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It was the best day!
Now, this euphoric moment.
A day spent with You.
There's a nail half in the wood.. Someone is trying to get you to hit it in  for there amusement
It's quite a easy answer! No! Because I don't have a hammer...
But what happens when you do have a hammer do you knock it in to find out what happens or do you stick to your original plan.. There are to many unwanted tools in the world now and if you don't have them you wont use them x
Blt yesterday's challenge bit slow
Chandler M Jan 20
Express gratitude
With one another
Or offend
In a distant land
Accuse someone
Of stealing a fortune
Combine with the thumb
To showcase another’s misfortune
Or greet
With a fleshy gun sign
Offend quickly
Minimal effort required
Showcase your anger
While hurting another
Who’s gonna stop you?
Useless alone
Practical with others
Only has value
When combined with jewels
Use to start new life
Or end one
Hospitality and courtesy
Aside from those
Small in stature
Still like all the others
Use to show commitment
Accompanied by a promise
Broken like bones
Who came up with this?
I’m giving you just the tools to break me

Do it

I Dare You
Bhill Jul 2019
Reflections can be seen in our everyday lives
They stare, they ingnore, they reflect
They appear to be in the opposite world
Reflections are looking back at you
Reflections are creating another balance of what is there
Is the reflection you see real
The mirror, the lake, the mist, the camera, your eyes
These are the tools of reflection capture
Are they to be trusted...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 187
What do you see?
Dredd Jan 2019
it's hard
when you have all the tools and knowledge to improve your life but the only missing ingredients are motivation and consistency.

mae Nov 2018
He used me like a tool.
A hammer to slam,
And when his nail was in,
I was once again another tool in his toolbox.
Until he had a second nail to put in
and took me out to begin.
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
you got a new idea
you want to start a new project
what's holding you back?

you have all the resources you need
you don't know how to use it
what's the point?

you need to learn your tools
you need to know the potentials of it
the more you know, the better you will get
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