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blackbiird Sep 2020
Beneath the garden
shed, her bones bleed
Without much notice of

Smells of rotten garbage
Permeated the building
Of her demise
Without much notice of

Souless, lifeless carcass
Becomes her as she loses
Unconsciousness beneath the
Rotting soil.

And the malevolence
Took over.
Arcassin B Mar 2020
By Arcassin B.

Dos and don't , they could both be right and wrong
if you do the math,
special hearts bring a light to your soul and make
you feel like you want to cook your mother  a meal
she didn't plan on having but you thought the gesture
was kind anyway, i digress , where's my place?
I wish that were my reality instead of a filled hate,
i wish that people could see what I see, and can relate,
i wish things didn't have to be what they portray,
i wish family could grow closer by the day and take
away the pain,
but it was always darkness,
always darkness,
what's the occasion for the evening,
light fires , anarchists.


You're a different species my heart,
you're a new prophecy,
more than what I could be right now.

speak to me like you speak to your mom,
love me like your last dead pet,
i want it all love.

Bardo Feb 2020
All I wanted to do
Was go to the Moon
It's where they all said, it was at
"Why, it was amazing up there!"
It was the place to go
The place to be
You just had to go there
It just had to be seen.

So! So I went to the Moon
And they all smiled at me
And nodded their heads
"Isn't it beautiful ?", they all said
Yes, I replied, it's... it's beautiful
It's just like... like a great big
A great big...... Quarry!!!
Lots of rocks and shale and dust and

About as empty as my soul
And empty as yours as well I fear.


(Maybe I could set up a hamburger
   stall there
Sell Moonburgers and nice crispy
   Saturn onion rings
At least least then they'd be filled with something).
I was reading somewhere where some celebrities wanted to be the first to book their flights to go to the moon. Someone was planning one day to have a commercial route to the Moon. Now I'm a big Sci-fi fan (what would have become of us without Captain Kirk & Mr. Spock when we were growing up). But I wouldn't cross the road to go to the moon LOL.
I wish I believed in soul mates,
But that would require me to have a soul,

It’s not that I am cold or cruel,
It’s just if I believed souls were real;
Then i would also have to believe
In reincarnation,

And I’ll be ******
If I have to spend
Sillva Oct 2018
I have reached a breaking point
that has slowly led every thought of you on to the ground.
My tears have reached onto this paper,
Before this letter surfaced up to the light.

Day by day
This message has become a nightmare
And maybe this will fall onto Depth Ears.
Maybe you'll never read this,
Perhaps you'll never find it.
Maybe one day, you will see
I  was sincere with my words,
spilling them out like  a waterfall.
It's a unwanted power
As if a Queen left golden strands of hair behind.
All these years of assumptions
have become worse
A Gore to bare with.

A Lost color for my soul

Jeff Gaines Apr 2018
I know a girl, everyone does.
All she wants is fun.
She won't be having cereal today,
she'll have everything under the sun.

She don't read the paper.
She don't watch no news.
Why would she care about someone elses troubles
if they will never buy her shoes?

She don't need no man.
She don't need no gun.
So many rides to take her there,
she don't walk, much less run.

She's got no time to cry.
She's won't listen to the Blues.
Nothing in the world matters to her,
unless it's something she can use.

She has lots of friends.
She'll dance with them all night.
But she cares not that they ain't real,
cuz she's forever high as a kite.

She don't care about no art,
unless it's something she can wear.
The thing she loves to look at most
is in the mirror there.

She's just loves making trouble.
She's always causing a stir.
But she don't bother about anything in the world,
cuz it revolves around her.

It's almost sad to watch her live her life,
always seeking to ring her own bell.
A living, breathing, ******* a mission
to fill a vacant, soulless shell.

She stares down into her pond, from her big ivory tower.
She'll never be happy and even less so,
as a helpless little flower.
If you don't know who this is really about, the first line is a clue ... they can be seen on their own reality shows (past and present), gossip shows, tabloid shows (and IN the tabloids) and any and all social media. Naming names would only beg a flame war. If you don't understand the last line, then Google "Narcissus" ... it will explain.
James Alai Feb 2016
I am embarrassed to say
that I fell head over heels
for a psychopath.
This girl had a smile that melted my heart
and a knife that stabbed me in the back.
She had warm lips that kissed me
And sharp teeth that bit me.

Did I mention that she was nuts?

She was a sociopathic, multible peraonalitied, souless harlot
who ****** out my soul and **** me out.

....but she was pretty though
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2015
It’s the beautiful ones who
Always give us
This dead look

They offer up
those piercing long
gone eyes to search you
For any soul that they may
Have left

And it is a cold vengeance
They’re hunting for
To steal from you
The lost thing
That never made them
human anyway

I’m afraid I may catch it somehow
The frosty vacant look
That tells me that I’m on my way out
And yet they are already gone…
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