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JoJo 4d

i hate that I still
crave your embrace
even after you've
up my heart
stolen my joy and
confiscated my tears

i hate that you
built a fortress
in my heart where
your enemies take captive.

i think it's time
you and I part ways.
you're killing me
but i can't seem to stay away.

JoJo Feb 9

stay close to people who feel like sunlight
and run away from those who feel like the moon.

JoJo Feb 8
clean sheets.
warm bodies
***** *******
poking you
as we reach
the threshold
of ecstasy.
I am
you’re shaking
and the
world goes
and I
JoJo Feb 7

my tears bled
like diamonds onto the sidewalk
and the sun soaked them up
before they had a chance to shine.

  Feb 7 JoJo
you didn't make me suicidal
- you were the one who prolonged the inevitable
JoJo Feb 6

You made fun of that poor wretched soul but no amount of makeup could
cover up your ****, darkened, mishapened heart.

JoJo Feb 6
She was a beautiful disaster
waiting for you to rebuild her.
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