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audrey May 8
my mother's words
always rang before
any step forward,
halfway down the hallway,
i realized;
my destiny was not
for her to write
Listen: believe me,
If I knew how to rise up
And overcome them
You would see the shadows crawl
Out of discomfort
For the light bursting, flying,
Exploding forth and
Breaking free of the old bonds
On my now unfettered soul.
A choka version of the 6-syllabic poem I wrote in May 2014.
Believe me, if I could
You'd see the shadows crawl
Out of discomfort for
The light bursting, flying,
Breaking free of the bonds
On my unfettered soul.
#sixlines #sixsyllables
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I thought I knew
your words
It was like knowing anybody out there  
A blank page in the book of Proverbs

Bait and switch
Without the wisdom
But you didn’t know it
A lost pain of a soul...
Brought a soulless protection
to the fear
You called
me a scared little girl
Little did you know
I was my own savior.

What is it you said I needed?
A so-called enlightenment?
But who knew your darkness wrapped
*** magik
Could save vulnerability and attempt to destroy
the authentic luxury inside of me.
No. Only fake love in lust can do that.
For Lust is loss
and I’m not gone.

Then there was you and me again
That night unveiled me
The unevolved me
Still knew
I was going to make it out alive.
Sometimes we truly must experience the strange,  the unhealthy, the unwanted, the unnecessary, the potential threats to our emotional safety and well-being if we are to understand the essence of resilience and healing. We don’t always know how or why or even expect ourselves to fall into those situations with others, but when we break free of them, truly break free mentally and physically, with the support and inner strength we all have within, our outer world will dramatically change to reflect the new being we have become through it and for ourselves. You can do this. Believe and break free of anyone who may be chaining you to a false reality not meant for you. That is the only way that you will begin to change yours and the one you wish to see. You deserve the best. Do it for yourself as the creator you are.
Lulu Sarmiento Aug 2020
Breathe in, breathe out
One, two, three—
It’s a necessity.
But I beg to disagree—
It’s a luxury.
Andrew Mancini Apr 2020
A straight line delivers the illusion of control – the delusion manifested order could ever be kept in tow,
                                                                      or manipulated reasoning
                                                              could ever take seed and grow
                                                           against the natural ebb and flow.  
If each our mind a garden, work to see it bloom
full of luscious fruit capable of sweetening even the dankest, darkest glooms.
            Savor that sweet, succulent juice as it drips from your lips and cascades
To break from the mold, let go of control. To break from the mold, let go of control.
blackbiird Jan 2020
and afraid
the crevices
of the

from its
stay informed. its time to break free .
Gulishta Nov 2019
Start from the beginning. ..
From the ins and outs of the shadows
Lurking just underneath
The righteous path you've chosen.

Let it flow through your veins
Direct to your heart
Let it direct you to the darkness
You're trying to hide from.
To become something
You're supposed to be
Rather being someone
You meant to  be.

Tell me about the courage
You've found within the Hopelessness
About the moment
Where you've found the solace in your darkness
The acceptance you've given yourself
About the emotion that made you decide
About not wanting the approval
Of the ones who broke the promise
To love you unconditionally.

Where you broke the chains
Binding you to everything
You've known to know
Exactly what it's like
To be the supporting character
In your own story.

And about the out of  body experience
And the knowledge that
It was you all along
Who held the cards
Just didn't know the play...

The prison felt like the home
Or the home was the prison
You were the key to it all...

Tell me about how you found it
To break free.
I was kinda unsure about this one...but it felt like I needed to share it...this one doesn't have rhymes and proper Verses. ..but still one of the closest to my heart.
reina empática May 2019
Bound by expectations
that I'm never gonna meet
Chained by society
but yet they say I'm free
I swear I'm human
yet the person everyone wants; isn't who I wanna be
Held down by my own limits
but the only one setting them is me
Caged by fate
but I'm the catalyst of my own destiny
Restrained by my mind
but I see what I wanna see
wish it'd just change,
but the only one who can change it is me
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