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All about me I remember,
The warrior, the wise teacher,
The prophets gazing at the stars,
The reddish vivid glow of Mars -
And I'm reminded of their muscular form;
Thick-skinned and proud, one born
To the region of Magnesia or Mount Pelion,
An army of spears sharp and long.

From every side they came,
The longbow with steady aim,
The warriors pointed silver swords,
The hoofbeats pounding came towards.
Then, I closed my eyes and awaited death,
Icy-cold and dark, the breath
Of my lungs heavy in my chest,
A befitting end to a perilous quest.
Published by One To a Thousand/Liminis in 'Creatures'
Copyright ©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2022
Friends walk side-by-side
when you need them most
as woes tug at your sleeve
or tackle you from behind
they're there to halt the fall
until you're ready
ready to face the rising sun
as the curtains open on a new day
that is not overwhelming anymore
Written Tuesday 13th June on a warm summers day at 13:55 in the afternoon. I just let the words flow, no pre-planning. I often find my best works just materialise without serious thought, but when I act upon my feelings and instinct at the time of writing.

Copyright Joshua Reece Wylie 2023
Sitting here in the car
with the windows semi-down
there is a bloom of content
as the door is swung open
to receive a cool breeze
which breaths on my face
and glides over my feet
relishing their woodland walk
my body embracing the warmth of the end of May
as Springtime collides into summer
Written Saturday 27th May 2023.
Copyright Joshua Reece Wylie 2023
blackbiird Mar 2022
it’s been a while so take it easy on me
while I introduce myself to 2022.
Love is a smile or a hug,
making someone a cup
of tea. Love is holding hands,
intimate massages,
offering support.

Love is early morning kisses,
making breakfast
in bed. Love is complete understanding, long conversations
and telling truths.

Love is a connection of the heart,
making a long journey. Love is
forever enduring, always receiving,
helping others.

Love is a word (or two),
making joint decisions,
love is unspoken -
sometimes soundless
or confidently loud.

Love is intimate, love
is kind, it's those late
phone calls. Love is unwavering,
intimate stares,
delicate yet strong.

Love is more than ****** intimacy,
it's keeping a
life promise. Love is sacred -
beautifully pure,
love is holy.

Love is all of these qualities.
so before you love -
remember them.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
Faltering plans
An indecisive mind,
Consistency in itself is an art
An explosive start!
Followed by;
Fumbling fingers and idiotic ideas.
What next?
Do we pitstop like Hamilton?
We were in pole position.
Reassert, focus and keep on track.
We are the drivers of our own Destiny...
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.

I've been trying to keep up one poem a day. It's tough. I'm sure other writers can relate. This poem is about trying to keep that target going. A Formula 1 racing theme was completely unintentional and off the cuff, but seemed to work nicely. So it stayed and I kinda like the end result. I hope you do too.
parker Mar 2021
Everywhere I go
I watch the floor
Each crack and line memorized
as i scan them.
feet shuffle behind, scuffing them
leaving new marks to find

someone speaks.

my mind screams to look

i cant.

theres the crack,
the spot,
the scuff,
and all words fall on deaf ears;
and my feet shuffle on

why does tile hold my mind?
why cant i look you in the eyes?
social anxiety makes it hard to talk to people
Evelyn Ann Feb 2021
I hope that someday I don’t hesitate
Even if I say the truth
Even if it all ends in tears.
Skyler Jan 2021
They say that eyes,
Are the windows to the soul.
I'll not be chained
By this everlasting cliche.
But Honey, I get lost
Every time. Gazing into yours.
Swept away in their
Mystery, darkness, wonder.
I see clearly your walls,
A house on a hill.
Every brick laid down
With care, thoughtfulness.
Made to keep out
More harm, hurt, loss.
It is worn, sturdy,
Unyielding against the world.
Yet every now and then
I catch a glimpse
Of Lightness
Where others see dark.
And it tells me
More than words
Ever could.
And in this space
I am lost.
In this space
I see you.
Victor D López Jun 2020
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