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4.4k · May 2016
How an Indian sees English?
Viji Suresh May 2016
English with 26 letters, is generally thought to be the simplest language on earth. A language built up on 26 letters is amazing.

But within just handful of letters, how many words can be misspelled..

My childish attempt to rhyme and write...

ei or ie, we are confused when we write,
it's then the words jump to end their lives.

Homonyms, homophones, homographs
It's fun to know the very facts.

Bear tried to **** Jack with its bare hands,
Jack had to bear the brunt of the bear.

Speed is what we thrive to do
If we forget to Brake, will break a head or two.

100 cents makes a dollar
Jack sent his wife to buy a stroller
She smelled the scent of a broiler
And forget all about the stroller.

The people who lives in Desert
do they have dates as their Dessert?

The dinner was perfect
The wine complemented the feast
The hosts were perfect
And were complimented for their treat.

The King who reigned Prussia
Rode high holding his horse's reins,
But his horse started to panic
As it started to Rain.

Drew looked at his new site
The building looked a perfect sight
When asked for the legal owner
He cited the document which held his right.
Childish scribbles
2.8k · May 2016
Crazy crazy love
Viji Suresh May 2016
I hold my heart to you baby,
Fill it up to the brim,
Fill it raw
Fill it fast
Don't worry that it might drop,
Fill it with whispers of sweet nothings,
Fill it with out any trimmings...

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim...
I wanna dance to those gentle whispers
I wanna a swirl and drink the love,
Wanna feel heady, drunk to my soul

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim,
Come closer, hold me tight
When love gently spills,
Toast it with delight...

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim,
I won't ask you obvious questions,
I won't demand for a reply,
I stretch my heart to you...
Fill it with love,
Fill it with a song,
I will slurp with joy...

Lemme promise that I will share,
The love you filled with so much care,
Let's share a sip between us,
Let's toast for love and trust...

So, pour some more love to my heart baby,
I will top it up with mine,
Let it overflow and flood my veins,
I wanna feel love travel to my brain,
I wanna feel love soften my eyes,
I want you to see, your love reflect in mine...

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim...
Fill it raw
Fill it fast
Don't worry that it might drop,
Fill it with whispers of sweet nothings,
Fill it with out any trimmings...
2.1k · May 2016
Do I exist?
Viji Suresh May 2016
I wait for the world to slip by me,
Unnoticed I wanted to let things free,
Inside a black and white world,
With no colour to add cheer,
I would like to spend my days,
With no great joy or regret that I fear...

Under the tall dark trees, I would take a stroll,
Talking to my shadow that doesn't speak at all...
I would walk, talk and walk some more,
Until I drop, tired and stop eating at my soul.

The bright white shell at the shore,
I picked, admired but decided to throw.
The waves fierce and loud,
Refusing! threw her back with force ..
She lay on the wet sands gleaming,
Waiting for a wayward wave to take her in...

My shadows grew before me,
Another long dark night unveiled free,
I lay down wishing for oblivion,
Where I could vanish and remain hidden...
The moon beam, reached out to unveil me,
I rushed, retraced and hid inside my shadows, cast free...
Viji Suresh May 2016
I wrote to you on a paper boat
Those questions in my heart,
I wrote to you on a paper boat
It sailed fast, slow and then a stand still,
The wetness seeped in, the ink bleeded ...

I expected you to raise your head,
Reach out to rescue the boat on puddle,
Some dreams of mine, you might have saved,
The bleeded letters, you might have traced.

All my antics not withstanding,
The soaked boat slowly sank,
My eyes flitted between the boat and you,
Still hoping you will race to its rescue...

When the boat slowly sank,
The ripples died a slow death,
Your head moved in my direction,
"Phew! I am done for the day", you said.
Viji Suresh May 2016
A log cabin, I'd built for myself,
A make shift swing waiting to engulf,
I would like to wake up to my snore,
Only to snuggle deeper under my pillow...

Steaming mug of Coffee in hand,
Favourite books at the side stand,
A barbecue grill by the banks of the river,
With only few birds to share the pleasure...

Though time is frozen in this land,
It should be racing at the land of despair...
I wake up to the sound of alarm,
In a clumsy hole called my home.
1.5k · May 2016
A wild Symphony
Viji Suresh May 2016
Beneath the Golden moon,
The waves shimmer,  
Like silver streaked with gold,
The beauty lies before me,
I dreamt of you stealing behind me..
Together we witnessed the serenity screened for us,
Sound of the sea orchestrated a wild Symphony,
Waves dancing on silver sand,
The salty peanuts you fed me there..
My tongue cleaning your fingers without a speck...
Content you continued to write from where you left.
I continued to type this song, continuous without a period...
This is just one evening of our lives...
There might be many,
There might be none,
But,  Its easy I can reproduce you through my memory,
Another moonlit night and you stealing behind..
The winds might roar then,
The moon might disappear without trace,
We will stand and witness the waves roar,
A wild dance that threatens and we step back,
A hurricane may brew before our eyes,
But, my heart calm resting at your side...
A cold ice cream this time,  rain washing your sticky fingers,
You nod at me and I followed,  
A Spring morning,  when the tides lazed and slept...
You held a tulip and ran on my cheeks,
I stood there closing my eyes...
It's time to reproduce you back,
The Scottish village idyllic before our eyes.
Viji Suresh May 2016
Another shore,  another age
I walked those sands, searching...
Some shells,  some foliage,
I ran at the waves rushing.

Beyond the third white wave,
Curled against the fourth...
The brittle crab shell swayed,
Bobbled,  speeding forth...

My heel firm and grounded
The waves raised with a crisp honk..
The catamaran,  I spotted,
On the wall, seated a white conch...

Staring at the conch, I dreamed,
My fingers traced the tiny lines...
The lines circled edging for release,
I placed it near my ear,  it whined...

The song of another shore,  another age
I hear you now,  calling me
I hear clearly,  my voice interlaced
I stand here,  it's you I feel...

Looked up at the sky,
Looked at the sand,
Looked side ways,
Looked beyond...

Without a clue,  where to move,
I followed your voice from inside,
Another year,  another month,  or forever,
But,  one day we will meet,  soon enough

This day we will recite those lines,
For another shore,  another age,
Your words will still beckon,
I will follow your words,  till there is no return.
1.1k · May 2016
A stroll down memory lane
Viji Suresh May 2016
Reclining on a chair, thinking of you
The happy days when we shared a stew.

My mind crowded with your thoughts
Made me remember the dazed past.

Days we sat for hours at a stretch
Sound of silence, creeping toward the crest.

Friendship: a gesture, putting no pressure or demand
An affection with no label, warm and grand.

Our friendship I thought, will last forever,
BANG!! it came down, with a shiver.

Shattered and bruised, untended and raw
Months at a stretch, with no liniment at all.

You are set to leave, history wiped so clean
If the fate is kind, we would meet again.

Adieu sounds so final; Au revoir my friend...
1000 · May 2016
Love honour betray
Viji Suresh May 2016
Leaning on the wall, closing my eyes,
All I could see was the vast darkness of my mind..
Tunneling my way through random paths,
I tread through those not so forgotten thoughts...

What I saw was smiles, banter and laughs,
The pains well concealed behind the cheerful mask,
Satisfied, I passed more such charades,
Stumbling for the nook, where the smile is only a facade...

It was lying there in a corner growing roots ,
Surrounded by makeshift mazes, difficult to look through,
Slipping in, I was prepared for an onslaught of pain,
Yet, the force of attack surprise me every time.

Braving through, I touched the core; very gentle,
Wincing as if it was the day of trental,
Blood singing my elegy and not yet dry,
The oil on my canvas still gleaming with pain...

I sat hugging my knees and a ready made smile,
With so much ease and practiced beguile,
The smile slipped, when I heard the door knock,
My eyes turned to see you walk...

Leaning on the wall, closing my eyes,
I could see the ray of light,
Not wanting to meet those inquisitive eyes..
Shivering, I closed and tried not to pry open my eyes...
Viji Suresh May 2016
Safe in my harbor,
docked with you...
assured my heart,
was safe with you.

My turn came to take the crew,
time to part from the dock and you...
looked at you sideways,
but was forced to steer away.

Thought you would lift your hands,
and stop me from sailing by...
thought you would rush to me,
riding past the rough waves...

Felt your pain as you tried to break away,
your agonised look when the ropes didn't give away...
you grimaced and I felt the tremor in you,
as I took every step away from you.

Not so sure when we would meet again,
We would if the storms are kind...
I will brave the winds and the storms,
to rush to your side as soon as i can...

Wishing for another crew,
sail you en route...
What more can I do,
except wishing you would join.

The wait is inevitable,
The wait is frustrating...
The wait is intolerable,
The wait chokes me...

Wish we're merged on our sides,
that way we can move side by side...
Be it morning, be it night,
life would be fun with you be my side...

sunbathing on a sunny day,
fighting the waves on a stormy day,
not caring if the sun dries us,
or when the rain soaks us,
or when the wind tosses us...

Together we will stand proud,
like a flag at full mast...
fluttering with joy,
Gulls bellowing by....

Wish we're merged on our sides,
that way we can move side by side...
Be it morning, be it night,
life would be fun with you be my side.
Viji Suresh May 2016
I just need to close my eyes,
Hug myself,  dance for the song in my mind
The song once you sang on that long drive,
My steps halting,  as you stepped to my side...

We moved together like breeze; effortless,
We moved together like blaze untamed,
We held each other,  like insane,
No strain or stir,  pure music in our steps...

A cloud burst, unearthing us,
Carrying us to an undisclosed haven,
Your breath on my hair, the warmth I felt...
Our breath in sync,  we swayed and held.

Was that a dawn or dusk, when we met?
Was it shining or dowdy as we were swept?
Not a drop of water or a grain of food we took,
Our bodies paralysed,  yet we stood...

Time elapsed,  a day? a month? Or a year?
In a trance we stood by each other.
The earth sped,  we moved together
Faster; yet slower than ever...
947 · May 2016
Viji Suresh May 2016
The sound you hear,
Is exclusively yours,
The uvula swings,
Wishing good night,
But remember my dear,
You got to repeat I fear...
When I yawn I turn deaf, I swear...
Viji Suresh May 2016
I lie there with my eyes open,
The dreams carrying you relentlessly through every pore,
In the state of rest, my heart thrashes...
You hear me, baby?
The throes of an anguished singer.

The world can remain dead to my song,
The song might get lost inside the tomb of your heart,
But when it laps gently on the walls,
Don't you feel the flutter of a loved soul?
When it thrashes wild inside your heart,
Don't you hear the feel of your anguished singer?

My baby! I feel light and lifted,
The song gently kissing the pores skipped,
Ah! There I see a trace of light...
At the end of the tunnel a new song awaits...

I shouldn't have turned dear for that last look,
You didn't stop, yet I stopped,
Frail, I headed back...
The song squeaked, hoping to touch your heart...

I lay there, my body still,
Your steps echoing inside every pore,
My heart baby, beating fast,
I waited as you came across,
The steps halted but you walked past,
In the state of rest, my heart thrashes...
You hear me, baby?
The throes of an anguished loser.
867 · May 2016
Deep in the night
Viji Suresh May 2016
Deep in the night, Inside the cocoon of my blanket,
Like a teen aged kid, I dream of a world,
I dream of this world, Where I am the creator...
I can beckon people, my heart wishes for
I can sing, dance, or live a lie,
Deep in the night, I brought in the rain,
The thunder wild, wind tearing by
We walked our dresses plastered...
Your hands slowly exploring mine...
The tingle brings a warmth inside,
I settled inside the cocoon of my blanket...
Deep in the night, I brought out the Sun,
Dried your hair, combing with my hands,
It was stifling hot, in my part of the world,
The sweat trickled, and I brought in the spring...
With the flowers bloom and the birds charm,
I started to hum the song in your heart,
Deep in the night, you got lost,
Inside the cocoon of my blanket,
I walked miles, tracing your heart,
I brought in the moon to guide my path...
Deep in the night, I realised
I lost my dreams to another heart
Inside the cocoon of another blanket,
The dreams were lived by beautiful hearts...
Deep in the night, Inside the cocoon of my blanket,
Like a teen aged kid, I dreamt of a world
A world where I was left alone to dream,
About the wandered heart and torn blanket...
852 · May 2016
My thread to sanity
Viji Suresh May 2016
Had a kite
colourful sight
swishing and swirling
and fluttering so high

craning my neck
looked at my kite
he looked so grand
I felt a rush of pride

flew him high
flew him wide
felt him dip down
gazing at me
what more I want?
he is mine

held the threads
that connected me and him
had the total control
just a tug will have him snug...

Sudden swish
another kite
not so grand
came to his side.

thought will play
a game of war
fun to watch him
coil her pretty neck

thought they were fighting
as he tried to pull her
and she fought too
swaying and twirling

as i watched
she gained control
saw him slipping
going her way.

I tried to right him.
but before i knew
he stopped fighting
losing deliberately

i knew that moment
he fell for her
she charmed him
she wooed him
followed him with zest.

with a slight dip
he looked at me
it was that moment
he chose her for me...

the threads were cut
he left with her
No backward glance
not a moment of regret

watched him fly by
dancing a passion dance
coiled to each other
she breathing his breath

My thread to sanity
opted to leave me
I stood still feet firmly planted
gazing at him
with a loose thread in my hand.
849 · May 2016
Quote 6
Viji Suresh May 2016
God: Something everyone ponders. For the theist "what if he doesn't exist?" and to an atheist, "what if he does exist?"
Viji Suresh May 2016
There is a song inside my heart,
Waiting to be sung...
Between my lips and your breath
The words slip; your eyes reading them...

You answered me, through the flicker of your eyes
Million letters rushing to unite,
A silent smile, the words flood inside my mind
I looked, my eyes sighing with sweet

Between my lips and your breath,
A thousand violins sung wild and spread,
The lilts dancing under the summer sky,
Our love wild; a throe of unshed rain...
728 · May 2016
Viji Suresh May 2016
If the world folds in today,
I would be the first to plunge in straight...
In an otherwise gray canvas,
Doomsday, a crunchy cream hard to pass..

At least there would be some action,
Other than the empty, shallow existence.
Wish to see it in broad daylight,
When the life is gulped out of few worthless lives..

Waiting! It is already worse here,
Why nature, you curbing your fire?
Lash out and gobble us fast,
Do you fear, as we are contagious lot...
Trust me, not all of us are bad,
Not counting the rapists, terrorists, psychopaths out there....

Hoping that this narrow path,
Leads to the land of Gods.
Where clock doesn't race,
Men walk at leisurely pace..
674 · May 2016
Quote 2
Viji Suresh May 2016
Insomnia: a rejection of a proposition between eyes and brain,  if otherwise may have ended up curled in bed sleeping together.
669 · May 2016
Rain dance
Viji Suresh May 2016
I heard you quite clear, through the dark curtains,
Through the windows slamming,
Through the storm, thunder and whistling winds,
I heard you quite clear whispering my name...

I stepped down those stairs,
The wooden steps creaking your name,
I stepped on the rug,
Soft and firm like your hold...

Stepped out in the rain,
Hands stretched, drenched,
The fat rain drops, dropped unguarded,
Eyes closed, I rain danced...

Music surrounded the insides of me,
I danced slow, soul free,
Your whisper, I heard quite clear,
This time very near to my ear...

Will you leave, if I open my eyes?
Will you stay, if I promise not to sway?
Will you hold me, the way rain clings to me?
Will you kiss me, hard, deep, fierce and free?
668 · May 2016
Insane love
Viji Suresh May 2016
Sometimes I wanna wear you like a cloak,
Hugging tight,  as if I am cold...
Sometimes I wanna hang you on a rack,
Feeling sweaty and need some air..

At times I feel you are sweet,
And my diabetes  makes me wanna eat,
At times, you are a hot 'cross' bun,
I silently drop you till someone takes the brunt.

There are times,  you make me feel mushy,  tear some,
And at times,  you make me worrisome,
Yet few times,  I feel like kidnapping you and demand a ransom.
Other times, I wanna a hold on to you and pay lump sum.

It will all be over this lifetime,
So let's do some over time...
Let us laugh, fight, **** and like
Like today is the last day left, of our lives.
Viji Suresh May 2016
There are words unspoken within my heart,
Can you hear their whispers through the dark?
A song so soft you often miss to listen,
A song so fresh within your heart's reason...

It blooms as your thoughts strides,
Wafts like a fragrance undenied...
I am as easy as a baby's breath,
As cool as mountain's breeze.

Like the dawn that eats up the darkness,
Like the dusk that blankets the brightness,
Like the gentle sweep of the sky and sea,
You spread through the insides of me...

Like the shore that lays next to sea,
Like the breeze that sways the trees,
Like the feather that glides smooth,
My thoughts are here to stay with you...
632 · May 2016
Our union
Viji Suresh May 2016
The stone was cast intending a wrath,
But the ripple was musical and perfect art
Feelings tiptoed inside my heart...
Svelte like a ballerina's stretched arch...
The breath wispy tickled wicked
The lips feathery hurriedly flitted
My eyes closed while you left hot trails,
Your fingers coarse marking my skin bright...

When your head rested on the curve of my *******
My heart beat hummed in unison with your breath
The heat bunched and pooled inside me
Your fingers tracing mine slowly...

The butterfly kisses you placed quick,
My unadorned neck glistened with your lazy licks,
The moans torn from inside wild
Resounding our union, an unrestrained tide...
592 · Sep 2016
Viji Suresh Sep 2016
Dreams keep me awake;
When my eyes slowly shut...
You stole your way in,
Swimming the tears,                
Holding the eye ridge,
You peeped in to your reflection...
Your reflection, peeped in to its,
Another you,  another reflection,                               Another you,  another reflection,
Another you,  another reflection,
You stole your way in...  
As my eye lashes shut down..
You were trapped a thousand times..
Dreams after dreams,
And now....
A thousand dream keeps us awake...
581 · Jun 2016
Viji Suresh Jun 2016
It was good to be quiet,

Let mind fly,

Those narrow paths in the wild...

It felt good to be withdrawn,

Let thoughts fly,

Unreachable heights...

It feels good to feel detached,

Dwell deeper inside,

Guided by the soul to safer plains...

You are alive, you are dead,

I feel the loss,

Worship the treasure you left...

My days I spend thinking of the wealth,

I live, I lost,

Few battles, few titles...

What I never owned,

I can never,

But, guard it like a owner in a secret tower...

It is good to be quite,

Lost in the silence,

My reminiscences heard within me...

It feels good to feel,

the pain withdrawn,

From a wound that doesn't exist anymore...

It feels good to see the lives,

From the footprints, sprang alive

The lives torn from inside.... 

fresh at times, crushed sometimes,

But rising up every time with vigour and power...

I promise to be the land,

When crushed, hold and comfort,

When sprung alive, to look and smile...

It is good to be quite,

Lost in the silence,

My reminiscences heard within me...
522 · May 2016
Quote 4
Viji Suresh May 2016
Quietness: A state of appearing tranquil, when mind is too tired/exasperated/angry. But, which generate gentle ripples that is kept alive through out this state of mind and ready to blow wildely at the slightest provocation.
Viji Suresh May 2016
This beautiful night, dark with drizzle,
My lines you stole, started to whistle,
The wordless song fresh and tuned,
The music in air stopped then resumed...

My foot inside your foot prints,
I would take a million tiny steps,
Enveloped in the breeze that embraced you,
Eyes closed, pure and secure...
434 · Jul 2020
A chronic insomniac
Viji Suresh Jul 2020
The sleepless nights I had then,
I had something to dream about,
Hope waiting at the end of the tunnel,
The life I loved, waiting out there to live.

I had known, it won't last,
It cannot be forever,
Yet, I hoped my hope won't desert,
Now that it did, I stopped to think.

The sleepless nights I have now,
I have nothing to dream about,
Hope forlorn, no light in vicinity,
My life I lead, hollow and ridden of life.
425 · May 2016
Quote 1
Viji Suresh May 2016
Sweetest of chocolates leave a trace we want to rinse off...
391 · May 2016
Quote 5
Viji Suresh May 2016
Death: A restful sleep, when you don't bother to get up.
361 · May 2016
Quote 3
Viji Suresh May 2016
Nature: The wildest, beautiful, difficult to create by man phenomenon.  Even a tiniest embryo study when penned down, might result in a book as big as a t-rex.
Viji Suresh May 2016
I wanted to sleep with out a hitch,
no sound, no complaints or a twitch.
Closed my eyes and about to drift
heard my window clanged with a stick.
Cursing god for not giving an ear lid
went about clearing with a mop stick.

Settling down to sleep light,  if not sound
wishing my sanity stays around,
a Cat's mew, woke me this time...
muffled voices adding to the strain.
Sure something gone amiss
woke again to see what it is?
The kitchen sink full of foam,
The cat mewing undertone.
Poor cat frightened and soggy
holding for it's dear life weary.

Counted to ten and went back to my pen
wide awake and at my wit's end.
I prayed,  for a little quiet,
some silent moments out of riots...
If I do not find some little peace here,
I will lose my mind for sure.

There came the reason for all this pain,
looking like an angel with no complaints,
wobbly lips and cherubic smile,
walked with his cat leaving a trail.
felt like thrashing him with a pole,
but laughed and laughed till my throat turned sore.

A sorry etched all over his face,
And not sure how to plead his case,
looked at me with looks forlorn,
I shook my head for invisible horns
He with his teddy and me with my pillow,
A perfect combo not in need of a trio,
We started to laugh and hugged each other,
End of story between a son and his mother.
340 · May 2016
Quote 7
Viji Suresh May 2016
Hurt is rhyming to Heart, and love is no were near that.
339 · May 2016
Broken song
Viji Suresh May 2016
Every word you spoke once,
Echoed in 'my voice', dull and spent..
The empty lines of a love song,
Sung plain and painfully long...

The sparkle in your eyes slowly died,
I did try to revive, with all my might...
Yet slowly it died...embers dying..
Yet slowly it died....ashes flying...

If there is a way, to match your stride,
If there is a chance to see our love alive,
If it is possible to revive the song,
If it is possible to reignite the calm...

I refuse to give in this time..
Choosing to walk away with memories unkind.
*Let me remain a soul that failed,
To patch the broken song alive....
321 · May 2018
Those whispers in my ears
Viji Suresh May 2018
I hear those whispers in my ears,
Just like the flutters of a butterfly,
The words that I want to hear,
The words that's lost somewhere,
Like a fine song that leaves the flute,
I strain to hear the tunes of wild,
The bamboo calling out for me to try,
I closed my eyes anticipating the shrill cry,
My lips circled and blew the tune,
Started not right, but there was a music..
Music that followed the sway of trees,
A song that embraced the whole outdoor,
It wasn't my worry if my tunes were wrong,
There was no one to listen to this particular song.
I knew then I should take the steps alone,
My ears tuned to hear those little whispers,
Let me make a song from what I heard and what got lost somewhere,
The filled blanks are my emotions,
When I played them in my flute,
It got better and better..
Even the lost song is for a better tide...
303 · May 2016
Kissing your footprints
Viji Suresh May 2016
Closing my eyes,
I feel every step,
Firm yet gentle
Marking my thoughts.

I retraced those steps
A circle where your little finger pressed,
I kissed the footprint and laid my face,
Careful not to disturb the lines I traced.

My breath warm,  
moist with tears
The sobs silent
For anyone to hear.

I wish for those hands to reach out to me,
I wish for those lips to tantalize me
I wish to have you close to me,
I wish you to be happy,  alongside me.
291 · May 2016
Dreamy delights
Viji Suresh May 2016
Looking at my toes stepping up and down,
Music set, my blood to flow without a frown,
Veins jumped and practiced every move,
Your words, set the rhythm of my life anew.

Solitary walks accompanied by your thoughts,
Smiling, the blush lost on those tanned spots,
The Sun seemed today very bright,
I saw a smile running splitting its sides.

Those fevered moments, I breathe on your neck,
Your arms circling, allowing me to rest.
Your hands combing at my loose strands,
I looked up to your eyes, your smile enchants.

The waves crashed with such a force,
The boats bobbling near the shore.
Fishermen pulled the nets full of their finds,
Children picking an odd shell of it kinds...

Your hands spanning, testing every pore,
Your head dipped thirsty, asking for more.
Your heated breath brushing my face dry,
Your thirsty lips snaking out for a cool dive...
Viji Suresh May 2016
Dawned to me that the space is wide,
My words to you gets lost or hide,
I tried out loud, a way to make you say,
I trained my eyes to speak,
I tried every trick my heart defined,
The heaviness that settles inside mine,
Every time I leave, I wait in vain,
For your eyes to train on mine,
It's tough to be there, yet not...
It hurts to feel so much, yet stall...
I am alone with my thoughts,
As dew drops on a waxed rock,
Rolling down to meet your trade,
I float on your thoughts unperturbed...
Heavy wanting to sink; to immerse in you,
I am ready to dry into ashes,
Dissolve in you once forever,
But still afloat, nature's course...
If there's a way to make you sway,
If there's a way to cut into your thoughts,
If there's a way to make you say,
Aware it may not be per se.
261 · May 2016
It's you that I remember
Viji Suresh May 2016
Between the last conscious thought
Between those dissolved dreams,
It's you that I remember...
The dreams carry you awake,
The reality sinks in the myriad journey of dreams,
The yearnings propel with a force hard to contain...
The petty jealousy creeping everywhere,
I tried shedding and shrug it off,
It spreads through the dream,
And ends in reality,
When I wake to the sun,
I realise, the emotions all sprung,
Hard to shrug, I pleaded to God,
Let me sleep another hour,
Without the thoughts that plays havoc on my heart.
259 · May 2016
Lullaby to me
Viji Suresh May 2016
It's at the wink of the eyes,
The sleep sliped out,
Awake to the world,
To wander and to lose.

At the flutter of the eyes,
You tried to beckon,
The sleep lost,
With dreamy halves.

You tried to erase,
The deep marks etched,
You tried to shut,
The brunts thrown.

At the blink of your eye,
Slowly the sleep seeps in,
Asleep to the world,
Awake to your mind.
229 · May 2016
Viji Suresh May 2016
The shortest distance, I thought
Was between two hearts,
I only had to take a step,
And already there at your door step.

Several months,  your door shut,
I worked alone fearing distress...
Wearing a smile for the world to see,
Gripping the pain holding it within me.

You have your reasons for staying shut,
Not realising, you are inducing a cut,
I try to force myself closer,
You add more distance and walk further.

I am not used being without you,
I don't want to force more trouble on you,
I keep asking do I deserve this pain
But without you my life is vain...

I remain... Bearing pain..
Dawn or not,  I will remain,
Life or end,  I will continue,
Hoping your love will renew.

With love,

— The End —