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Natalia Apr 24
You've drawn first blood,
It rolls down my skin.
With a soft thud,
My world begins to spin.

It turns me over and over,
As the moon would the tide,
Like that first kiss from a lover,
The first glimpse of the bride.

Next is the scent,
A tinge of copper.
On its slow descent,
I begin to stir.

A soft taste of metal
Envelopes the lips,
The wound has now settled.
Quivering, my mind slips.

To that first touch,
However delicate
T'was clearly too much
And I am left desolate.

A rose's thorns.
Tomorrow I'll prepare
To have the blood adorn'd,
From that first tear.
This was written with the idea of how similar love is to when you try and pluck a rose. You may mishandle it when you first try, the rose will cut you and leave you bleeding. But you can't let that stop you from trying to get another rose. Wear that blood proudly as you try again, learn from the mistakes you made the first time. Take everything you can from it, the scent, the look of the flower, the taste.
Today has risen,
A new era and decision,
What will fate give me?
Deanna Dellia Oct 2019
Does she ever catch
that grin on your lips
or the glimmer in your eye
when you’re thinking of me?
I bet you draw my portrait in your sleep
Your blue rose
Your broken diamond
You never forget the lyrics
to your favorite song
See me
Breathe me
Bleed me
Don’t forget me

- Selfish
Abby Reynolds Sep 2018
Everyday I reserve a moment
to picture you
to imagine us
to feel your heart
which I know well is
still embedded into my own
I'm aware these few moments of my day can lead to nothing
but troubles, & heartache
because when I open my eyes
you're there
god knows where
& I'm here, nowhere
When I stop to think about why I still take my time to think about you
I can only come up with the reasoning that I still love you
I always will love you
even now, six months later
after the damage is done
after the tears have fallen for so long
I'm worried they may have seeped their way into my heart
Even with the knowledge
of the gut wrenching
heart altering pain
our love brought into my
all dancing and daisy life
even past the break,
the moment I knew the love of my life was never
coming home
I would do it all again
over & over & over
just for a taste of that sensation
of us
lying barely clothed wrapped in your embrace
for just a glimpse of
your abysmal brown eyes
for a minuscule moment
of our epic love story
I just thought you should know
there's never regrets in this hallow hallway of my heart
only stubborn love
that grasps at a chance
for one more try
DJL May 2018
it's 2:31 am and I'm still wide awake
it's 2:31 am and you're the only thing on my mind and god I wish you would just stop running because I'm exhausted
its the thought of leaving you
it's the thought that you've already left and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye
it's 2:31 am and I've never been so sleepless
Bryce Perry Dec 2017
She said,
“Of course you exist here,
you’d be a fool to think otherwise.”

              and I had a will to believe
Bryce Perry Dec 2017
just once I looked
out of the oval window
high in the sky
To see tiny figures below
making dances out of the
snake-line of car lights

It was all flat,
and blackness swooned in over
the view,
A reflection showing back to me
all the hairs that stood their ground
Bryce Perry Dec 2017
a place
has no more meaning, no connection
  with itself
   rather I
who sees with desperate eyes
toward each
Bryce Perry Dec 2017
I watch you read the book

               the book that a
          crochet of
             stiff wanderers
                        worn        hands
                        welt together some
     inductive hours  
    (some real good ones at that)
   what page is that?
the one where she goes “ah!” and the world
     crumbles to their
          hairline-fractured feet,
               I’ve read this one before
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