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Jul 2019 · 260
Dredd Jul 2019
It is hard to create new paths
when the old ways are ingrained.

To your heart.
To your soul.
To your brain.

Openness and Love Can mould that concrete into clay.
Towards understanding
and no pain.

Nothing should ever be a certain path.
You should always be ready for a new change.

And Only Then.
Will compassion elate.

Jul 2019 · 345
Dredd Jul 2019
There's a piece missing that I can't seem to find it.
I don't seem to care.
I don't want to try.
That doesn't seem right.

I don't seem to feel.
It feels like charades.
Are they even mine.
Those feelings inside.

I look in time.
Is it too late to try
to find that piece
that is missing inside?

Just feeling a little lost and empty
Apr 2019 · 955
You are only human
Dredd Apr 2019
You can't love somebody you don't know.

I can't love myself because I don't fully accept myself.
I don't know myself.
I don't accept my own image.
I don't accept some of my actions.

I put up a front.
I pretend to not care but inside I feel.
I hold onto stupid things.

I want to accept myself.
I want to forgive myself.
I want to learn from myself.
From my past self to my present self in order to become a better human being.

I want to love myself.
I need to love myself.

I will love myself.
Mar 2019 · 765
One way conversation
Dredd Mar 2019
you are and can only be the ear in this relationship.
i can open and close but you cannot deflect.
you absorb all the sound,
letting it resonate throughout your body
but your soul cannot reciprocate.

the mirror seems to reflect itself.
enjoying its company
as the ear absorbs the vibrations, it feels every hurt and every sadness that has been projected by the mouth.
but you cannot speak.

always one way.
always one direction.
self indulgence.

not this time.

Feb 2019 · 425
Dredd Feb 2019
using emotion as bait
to reel and reap
for their selfish rewards
not thinking about the cost
of toying with someone's feelings.
Feb 2019 · 333
Dredd Feb 2019
all the things that you
say stick to my mind
and you don't even realise it.
i wasn't acting maternal i was jealous
i was asking if you're comfortable because
i care
not just care but love.
i would ask about your past
because i am invested.
on the other hand
did you ever feel this?

i need to stop
feeding my fantasy
with false reality.
Jan 2019 · 243
Dredd Jan 2019
the uncertainty drives my sanity insane

physically numb

mentally repressed

spiritually tangled.

press on

continue with hope

hopefully it works out,


Jan 2019 · 3.8k
Dredd Jan 2019
it's hard
when you have all the tools and knowledge to improve your life but the only missing ingredients are motivation and consistency.

Jan 2019 · 345
Dec 2018 · 429
Dec 2018 · 312
2am thoughts
Dredd Dec 2018
who do i talk to at 2:17 in the morning?
my mom?
my dad?
my brother?
my sister?
her girlfriend?
my good friends?
the moon?

don't talk.


slowly you'll hear a faint sound.
it'll gradually become louder and clear.
you'll hear yourself begging and crying for you
to listen
you'll understand. or not.

-Internal conversations

Dec 2018 · 339
Dredd Dec 2018
are you actually laughing?
did you fall of your seat because it was that funny?

or was it just a silent filler,
filling those awkward pauses just so you can start another conversation.

was it just an automatic response that doesn't have real meaning?
did it make you LOL
or ROFL?

i didn't think so.
it wasn't that funny.

Dec 2018 · 365
Dec 2018 · 473
Dredd Dec 2018
you intrigue me yet
you scare me
you are a mystery and
it intices me but
everytime i look at you
i feel unsure
like you are playing with me.

i feel like i am going back to that state of uncertainty
but i have learned my lesson.

my mind can play tricks on me.
my heart can learn the rules but
my soul ultimately tells
me when to stop playing the game.

Dec 2018 · 369
Dredd Dec 2018
you are a distraction.
not just a normal distraction but a soul crushing, joyful yet disappointing distraction.
your smile hides a thousand lies.
your eyes cloud my immidiate thoughts.
your presence bring laughter and it brings tears to my eyes - not the good ones.
you are a distraction.

-an unhealthy one i might add.

Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Thank u, next
Dredd Dec 2018
i have taken your feelings into consideration
.. oh wait
.. oops
.. sorry
.. nah
i gotta take my feelings
into consideration

-thank u,next

Dec 2018 · 675
Dredd Dec 2018
is my heart that desperate
that it fills its void with boys when only a man can fulfil it.

Dec 2018 · 345
Dec 2018 · 810
Dredd Dec 2018
i have always had this worry that i could be missing the great things that i could be doing with my soulmate.
how if i don't find this person, time will be taken away from us.
but then i realise that once you find that person

time stops.

only the two of you can
glide through time or
relax through time,
enjoy through time because it doesn't matter how long you have been with that person.
it's the quality of the moments that you will remember and cherish the most with one another.

Wondering and worrying when my soulmate will ever come.
Dec 2018 · 944
Dredd Dec 2018
i am tired of being the passenger in my life
watching it happen while not being present.

i want to steer my own destiny towards a happier and blissful place.

taking action instead of waiting for nothing to happen
waiting and waiting
then complaining
why nothing is right.

you do not wait.
you should not wait.
you should take action.

Just sitting alone, thinking about how life is dictated to you. No self expression. Should always follow the norm. I am tired. I want to be me. I want to explore how I want to. Be who I want to. Do what I have to do!
Dec 2018 · 252
Dredd Dec 2018
you were lying beside me
inches away
but like a priceless artefact
you can't touch
just gaze
from far away


— The End —