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Bound by expectations
that I'm never gonna meet
Chained by society
but yet they say I'm free
I swear I'm human
yet the person everyone wants; isn't who I wanna be
Held down by my own limits
but the only one setting them is me
Caged by fate
but I'm the catalyst of my own destiny
Restrained by my mind
but I see what I wanna see
wish it'd just change,
but the only one who can change it is me
Es Jan 18
Hold my hand, walk with me, be my strength on every step we take to get through an obstacle. We’ll fight those regrets, dilemma, doubts, misunderstandings, insecurity and every other problem that arises this time it’s not gonna be just you or me but we’ll do it together.
So, is it too much that I’m asking for?
Don't you hear that cracking?
It's so loud and getting louder
Am I the only one who hears it?
Maybe that's because it's inside of me

Cracking becomes maddening
It's starting to break up
Blood is coming from my wounds
I am falling apart

Still nobody hears it nobody noticed
Pain in my eyes, bruises on my skin
Cuts on my wrists, emptiness behind smile, yet everything is okay

I can try how far I can fly
Climb on the roof and meet the sky
Everything seems so easy so give it a try
Breath, slowly, close your eyes let the darkness take you high

I did what I have to do
I did what you asked for
Now it's my turn to feel gruntled
It's my purpose to break the chains
I can never be completely free
But just for a moment give it a try

Can you hear the cracking?
Chains are falling on the ground
Can you set my soul free? It's right in your hands you were crushing it for too long
You know everything, I know just your name
Mar Sep 2018
My invisible self loves the afternoon
The colorful sky, the smell of sea
The feeling of a love coming
A good song
Has dreams
Do not want to have your feet on the ground.
Your head is in the clouds
Falls in love with the darkness
Break free when dancing
Loves fiction
Smells like books
And is happy
And when my skin shivered
Oh,i know
I’m on ecstasy.
I entered on my one
In my invisible self
Brian McDonagh May 2018
O Brian,
Why are you in despair?
The sun still shines behind the clouds
And you still inhale air.

O Brian,
Your life is in strife;
Despair your partner,
Exhaustion your wife.

O Brian,
What can you do?
Your efforts are empty,
The old still vanquishes the new.

O Brian, Brian,
Where’s your support?
Do you have friends?
Someone to court?

O Brian,
Your thoughts are confused;
One idea opposes another,
You are being used.

O Brian, Brian,
Take a breath;
Before you wear out
And collapse in death.

O Brian, Brian,
If anything is a guide,
Let it be unbounding
Until on true freedom you glide!
At least this is a third-person self portrayal lol.
tayarose Apr 2018
I'm stuck in time, Unable to move
My mind is unhinged, I'm confined to this dark place
It's in the creases of my head, In the back corners of my brain
It's spreading in to my soul, Ripping me apart
I'm unable to move forward, I'm am stuck and I want to get out
But my pride is to high, To say i want to die
I want to end this, I'm a waste of space
If i told you, you say i sound to ******, you wouldn't take me seriouly
You'd judge me just like she did.
that's what I'm most afraid of
Emma Q Mar 2018
From the moment I was born
I was caged
They never let me out
Never let me see
The vast world before me

Trying to get out
Pulled back in
I'll never leave this place
This prison
They said

Now I have broken free
From the house that once caged me
Now I have seen
I have felt
I have walked
The place I could never see

I have broken free
Never again
Shall I be caged
Never again.
Hope you like it!
E McNamara Mar 2018
The sky
A reflection of the sea.
Is that what I am?
A reflection of who I want to be?

It’s wrong
That my words are gentle ripples.
When I want them to be
Roaring oceans.

My reflection is a sea
Trapped inside a raindrop
I’m going to break free
With crashing waves inside of me.
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