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Someday I will not need these clothes to feel good
I will not worry ‘bout what I should
Someday I’ll do my best and like what I see
I won’t need special wings to feel free
But someday
Could you not come a little sooner?
Please save this girl before I ruin her
Maybe that you could come today
Oh what I would give
Just to be okay
blackbiird Jun 2019

it's okay to not be okay.
it's okay to not be okay.
it's okay to not be okay.
it's okay to not be okay.

pray *

you're going to be okay.
you're going to be okay.
you're going to be okay.
you're going to be okay.

Evie Feb 2019
from what i understand,
some of you are sad
very sad.
some are mad,
beaten down by life
who wields a baseball bat
with nails sticking out at funny angles

from your sorrow comes beauty
the words you write
so moving

you're all too talented to quit.

so stick around

you never know when things might get better

please save yourself for another day
im always open to give any ounce of comfort to anyone. if you just need to rant send me a message!
Atlas Dec 2018
Tomorrow I will be okay.
I will wake up, make pancakes and drink my favorite coffee.
I will buy myself a fancy dress
And a book by my favorite author.
I will go eat my favorite meal.
I will watch people at a coffee shop
And draw or maybe write a poem or two.
I will come home and drink mulled wine
And watch a movie that makes me smile.
But for tonight,
I will let my heart ache.
Mr Charming Sep 2018
What's it like when you break up with someone?

It's 1,300 archived Google photos.

It's 40 floating memories at a time, above your head when you try to sleep.

It's her voice saying,
"You were good."
"You're a baby."
"I loved you."
"Use your words!"
"I gave you my heart"
"It'll take me two months to move on"
"I'm with someone." Three weeks later.

It's the countless kisses and cuddles that got you through hard times, to find out that you'll just be holding yourself and your lips are now vacant.

It's the love making that curdles in your stomach and makes you what to ***** every kind word she ever said.

It's the countless hours you spend, trying to imagine her with someone else inside of her. Ripping out the seeds of love you planted.

It's the hidden poetry she wrote about someone who will never be you.

It's the venom swirling in your mouth from the last time you tasted her.

It's her ******* name haunting you when she left you alone.

And it's the rage that will get you through this, because you are worth so much more.
Julia Apr 2018
Let my arms be
the place you feel more than
but also, strong.
Don’t be afraid though,
to shed any tears
and show discomfort.
With me, you need never to
be ashamed
of being human.
Unlock the door
to my heart,
come inside;

what we will become,
it will be so sweet;
oh darling,
let me be your home.
Pax Nov 2014

A tear today,
        A smile tomorrow.

I cried today,
         and tomorrow I will be okay.

© Pax
from me to you my friends & passer by: i always remember this.. this is one of my principles.. it was based on my experience.. when my mother died of breast cancer few years back i cried almost every night... then the next morning I could do my task alright not to be too emotionally withdrawn to the world around me, it keeps me focus until it made me feel better.

Just let it out, cry it out, then the next day you'll be okay. :)

— The End —