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Ogo Uche Jul 18
She lived as she could
Like a human should
Love, trust, care
Was given, also received
Her strength like no other
My precious intense bolder
Your grace was unbounding
Your peace was almost sickening
Her living inspired
All that was near and far
Your food the greatest
Your love the best
Though she fell on death’s bed
She fought for life’s shed
The pain she could no longer withstand
She saw the hand stretched
For the sake of our love
She followed the one from heaven above
A many tears given
From the me that was left behind
My love. Missing you everyday
Has made me live in my yesterday
I will relinquish these feelings
To us, that is most appealing
So for now we will part
For us to meet in time at God’s path
Be forever remembered
In lightened embers
From all memories rendered
Thank you, for loving me
As I did you.
remembering is painful.
Deep Jul 8
Browsing through the gallary of my phone
I found none solo photo of him,
Never said I, "Father I want to click your photo, look here"
Now, he is gone
And I have started forgetting how he looked.
Deep Feb 3
stars went
where you are
now, in that darkness
where Sun does not shine.
Brevity of rot in wheeling
Memory and thought and feeling
Deviation from direction
Trajectory is shot and keeling

alleviation from all reflection
obfuscation of my projection
something leaks from my skull
flirtation with my own defection

thrumming bleats, a searching squall
for refunding or reaping or any recall
of memory or thought or feeling
Hunting weakly then withdrawal

Entropy is not appealing
Elegies a clot to dealing
Dedication to direction
Empathy without the healing
Alexander Foe Dec 2021
You came down like a gleaming sunbeam
One that gave me hope
I stared at the You the whole day
Waiting for Your call

Each time it turned a different hue
I grew sicklier and starved
Step by step I was edging
Closer to the cliff

You left me hanging
But also scared that
You would stamp on my hand
And leave me to my misery

Surely you won't dare?

But now retrospectively I see
Clearer than any brighter day
How things turn out to be
And I fall down the pit to eternity

Now I catch the words as they fall
Out from my mind into these
Words that I cannot appreciate
Until it is all over
Jason Nwaeze Jun 2021
If you were to go
Like those of the old

I would surely long for that touch
Which was lost

The eternal pain of you no more
Would fill my heart with thorns

If you were to go
You would want me to continue conquering my foes

Your wish is my command
But I cannot erase all the memories from the past with my hand

Your breath will make me long for you
But I must let go and carry on with my bow

If you were to go
I’d long to go with you.

IG: @Jacey7n
ryn Apr 2021
take me into
the darkest recesses
of my existence


stoke the cold flames
of this night’s elegy -
that burns
flickerless and black.

Anita Mar 2021
Do not call my father the dying man,
for his weakness' are not his failure but virtue and a testament of his character.

Do not call my father the dying man,
for while his breathing is labored, every breath is taken with valor and inner strength

Do not call my father the dying man,
for while his eyes are glazed, his heart remains true, his mind unbroken

Do not call my father the dying man,
for while his fingers tremble, and his body is frail; his spirit speaks volumes

Do not call my father the dying man,
for while he is sick, he is no burden, no shameful person

Do not call our father the dead man,
for he always lives within our thoughts,
The memories, the dreams, and the questions that will never be answered.
Phillip Feb 2021
The seventh day was over long ago,
Time decays and things grow old,
You are gone, the Earth has you now,
And yet I still find you somehow.

Where you once sat, a shade appears,
Where you once laughed, an echo rings,
Where we once danced, your touch grows near,
Where we once slept, my body stings,

I can still feel you in my heart,
And it feels that we’re not apart,
Why would you leave me behind here,
Alone on this accursed sphere.

You were the brightest of my day,
You were the stars of my dark night,
We were happy, just this past May,
We shone with joy, that gleaming light.

She holds you now, in her embrace.
Is it cold, under nature's grace?
I am old, she will hold me soon.
Make sure to wait for my own doom.
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