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3.4k · Jan 16
the rain.
blackbiird Jan 16

The beauty of walking in
the rain is that no one sees you cry.
instead, we are just strangers
getting water in our eyes.

2.4k · Jan 18
the lonely drought
blackbiird Jan 18
I watched you water my petals
Soaking my roots with your love
But then the drought came
And you left me thirsty.

My petals wilting away
From your abandonment.
And I watched as my soul died
In the lonely drought.
2.3k · Dec 2018
broken rest.
blackbiird Dec 2018
all she wanted was a sign that
life had not forgotten her
But all she had were the shackles
of her demons resting on her
pillow as she slept.
2.1k · Apr 2
blackbiird Apr 2

nothing would make me happier
than to hold your hand for the rest of our lives
grow old with you
and watch our grandchildren play under
the magnolia trees in the summer sun.

2.0k · May 22
my dilemma
blackbiird May 22
i wanna die. i wanna die.
i wanna die. i wanna die.
i wanna die. i wanna die.
but i can't seem to pull the trigger.
1.9k · Feb 6
Beautiful disaster
blackbiird Feb 6
She was a beautiful disaster
waiting for you to rebuild her.
1.6k · Dec 2018
The Secret
blackbiird Dec 2018
the secret to loving You
is knowing that I was loved
even before I took my first breath.

the secret to knowing You
is knowing that you Knew me
before my mother knew me.

the secret to spending eternity with You
is to walk with You in the present.
1.6k · May 27
deflowering my innocence.
blackbiird May 27
i still taste your sticky sweet nectar on
my lips from the time you released your
seed onto my perfect *******,
then you traced your fingertips onto
my precious flower and tasted my sweet honey, watching  it drip from your fingertips
as you plastered your mark into my sweet flower--
my breathing becoming shallow from the sensations, thoughts scattered , close to the threshold before a beautiful release of ecstasy .
A perfect deflowering carved into my memory.
1.5k · Mar 22
beautifully broken.
blackbiird Mar 22

her heart has been broken
so many times she wonders
if it's beyond repair.

the walls she once loathed
now surround her heart,
unapproachable by man.

each night she lies
awake wondering if
anyone hears her cries.

but He hears her
and tells her heart to be still
for He will dry her tears,
take her and restore
her broken heart.
for she is His bride.

blackbiird Mar 29

is it weird that I can
see the ghost of you
in this empty apartment?

is it weird that I keep playing
your voicemail before I go to sleep at night?

(I can't help it, your voice comforts me)

is it weird that i can still
taste the cherry cola on your lips
as we shared our final kiss?

is it weird that you've moved on
yet I'm still lying in bed wondering
if you're awake thinking of me too?

1.3k · Mar 30
never date a poet.
blackbiird Mar 30
never date a poet because they’ll
expose your lies with the stroke
of a pen and leave you to bleed out
your sorrows.
1.2k · Jan 21
color me you
blackbiird Jan 21
Color me with
Your beautiful lies
So I can watch the
Distance between
Us grow.
Color your lips
On mine with
Your red lipstick
And I’ll watch
The sparks fly
From within
My heart.
Color me you
And I’ll
Earn back the
Trust I lost.
blackbiird Jan 22
i kissed a girl
and i liked it.
no, i'm not weird.
i refuse to conform
or for you to label
me as inferior
for following my

i am not
some trophy
or prize to be
to inflate
your ego.

i am a human being
**** it.
and i demand to
be heard.

i don't always
cross my legs
when i sit.

i don't always shave
because i am a mammal
and mammals have hair
and that's okay

if i'm being honest
i'm tired of the sterotypes
of who you want me to be.

so i'm gonna be me.
like it or not,

i'm a human being
and i demand to be heard.
Not necessarily a feminist piece but take it as you wish :)
blackbiird Jan 13
The day I became a superhero
Was the day I chose
To stop loving you
Even though my heart
Craved your presence.

The day I became a superhero
Was the day
I chose to walk away
From your abuse.

The day I became a superhero
Was learning to love me for the first time.
1.1k · Aug 27
you never said sorry...
1.0k · Mar 28
one moment
blackbiird Mar 28

if God created the earth in seven days,
who’s to say He won't turn your rainfall
into sunshine in one moment?

blackbiird Dec 2018
If I could rearrange the stars,
I’d put the moon in front of the sun
So I could witness your beauty from the darkness.
991 · Jun 11
blackbiird Jun 11
You've stripped me bare ,
exposed my weaknesses,
and torn my mask.
now all i can do
is bow down in humility
because You've positioned
me at the Cherith brook
to speak to me.

i've never been more grateful
to be bare with You.
I'm at a session in my life where God has led me alone to the brook where he wants to speak to me and restore all the broken things and use them for his glory. I am learning to be content as I grow closer to the Lord. I wrote this poem to express my gratitude to God for saving me and bringing me back to life piece by piece. I hope this encourages those that are hurting.
808 · Apr 17
blackbiird Apr 17

she listened to the static of the television
hoping it would fill the void of what he left behind.

794 · Feb 1
forgotten love.
blackbiird Feb 1

What a shame
That the rose
Died before You
Got a chance to water it.

What a shame
That the candle
Burned out before
You got a chance to light it.

I guess that’s
The beauty in forgotten love.

blackbiird Dec 2018
don’t pretend you can’t feel my heart
pounding through my shirt.
don’t pretend like you don’t know that
I tremble every time you’re near me.

I pretend that you’re just a friend
but you’re the ecstasy that runs
through my veins.
and I can’t pretend that
I don’t love you.
725 · Jan 28
blackbiird Jan 28

even in my darkest hour
I will still rest
upon Your unchanging love
for me.

I will lie
In the pastures
and weep with your sheep
for You are good to me.

blackbiird Mar 25

There's a light in your back pocket
that you've overlooked for quite some time.

Grab it and light the pathway to
your peace amidst all the noise.


He is the peace in your back pocket.

To the person having anxiety or just to anyone who needs peace, this is for you!
687 · Oct 2018
thorns/the barefoot series
blackbiird Oct 2018
You made.
Poked and prodded
You invaded my soul
As if I were a cesspool
of your worst nightmares.
And the sad thing is,
I let you.
634 · Jan 16
not a suicide note.
blackbiird Jan 16
sometimes i want someone to take the rain
but leave the pain
so I can watch my heart slowly die
like it was always meant to.

but mind you,
this is not a suicide note
because my soul has already died.
623 · May 2018
On Purpose
blackbiird May 2018
On Purpose

I kissed you without permission—
In hopes that you would kiss me back.
I was open with you—
In hopes that you would be open with me.

I waited in the rain on that cold December night---
In hopes that you would pick me up.
I wrote you 365 letters every day for a year.
In hopes that you would write me back.

I loved you on purpose—
In hopes that you would love me back.
I fought with you on purpose—
Hoping you would fight back.

Three years have passed since our last phone call.
You have probably moved on—
Yet I sit in this empty room,
Wondering why I loved you on purpose.
621 · Apr 24
blackbiird Apr 24
just once she wished for someone
to give her a reason to live.
she hangs off the balcony
wondering if someone is waiting for
her on the other side.
619 · Jan 22
proceed with caution.
blackbiird Jan 22

i don't expect you to mend my soul overnight
but i do ask that you
treat my heart with careful consideration
because i don't think i can handle
another tear.

all i ask is that
you proceed with caution
and mend my heart.
one day at a time.

blackbiird Dec 2018
I loved you until it became a habit.
And like a cigarette,
I became addicted.
557 · Feb 4
the reason
blackbiird Feb 4
you're the reason
i can dance between
the fire and never get burned.

you're the reason
that i can say goodbye
to the moon
and not cry while it's sleeping.

you're the reason
that i can't spell
"I love you"
without you.
540 · Feb 1
i am flower.
blackbiird Feb 1

I am a flower
except my roots and
stems have been plucked
and my roots drowned
beneath my tears
until You positioned
the sun above the
gound from which I grew
and my leaves grew
from Your love.

I'll always be Your flower

530 · May 23
sun kissed
blackbiird May 23
Our broken hearts
Still beating
As we danced through the fields
And watched
The sun kiss our skin
Before the moon took
Her turn.
Covering us in our own
And vulnerability
And we saw each other’s
Scars within the moon’s enduring
And we laid there
Enjoying every
Mental Illness SHOULD not be a stigma.
516 · Jun 1
blackbiird Jun 1
I searched for happiness
in a dark closet with the door closed.
blackbiird Jun 3

I wanna know you inside and out.
I wanna crawl beneath your skin and
get into the depths of your soul
but you only want to see me naked.

I want to be your silver lining
in the middle of your messy life
I want to be the first thing on your mind
when you wake up and the last thing when
you rest your head on your pillow at night.

I'd give anything to crawl beneath your skin
and get into the depths of your soul.
but all I can do is stay up up wondering why you won't
love me the way I love you.

blackbiird Dec 2018
The atmosphere you breathe is the void
Of my soul’s content.
And I am safe.
Underneath the aurora of our bodies breathing.
491 · Mar 17
my Redeemer.
blackbiird Mar 17

I want to pick you up
and carry you in my pocket
for the rest of my days.

little did I know that
you'd be the one to
carry me for the rest
of my days.

For God, my Redeemer lives.
490 · Dec 2018
A Sad Story
blackbiird Dec 2018
What I
My soul died without knowing Jesus.
489 · Feb 19
blackbiird Feb 19

the mirror was her friend
but all she saw
was her ghastly skeletal
reflection telling
her to put down the food once more.

472 · Apr 28
number two/ the 21 poems
blackbiird Apr 28
her skeleton smiled
in the mirror and whispered
in her ear:
“fat doesn’t look good on you.”
431 · Feb 2018
Hate me, love me.
blackbiird Feb 2018
My brain is in constant torment.
Thoughts scattered as paranoia ensues.
Hate me, love me is its mantra.
Then all is dark as I drift into the Unknown.
419 · Apr 5
jar of hearts.
blackbiird Apr 5
i put my hearts in a jar and placed them
on the shelf above my bed,
saving them for the One who deserves them.
blackbiird Apr 17

someday, someone's going to come along
and set a fire within my
heart that can't be put out.
someday someone's going to
restore this broken heart.

someday, someone's going to
walk me down the aisle.
some day, someone's going to give
me the world.

someday, someone's going
to give me a reason to say
"i love you" and mean it.

someday, someone's
going to give me a new beginning
and make this heart
alive again.

406 · Mar 29
the worst mistake
blackbiird Mar 29

the worst mistake was loving
you when your heart loved someone else.

blackbiird Dec 2018
The wisest line ever is written:

“Some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities.”

-John Green.
394 · Apr 24
comfortable silence.
blackbiird Apr 24
one more pill.
one more jump and you’ll be living
in a permanent state of comfortable silence.
will you save me?
391 · Jan 30
the ninety-nine.
blackbiird Jan 30

I wrapped my heart in
and watched the foxes
roam the vineyard
until You
and prodded
and left
the 99
for me.

God's love is more powerful than I ever thought.
390 · Dec 2018
You & me
blackbiird Dec 2018
I painted my love for You on a page
each word unraveling
the beauty of Your character.
each letter carefully orchestrating the
promise You made.

You painted Your love for me on a cross
each nail revealing
the depths of Your love.
and I know You are for me.
Your promise redeemed me
even in my darkest hour.

Forever it will be
You and me.
379 · Jun 6
blackbiird Jun 6
I'm brOKen
when you tell me
I'm beautiful.
blackbiird Jan 10
What if your walls let someone in
Instead of keeping them out.
374 · Mar 25
wild love
blackbiird Mar 25

You are wildly in love with me
because you made the stars and the
sun and the universe and everything in between.

You are wildly in love with me
because you cover my scars with grace
and you pivoted the mirror to
see all my blemishes yet still
chose to sing over me.

You are wildly in love with me because
you positioned the nails on the cross
to give me life.

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