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Her soul is bleeding,
her colors are fading;
instead of becoming nothing,
she chose to gave her everything.

And so...

The world around her
suddenly turned brighter,
and there she was
slowly becoming duller.

The pain was unbearable
yet she silently endured it all,
she held the brush in her hand
and painted until the end.
 Oct 9 blackbiird
A bright soul
so dark it
Breaks my heart.
Toasted inner thigh
glazed in our honey and sweat
was always your specialty

12:21 AM
w h a t  w a s  t h e  p o i n t  o f  s t a y i n g  a l i v e
i f  e v e r y t h i n g  i  l o v e  e i t h e r  l e a v e s  m e  o r  d i e s ?
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
|    :   ||    :   |
But I do

Two lanes
 Sep 6 blackbiird
Lee Aaun
There's difference in

in love.
In America
I watch the sun
Set on everyone

Encumbered by the
Warm hearty glow

To think i will sleep
And the rest will arise
To wake up alive

On the other side

Amazes me
crazy to think we all live on the same chunk of rock in space
I lived thousand years
waiting for my kingdom to be built.
But I only reaped the tears
I shed while witnessing its destruction
into sand.
 Sep 6 blackbiird
He’s here again
My imaginary friend
Keeping me safe
Keeping me warm
I know you can’t see him
Sometimes he hides
Sometimes he’s bad
He likes to play games
But I know he’s there
Watching me...
Watching you
 Sep 6 blackbiird
I just want to go to sleep
But my mother weeps
So I guess I'm not sleeping
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