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Viji Suresh Jul 2020
The sleepless nights I had then,
I had something to dream about,
Hope waiting at the end of the tunnel,
The life I loved, waiting out there to live.

I had known, it won't last,
It cannot be forever,
Yet, I hoped my hope won't desert,
Now that it did, I stopped to think.

The sleepless nights I have now,
I have nothing to dream about,
Hope forlorn, no light in vicinity,
My life I lead, hollow and ridden of life.
Viji Suresh May 2018
I hear those whispers in my ears,
Just like the flutters of a butterfly,
The words that I want to hear,
The words that's lost somewhere,
Like a fine song that leaves the flute,
I strain to hear the tunes of wild,
The bamboo calling out for me to try,
I closed my eyes anticipating the shrill cry,
My lips circled and blew the tune,
Started not right, but there was a music..
Music that followed the sway of trees,
A song that embraced the whole outdoor,
It wasn't my worry if my tunes were wrong,
There was no one to listen to this particular song.
I knew then I should take the steps alone,
My ears tuned to hear those little whispers,
Let me make a song from what I heard and what got lost somewhere,
The filled blanks are my emotions,
When I played them in my flute,
It got better and better..
Even the lost song is for a better tide...
Viji Suresh Sep 2016
Dreams keep me awake;
When my eyes slowly shut...
You stole your way in,
Swimming the tears,                
Holding the eye ridge,
You peeped in to your reflection...
Your reflection, peeped in to its,
Another you,  another reflection,                               Another you,  another reflection,
Another you,  another reflection,
You stole your way in...  
As my eye lashes shut down..
You were trapped a thousand times..
Dreams after dreams,
And now....
A thousand dream keeps us awake...
Viji Suresh Jun 2016
It was good to be quiet,

Let mind fly,

Those narrow paths in the wild...

It felt good to be withdrawn,

Let thoughts fly,

Unreachable heights...

It feels good to feel detached,

Dwell deeper inside,

Guided by the soul to safer plains...

You are alive, you are dead,

I feel the loss,

Worship the treasure you left...

My days I spend thinking of the wealth,

I live, I lost,

Few battles, few titles...

What I never owned,

I can never,

But, guard it like a owner in a secret tower...

It is good to be quite,

Lost in the silence,

My reminiscences heard within me...

It feels good to feel,

the pain withdrawn,

From a wound that doesn't exist anymore...

It feels good to see the lives,

From the footprints, sprang alive

The lives torn from inside.... 

fresh at times, crushed sometimes,

But rising up every time with vigour and power...

I promise to be the land,

When crushed, hold and comfort,

When sprung alive, to look and smile...

It is good to be quite,

Lost in the silence,

My reminiscences heard within me...
When you were old enough
You answered the call to serve
Many friends among you
Didn't have the nerve

Off to basic training
Learn to fight a war
Time to become a man
Off to a foreign shore

Battles you will face
Put your life on the line
Dying for your country
To you that would be fine

For our freedom
You paid with your life
Leaving your parents
Kids and a wife

Thank you for your sacrifice
A cost we cannot repay
Allow us to honor you
On this Memorial Day

Our Country
Forever in your debt
Promises that...
We will never forget
Viji Suresh May 2016
I heard you quite clear, through the dark curtains,
Through the windows slamming,
Through the storm, thunder and whistling winds,
I heard you quite clear whispering my name...

I stepped down those stairs,
The wooden steps creaking your name,
I stepped on the rug,
Soft and firm like your hold...

Stepped out in the rain,
Hands stretched, drenched,
The fat rain drops, dropped unguarded,
Eyes closed, I rain danced...

Music surrounded the insides of me,
I danced slow, soul free,
Your whisper, I heard quite clear,
This time very near to my ear...

Will you leave, if I open my eyes?
Will you stay, if I promise not to sway?
Will you hold me, the way rain clings to me?
Will you kiss me, hard, deep, fierce and free?
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