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Selena Jun 2022
“looking back, we weren’t all that great for one another. you liked to be distant, i liked to overthink. you never told me what was wrong, i told you everything that was wrong. you were afraid of expectations, i expected to be loved the way i loved you.

i think even at the beginning i knew it may not quite work, but despite all our flaws i knew we had a spark, and i was determined to set that spark aflame. i fell in love with the idea of a flame that never came.”

Your lies charred holes that couldn’t be closed , who am I really convincing here , here at your every call I start to wither and fall , I’ve been running off an exhausted thought of you and me because every time I think of us I get a little stuck , you say you love me but her and her I cannot keep up with the way you love because the way you love and the way I love are two different ways I thought you could hang but it turns to play that every man will have his way

The way you smelted of liquor all day made me wanna go away even after all the failed attempts at asking I always tried to over communicate but I guess you really can’t change a man that doesn’t want to be changed. The way you held me late at night I thought that meant that you loved me the way I craved but deep down every day I knew I was deprived and my mind had to Play this game to convince myself that it was okay because you told me you loved  

The power those words held over me especially when they fell from your lips made me paranoid and frayed until the very next day you would convince the thoughts to go away you had your way with my mind and it made me cave falling to my knees for your every praise , you put my brain in a haze trying to read every ****** maze but unfortunately I could never find my way

My brain on the constant train is he thinking of me or her , god the way you’re not willing to change has me in a hold for days, but it’s okay as soon as you say even tho my feelings are still astray something you’ll always try to invalidate , I don’t know why I continue to stay
I tried to walk slowly.
careful not to shake your ground,
careful not wake you up,
careful not to make a sound.

No matter how light my footsteps were,
No matter how soft I tried to exhale,
you still found a way to make me eat my words,
you made me think I'm toxic and insane.

But now you said you cant be with me,
I'm not worth fighting for,
looking back I wished I stood my ground,
when you said Creed is better than Faith no More.

You said you dont want arguments,
arguments that you like to bake from scratch,
the main ingredient: your unfair judgments,
on the way I talk, walk , breathe and act.

You know your way with words,
your tone so cool and calm,
If only I'm deaf I'd think you weren't a ****,
until I heard you want me gone.

Your words pierce like a blunt knife,
painfully tearing through every flesh of my dignity,
I am certain you weren't the person I loved,
'cause he said we'll be together for eternity.

Now that it's all over,
I know you wont even realize I'm gone,
You said it won't make a difference to you
if we end this now and be done.

I will continuously fuel my anger,
making sure I have enough embers of your mistreatments inside.
I'll  burn and stop your memories from poisoning me,
from flooding my soul , my heart, my mind.
Lukai Mar 2021
The cries, the screams
Ripping out the hearts
Of innocent souls
Tearing them to pieces
The chilling smile,
The evil laugh
The periodic lies  
Killing anything in his path
Making any joyful thing die
Painting roses with the blood of his victims
Drawing them in with a sinister act
Acting as if you care
But destroying them
No sense of feeling
No appeal for emotions
Throwing around the
"I love you"s
Eroding Trust
Creeping into minds
and Hurting Everyone
Of who they are
And if the victim escapes....
They'd wish they were dead.
The actions of
my serial killer .
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
You will rise again

You have been beaten down

You have been abused

You have been torn down

You have been told you were nothing

You have been told you can’t do it

You are plagued by residuals

You are tormented by demons

You are tortured by nightmares

You are attacked by PTSD daily

You are reminded of it all by your scares

You are so tired of it all

Yet you survived all of it

You continue to live each day

You continue to smile

You continue to thrive

You continue to overcome

You continue to be strong

You continue to rise

© Seductive Poetry

Spoken Word Version ::
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Set the boundaries
Ease the pain
Life will go
Much better they say
Easier said than
Put into place
Cause when I did
His hands rose to
My face.


“They” have never lived
        with a narcissist.
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
You lured me in
With your compliments
And trapped me with
your lies
I could never please you
No matter how I tried
The day we tied
The knot to hell
I saw the evil twist
And some years later
I ran
To escape

blackbiird Sep 2020
Beneath the garden
shed, her bones bleed
Without much notice of

Smells of rotten garbage
Permeated the building
Of her demise
Without much notice of

Souless, lifeless carcass
Becomes her as she loses
Unconsciousness beneath the
Rotting soil.

And the malevolence
Took over.
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