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 53m JoJo
Thanks for the struggle and pain,
If it weren't for these things,
My knees would never bend for humility,
My head would never look up crying for pity,
And my heart would never yearn for Your presence to reign.

In my weakness, Your strength is made perfect.
 54m JoJo
Of the oxygene in your veins
Of the always invited breath of air
Of the sunlight spark in your eyes
Of the wind that moves your hair

To be close as the cloth
To be loyal as your shadow
To be the reflecting mirror
To be your movements follow
 54m JoJo
 54m JoJo
Pop a bubble, bubbles pop
Bubble up, bubbles stop
"the things you love break...

......and that must be why you break yourself everyday."
she says its because shes hurt
she doesn't know what to do
who to turn to
everyone has left her
let her down

no one knows the true trials
she has persevered through
no one feels the ache in her heart
a longing for touch

she feels lost
loss of spirit

i will revive her
i break my back
picking all of her pieces up
taking her into my arms
she will be relieved of all sadness

i will give her the love
she never sought possible
 1d JoJo
but i am just a “once”
that you never dare
to commit again
#67 mar 08
sapagkat ako ay isa lamang
“minsan” na kailanman
ay hindi mo na inulit pa
 1d JoJo
Tete Rudo
You are not
Your roles in life
You are not
Your "labels"
You are not
Your accomplishments
Accolades or
You are not
What the world
Thinks of you.

Who are you?
Why do you matter?
 1d JoJo
maybe if i didn't push us
to be something we weren't meant to be
you would still be around
and you'd still be here for me
 1d JoJo
You can feel it in your chest, how much more real does it need to get?
If you’re going through a bad time then take this as a sign. There is help. There is hope. ♡
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