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ms reluctance Apr 2019
He saw her when he opened the door,
motionless, spread-eagled on the floor.
For a second, he lost his head
and thought she lay there dead
only to chuckle when he heard a snore.
NaPoWriMo Day 25
Poetry form: Limerick
Simon Soane Aug 2018
I can still hear your loud sleeping noise through the door,
if I was being abrupt
I'd say it's a snore.
But it isn't that obtrusive to me,
it's part of your calling card
as far as I can see;
a breathless wonder
found easy
in the dark,
always hooting every gurgle;
my love,
my brightest spark.
Lemon boy May 2018
We call sometimes
Late at night under the moon light
We go to sleep, our smiles wide
I grin and laugh and giggle some more
His voice sleepy, he's starting to snore
I love him
He loves me
And sometimes when we call
I understand why we were ment to be
Oh boy. I haven't posted anything in a while.  But heres a little poem I wrote in a few minutes because I'm happy :)
DancingEntWrites Mar 2018
Your breath
Fills my heart
With happiness

I'm just lying here listening
To it enter and leave your chest
Fantasizing about the days we have
The days we have to look forward to
The future that I want to build with you

You inspire me in so many ways
To love you better, harder, fuller
To rise to my potential every day
With every snore my heart flutters

You're a twitcher, too
Which makes me giggle
I often wonder what you're dreaming about
If we are hiking and you have tripped
If Bones has crawled under your legs
If Tucker has jumped on you again
If your brother has tackled you to wrestle
If you just dropped the weights at the gym

And I'm writing this now as you sleep
My arm tingling, about to join you
But I can't snooze
Thinking about the luck I have come upon
To be buried under the weight of your arm
As you're hogging the bed
Not realizing, just trying to get close to me

Lucky to have someone so in love
My arm is legitimately falling asleep. My pinky is tingling.
Simon Soane Sep 2017
Your snore
does not allure
it's clattering cronk drives me mad,
every molecule of it forces me to sad,
I hate it when I think you've stopped and there's
a lull in the house of pain
but then it spluters back into life and invades my space again;
it's obtrusive to my slumber,  it disturbs my beauty sleep,
I try to hold back tears
but I can't help but wheep,
I have no recourse but to nudge you to try and stop the daemon howl,
I need to quell misery's guttural and halt this Hellish growl,
you startle and sit up but soon settle back into the cries of doom: the minions of Belzubub chanting about gloom.
But despite the fact that when you rest you chudder
as a foghorn lacking charms
I am glad when my eyes open I'm near to your arms,
because although you gurgle with terror
and blast a Witchfinder General coo
I'm always pretty happy when I awake with you.
Viji Suresh May 2016
A log cabin, I'd built for myself,
A make shift swing waiting to engulf,
I would like to wake up to my snore,
Only to snuggle deeper under my pillow...

Steaming mug of Coffee in hand,
Favourite books at the side stand,
A barbecue grill by the banks of the river,
With only few birds to share the pleasure...

Though time is frozen in this land,
It should be racing at the land of despair...
I wake up to the sound of alarm,
In a clumsy hole called my home.
SassyJ Mar 2016
My feet are so cold to lay on yours
Your hands busy chasing my curves
Paddled in cuddles, pebbles carved
Doodles dwindles all over my body

Tinkering hands as they reach a ******
Ripples twisting blossoming bosoms
Rage the sleeping animated power
Break your wings as the rod erects

Alas! The touch disappears in thin air
Feet warmed in the damning chamber
The perpendicular collapses in angle
Sailed to dally in uncensored snores

— The End —