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blackbiird Jul 2021
I praise you
for the rest of my days
in hopes that we will
be reunited for all eternity.
Lily Priest May 2021
High were the hills
That will climbed
My love, 
how spectacular the view.
Lily Priest Apr 2021
Eyes open into newness
And find a smile
Dimpled giddy
With the happiness
That took only one look to awaken
And one little life to nurture.
Nine months worth of waiting
Melt into a promise of forever.
My love for you is an endless
Beautiful thing.
Bigger than the both of us
Loud and bellowing.
But I whisper it
because I want to let you sleep.
My sister recently had her first child and I wrote this for her. It doesnt do the moment of moma meeting baby for the first time justice, but its something.
Nothing rhymes Mar 2021
Oh...To live with love..always...
Without having to be reassured each day..
Just to live knowing you shared great love that can't be changed by anything..that you loved and were loved to the fullest.. in every possible way..
To have eternal love..
That you carry in your heart all your life.. long after they are gone..
Nothing rhymes Mar 2021
I don't long for you
I never have
Your love was always enough
It filled me up from the very first day

I never miss you
Because we never met
and we never parted
Yet I cherish you every second of everyday

I am eternally grateful
to have you
to love unconditionally,
to admire,
To treasure wholly
With no need for reassurance
Those who tricked, got tricked,
the ones who lied, lies in hi-story.
they came with hate, found hate,
those who used serums got delirium,
Now following their theorem,
Their bots are legion,  
they can no longer tell,
whose  who.
Their mirrors are distorted,
Her story aborted.
Honesty stumbled in lit square,
now disconnected from their fear.
Their words are reflected back,
in black, white and read all over,
editors of the events they want others to believe,
their mantras vibrating their cores,
lost their truth, root.
Love knew, from the highest perspective,
they got detected,
from a timeless space, they lose their place,
to run out of pace,
Love the highest intelligience,
protected love with love,
purity with purity,
innocence with innocent heart of a baby,
like we once were, and can be.
I found that child,
gentle, soft, humility, meek and mild.
Where time does not exist, that child is eternity.
Twinkle twinkle little star
how I wonder, what you are,
up above the sky so high,
like a diamond in the sky,
The prophesies are only true, when true love unlocks it.
The ones found by malintent, are prophets now of their own doom.
The shepherd gathers his flock from every nation.
That story cannot be changed.
Time does not exist for those with true love.
Mylène Chinaski Jul 2020
I will give you a one red rose,
     as long as from the ground
     up to your beloved spot of mine.
I will never give you flowers.
That is a man's thing to do.
Not in this house one mess with
          the customs - they're
               divinely designed.
                               "Boo, hoo."

                                         I said once.
                    May remind you twice.
                        Fourth'll be the time
                               you meet my ice.

                                "Boo, hoo."

Don't care of your style,
     aspirations, dreams,
     or that you don't drink wine.
Don't care of your stupid face,
     passionate embrace or
     rythmic dance between my thighs.
Don't care of your love.
I was told by God once
     that love we do know is a men's sin.
Truly godly one the one is which
     remains in the distance.
"And, the red rose?" - you may ask.
That's the one reserved for the occasion
            when you'll be at threshold of our
Sami Apr 2020
Like sun and moon, we part out ways
I whirl round your earth, while you rotate mine

Steamy gases fill the air
Cool my soul
Love affair

Quite magical
We come as one,
Solar eclipse
Our love has won.
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