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Viji Suresh May 2016
God: Something everyone ponders. For the theist "what if he doesn't exist?" and to an atheist, "what if he does exist?"
Bonswan Mar 2016
Who is this man? With hurt in his hands
Fallen on one knee; a vassal of Your command

“I’ve searched O’ Heart of Hearts! Yet still I found no Lord”
On a silent night
I shout in nullity
Perched fore Heav’nly Body
That makes me feel adored

In quiet genuflection
Near a Sea of Stars
I hear the waves thrashing

I listen to the Universe roar

Granted what light th’ occupied Galaxies could afford
Hark! I do declare, Serene Silence said,

“A faithful servant of Tranquility lives by his own accord”

With a new boldness and candor repose
I watched mediocrity shrink
and my love for life grow

I have heard a new Lord
The One left neglected
The One we ignored
We are One Body interconnected
Diffr’nt notes of the same chord

*The people long for heaven
but life is our reward
Àŧùl Jan 2016
People consider me atheist,
But I am agnostic deep inside,
I recognize an unearthly power,
One that works at unearthly hour.
My HP Poem #985
©Atul Kaushal
wraiths Aug 2015
i think
there must
be a god
because he
gave me
but there
must also
be a devil
because he
took you
Jacey Scheffel Mar 2015
Why say Greek Gods are fake
and Buddha artificial.
The only thing that is synthetic
is the church on its own.
Using money to help the snobs
than the mother's all alone.
Everybody has different,
interpretations about how this god should be worshipped.
It's still a god, with different names, with different ways of life.
Why hate?
What if one creator is the answer,
but different forms he made.
To reach out to the diversity of the humans that remain, but what if it's not one place after death, or a harsh judgement day.
Just all the afterlives living in harmony,
like the we try to live today.
But instead like Sunis and Shiites same beliefs, but different views,
we argue till the death of thousands,
till the deaths of me and you.
Everyone is looking for one thing: happiness after death.
Much like the perfection you search for before you take your last breath.
The body you always wanted, the grades you try to reach, the soul mate you would **** for just to finally meet.
One goal for all, but many different ways to reach.
So if true in life, like the religions that are taught, might you just take a moment and give a second thought.
Nothing may exist, or something might be true, but in the end it just depends on you.
Stick within the boundaries of your mind, or go ahead and charge through.
It's better to be open in thought of all of this, instead of dying and not getting your last wish.
Brian Gibson Jun 2014
"Jesus Christ
show me a sign.
For your existence
is less apparent
than mine."

— The End —