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Nylee Feb 2020
It is the sleepless nights
You are most alive
With every thought,
the sleep loses
And time goes by
And the next thing you see
The bright sky
The sun smiling at your face
and yawn on its way.
Bhill Aug 2019
As the sun rises over the tops of the trees
It appears to be yawning
Yawning and stretching out it's beaming arms
Stretching out to share the warmth and love
The warmth and love that is needed by everyone, every day
Everyone that is ready for what the new day will bring...
Do you feel it?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 202
Mornings can be the BEST time of the day.
Are you a morning person?
Jonathan Surname Oct 2018
Can't write a poem right now.
Can't figure out the sound,
or how the rest of this should look.
My phrasings are obvious most times,
and don't get me started on my slant rhymes.
So what do I have, as a writer, to offer the betters of my peers?
Quiet conversation,
loud argumentation,
fingertips clacking mechanics and a penchant to steer
myself across the happy, golden union.

I sometimes forget the only thing holding me down is the force
of something much larger than I.
It's the firing pistons alive in the mind behind both of my
grey-blue faltering like the autumn to the winter eyes.
my eyes looked okay today
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
I miss you painfully,
I miss your smile dearly.
I miss your funny frown,
And your crazy yawn.
I miss the way you sat huddled in a chair when you were sad,
Or how you pulled your hair when you were mad.
I miss all our little moments,
Sprinkled with torments,
But oozing with excitement.
You are engraved in my heart,
You are etched in my thoughts.
You are the blood that flows in my veins,
The supply of oxygen in my brain.
I wake up missing you,
I go to sleep missing you,
Every second I miss you.
To forget you is like I stop breathing,
My heart stops beating.
Or I become another me,
From missing you I can be free.
My life has been in chaos since you left me.I am trying to rebuild myself.
Lynnia Jul 2018
Contagious Yawning
Starts with one, soon everyone
Yawns contagiously.
I yawned 3 times while typing this.
ConnectHook Mar 2017
dark ages and the death
of poetry
now here

arise  poets

spark burning lines
arson the fake prez Fuhrer
all his followers

(how original)

don't forget the weird
line breaks        and
       / spacing / /  

refuse punctuation
no caps ever
yet another
lame lib lefty

Did I neglect to mention
evil orange fascist not-my-president ?
Trump is sooo fascist,  maaaaaaannnn...
Julie Grenness Feb 2017
What bores you?
Do you accept BS too?
Yawn! Can't you get anyone better, grot,
Whining is so tiring, boring, I've got
so 'over' your whinging, you see,
I'm sure you can get someone better than me!
Feedback welcome.
Goodnight world.
Its been a long day.
I felt like ****
I had at least 5 headaches
Took 4 pills today
And drank 6 glasses of water.
But now its time to rest.
And to think.
Think about the girl i crush on
Think about the new school year
And what the **** im doing tomorrow
Its a goodnight from me
Good old b.d
I cant wait to stress about the littlest things tomorow.
But thats tomorrow.
But if one things for sure
*you can bet your *** im sleeping in
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