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Moments like these,
When you're at peace,
No one else to see,
and our hearts are finally free,
When I lay on my bed listening to my cats purr, while petting his fur...

Moments like these,
When i hear the tune of a sweet melody ringing in my ears,
No one else to hear,
and i feel calm for once...

Moments like these,
When i lay in a dark room filled with silence,
No one else to see,
and a sound of a soft rain pellet crashing against the window.

Moments like these,
I cherish the time you see,
and when i feel good to be alone,
it's because i'm finally at peace.
Moments like these make me happy.
riccardo cravero Nov 2019
I know it's alright,
And everything
is going to be fine.
I know I am loved,
And I love too.
I know my life
Is almost easy now.
I know pain is gone,
I know I am stable,
I know I am strong.
I know who I am,
My little piece of world
Seems to me more stable
Than ever.
And it is.
Everything is so quiet.
I know what I am doing
And what I have done.
I even know what to do
In my future.
Good, good, so good.
No problems at all.
But I just want to sleep.
To keep this still calm outside
Inside me as well.
I want to make it mine.
And so I am quietly
Sitting on my bed now,
And I know all these things,
I know even more.
Everything is beautiful.
But please let me sleep now.
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
I quietly slide in my own skin
when my eagerness starts to grow
ok okay Jul 2018
Isolation and quietness are my two best friends
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
Isolation helps me think and comprehend reality
Isolation does not sleep and never decides to leave me
Isolation eliminates my pressures and anxieties
Isolation helps me relax and breathe
With isolation who needs real friends?
Quietness comes and goes but never decides to leave me
Quietness helps me sleep at night and stays with me till the morning
Quietness lets me focus and takes away my fears
Quietness is always trustworthy and is right around the corner
With quietness who needs real friends?
Isolation and quietness are always there for me
They never leave me
They don’t betray me
And they do not care
My two best friends never change and are always there for me
With isolation and quietness who needs real friends?
Second poem I wrote. Hope you guys liked :)
Oscar C May 2018
I befriended silence young,
hoping it would dissolve my sin,
like sugar on tongue.

Me and silence became the best of friends,
instead of friends I had silence to count on.
It was more reliable than people that depends.

I bit my tongue at every interaction,
kept my mouth closed,
because sometimes there was less of a reaction.

Silence spoke better for me,
unlike my peers I did not unleash my secrets,
keeping them locked away in my own personal sea.

But when people mistook my silence for submission,
Was when I started fighting with the quietness,
Silence no longer fit my position.
grace snoddy Dec 2017
a new beginning starts here.
when we let the absence of words
sink in our skin and flow through
the red and blue veins.
to let silence become apart of us as a whole.
and to be ridden of awkward
and gently colored with tranquility.
when we are consumed with the most
heavenly stillness,
we appreciate the things
that normally don’t come to eye.

a new beginning starts here.
an interconnection manifested in the
deficiency of conversation.
it is an ambience that is better than any
formulation of sentences,
and our unspoken vowels and consonants
playfully roll around
in the quiet rest of the atmosphere;
it speaks louder than your steady heartbeat
and collected breathing.
YH Sep 2017
But the most frightening thing is,
she is not afraid to turn her back around the world;
Shutting the universe out,
keeping herself in isolation.
She thinks it is the path to peace and quietness,
but instead,
it was an illusion to the void.
— Y.H.

gentle fervor.
Careful, dear.
It is very easy to trick oneself into paradise.

(c) Y.H.
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