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Maddie Rea May 2019
What fuels us is much different then what humans need. We need emotions, chemicals, and lust. Zero fuels Steven, Terry fuels Raven; always matching exactly the same but polar opposites not just inside but outside as well, where I am weak you are strong. My knight in dull armor, my prince without the charming, my king without his throne. I will become your throne I will learn you and teach you. Accept without judgement, love unconditionally for all of eternity, i is you is we. For every cut you receive the blood will come from me. Every victory you receive I will be there to claim you, my prize. For every drum of your heart blood courses through me every jump you take I will falter so you come across unscathed. Every push you encounter I will pull you the right way. My perfectly imperfect, my unflawed mistake. My solid ocean your grassy plains with wheat whipping in the wind. When you’re my yellow eyes demon; when black runs your veins I can still see the love buried in your soul for me. In this life and every other you will always be my eternal fire driving me through in my darkest nightmares, the light at the end of my darkest paths, the one to always catch me diving off this cliff , to hold me when I am at my most evil. The angel to my fallen.
eva-mae coffey Oct 2018
from a mile away
i could love you
in the distance
a soft focus version
of your harsh being.

from across the road
or down the stream
i could love you
cry you a river of
romance, to match
the momentum of
your fist.

from down the stream
i could love you
run away from you
as fast as the current
flows, fast enough to dry
the blood sweat and tears
you have caused me.

from the fire escape of a
city i could love you
but you're the fire that I
am always within an inch
of, the cigarette burns on my stomach
prove it.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
She’s so cute I wanna eat her face,
like I’m high on bath salts,
she’s vegan,
but takes my tongue like a cannibal,

eat your hearts out Haters,
cut my ear off and send it to her like Van Gogh,
ear off a part of the big picture,
or rather painting we’re painting she gets the first stroke,
we’re wild like animals untamable all in all the time,
into the deep end head first Geronimo cannonball,
Black Swan dive she’s gone alive,
the Pied Piper the Eyed Viper the venom & the antidote,

and I quote a quote I wrote myself,
“She’s the answer to my prayers”, the reason and the hope,

she’s the answer to my prayers,
and I don’t even pray,
okay actually on the low I do pray,
and I’ve seen a lot of amazing things but I’m still amazed,

I’m amazed,
and tomorrow isn’t promised today,
and tomorrow never comes,
but she comes and when she does she comes in waves,

I’m in a daze,
honey glazed and lovely crazed,
my bed’s a mess haven’t made it in days,
bed’s a mess but when we’re together we’ve got it made,

so perfectly misbehaved it’s insane,

lost myself then found my self all up in her maze,
and usually I’m not religious,
but she’s so delicious I must say,
thank you Lord or God Amen to her I give all thanks & praise,

and she’s so cute I wanna eat her face,
like I’m high on bath salts,
she’s vegan,
but takes my tongue like a cannibal…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

Venice, California; 2018
Viji Suresh May 2016
I hold my heart to you baby,
Fill it up to the brim,
Fill it raw
Fill it fast
Don't worry that it might drop,
Fill it with whispers of sweet nothings,
Fill it with out any trimmings...

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim...
I wanna dance to those gentle whispers
I wanna a swirl and drink the love,
Wanna feel heady, drunk to my soul

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim,
Come closer, hold me tight
When love gently spills,
Toast it with delight...

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim,
I won't ask you obvious questions,
I won't demand for a reply,
I stretch my heart to you...
Fill it with love,
Fill it with a song,
I will slurp with joy...

Lemme promise that I will share,
The love you filled with so much care,
Let's share a sip between us,
Let's toast for love and trust...

So, pour some more love to my heart baby,
I will top it up with mine,
Let it overflow and flood my veins,
I wanna feel love travel to my brain,
I wanna feel love soften my eyes,
I want you to see, your love reflect in mine...

Fill my
Fill it up to the brim...
Fill it raw
Fill it fast
Don't worry that it might drop,
Fill it with whispers of sweet nothings,
Fill it with out any trimmings...
Ismahanwrites Apr 2016
I was a Heavy heart who couldn't carry the blame of your mistakes of becoming the man you said you wouldn't be.

Becoming a Mans shadow was one mistake we all have done. Loving ourselves and appreciating Our women power is amazing it's a bliss don't let no man bring your hopes for love down.
Grazilla Paulac Feb 2016
Is it weird that first time meeting him, I see myself growing old with him?
Is it weird that I wanna be the sandwich he's eating right now?
Is it weird that I can't think straight when he's smirking?
Is it weird that his smell before shower is my favorite scent in the world?
Is it weird that I'm still having a crush on him even after a bad haircut?
Is weird that he can change my mood from ***** to puppy?
Is weird that laying on his chest is better than on my bed?
Is it weird that even after life, I would still choose him?
Is it weird that I'm writing a poem about him?
shooshu Jan 2016
"forever spun-out
to the downplay of
playing truant.
all for a taste
of the rush
of us."
Cíara McNamara May 2015
Write me a love poem
and we will see who has the last laugh -

A kiss with a fist sweetheart
a lovers pun.
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