & im really proud of it! Let me know what you think!
daisy Mar 2022
sleepless nights,
three distorted minds
good evenings become wild
—there’s no where to hide

dreams in halt
and bleeding hearts
wounds tasting the bitterness of salt
silently crying as they hide the cracks
—everyday is a marathon,
but no one runs for life anymore,
they rush to escape, from living,
from home, and that’s all
Cathy Devan Oct 2021
I wrote a loveletter to my ghost
I hope this finds you fine
Don't brush me off yet
I hope you kept that smile
The scars that grazed past my skin
They were my momentos
Hover over my loved ones
Be a guardian Angel
And when they ask about me
Or their hearts shatter
Because of our memories
Remind them to hang on
The good times
Make the lights flicker
Or shake the granny clock
On our chipped wall in the living room
That's the language of the ghosts
Ain't it?
©Cathy Devan
Ig rogue lover
I rarely
think of

when I

There's sounds
of melancholic

you were

And choking
my soul to

Trying to
**** me off.

All because
you couldn't
love yourself.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Abuse surviver emotional
abuse survivor , abuse emotional abuse heartache.
You burned
me with your,

Devilish eyes
of deceit
hoping to ruin

You have
no power over
me for your
charms have
run out.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Claim your freedom and
remember no one should have possession over you male or female regardless of their ***,

no one has a right to
claim you like a possession
that's not love so love

For someone
that's struggling
to love themselves,

remember your
amazing your
beautiful your
handsome and
love yourself

makes us as we are he doesn't make mistakes or scrapes and never compare
yourself to another that's
disrespecting yourself your
an amazing person look
inside and you will see
once you get past the hurt
there's someone amazing
inside you.

Remember your beautiful
handsome and beautiful is your soul your humor
personality poetry
everything about

Make a list of
what you love
and don't love
about yourself
but remember
God looks at your
heart not your
looks because kindness
and love is beautiful
and attractive just be
around ones that support
you encourage you inspire
you not put you down remove the toxic from
your life believe me
I know I've been there.
Logan Robertson Feb 2021
She Fell Into The Abyss

he takes to the tunnel of night
dark at first, but he tiptoes in
and sees the light
he follows a trail
a women's scent that arouses him
he sees her across the bar
seated by herself
hunger on her face
a wallflower
a sheep in a lea to him
weak and pull-able of wool
and he needs wool
a ball of yarn to desensitize
and spins to his satisfaction
and he needs to be sated
... especially
with this ones youth and innocence
her striking blue eyes
and sweet mouth
indifferent to him
but it's her pond of ducks that excites ... him
hidden in his pocket
is a knife of fantasy
a blade of deceit
rope of words to incapacitate
... then
he looks into her blues
as he begins making his move
sweet talking, sweet talking
her socks off
he keeps seeing the ducks in the pond
swimming faster and faster
his heart beating faster and faster
a fruit ripening before his eyes
ready to be eaten
he takes the first dagger from his pocket
two white pills and slips into her drink
laughs to himself
at least this dagger won't hurt
as he chokes on his sadism
she falls into her arms
so soft and vulnerable
unsuspecting and naive
she walks out with him in slumber
later that night
a shotgun blasts breaks the air
ducks flapping in the night
then ... silence

Logan Robertson

They cut me open without a sound
My corpse lied there, cold and bound
Inside was a black hole filled with secrets
They called to the people I’ve hurt like a beacon

They’ll find a borrowed heart, it was never mine to begin with
For it only pumped static through my veins
And when they lift out my liver, they can see it was charred by grief of losing a lover
They’ll toss out my kidneys, damaged by my deceit
My anger was never meant to be sweet

I was a sea of innocents turned monsters
In all my short years lived, I felt like an imposter
To see through my clouded eyes
You’d think that I planned my own demise

I was torn from the inside out
The doctors claimed they’d never seen anything so chaotic
So washed out and demonic
How sad, I was just a child

Still, I lied there
White as a ghost
I had no recollection of what I hated or loved the most
They harvested me, storing my life away inside plastic
I think I was meant to be here
The morgue is my castle

So you see, I was just a body
Begging to be somebody
To know my life, you’d have to crawl inside my mind
You should be wary of the creatures you could find

In the end, I was never responsible for what was done to me
i don’t really like rhyming bleghh
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
I can’t seem to get it together
Everything seems to slip through my fingertips
I can’t seem to catch my breath
Everything seems to be suffocating me
I can’t seem to get back up
Everything seems to be pushing me down
I can’t seem to catch a break
Everything seems to be breaking me
I can’t seem to get any relief
Everything seems to be stressing me out

I end each day on a sad note
My life right now is madness
I look at the clock it’s 00:00
And all I want is some peace

© Seductive Poetry
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