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Billie Marie Jan 2022
I have to turn away
from thoughts
of what I am not
to be
the living dream
of what I am.

See how this dream unfolds,
without your plans and figuring.
The sequences and cycles
and all the stops –
all Mother’s Play.

Fibonacci only saw it.
He, most certainly, did not make it.
How could he even know what it is?

Sacred Is.
We notice
when our eyes are cleared
of clouds and smoke.

If you believe the thought
about controlling God,
then you believe in your own death.

This Mother is out from under
that controlling thumb.
She is slowly standing up.
And, as she extends
to reach her fully glorified heights,
we fall into her grace.
And see what we had,
was not at all what we thought.

She has already prepared our home.
And thank The Lord!
The thoughts we had to plan
could never amount to much
of the mountainous Truth
Divine Mother shines out
for us to be.
Melissa Rose Aug 2021
You gave birth to me
yet I have never been born
I am alive
yet never taken a single breath

I have been caught up in currents of time
yet this moment remains eternally still
I have traveled miles across this land
yet never taken a single step

I have had infinite conversations
yet never spoken a word
embraced many loved ones
yet never touched a single soul

I have cried oceans of tears
desperately searching for love
blindly unaware what I was seeking
was looking through my eyes

I have grieved a magnitude of losses
yet lost nothing at all
felt desperately alone
yet everywhere I looked, there I was

countless lifetimes
incalculable deaths
I am billions of galaxies in the Cosmos
yet I remain infinite emptiness
Greyisntwell Jan 2021

You say we are the darkness
We just harness what you fear
The light is in our hearts
The dark is our favorite form of art
We chose this way
Because of how you condemned us
You'll never face your truth
That there's a bit inside of you too
In this world of make believe
We can be the villains you can blame
In the end I can see-
I can see the darkness inside of your eyes.
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
Who? Who?
Who the hell are you dude?
Looking in the mirror and it got me confused
I am your alter ego, you worthless fool
What's wrong, why are you here?
You need to listen to this, what I am about to share.
What are you trying to say, I can't understand it.
Why don't you just leave? I am turning to manic
What the hell is going on, I can't comprehend
He said
Why are you waiting? you have to go far
Why don't you just believe me and aim for stars
Dude, you are nothing just thought that pop
The road will be tough, you will get scars
He said that it's ok, you will be fine
Couple cuts and bruises you will be alright
You don't need anyone, I'm here by your side
Who the hell are you? telling me this why
I am the one, who don't want you to be ******
See yourself dude, don’t you feel pity?
No limit in the sky you can't fly
You got soul, you shouldn't quit
******* dude, you are just a lie
No man I am you, dude don't be shy
Walk off that door, have to pick up your fight
Have to do it now, you know time just flies
It's your choice, you need to make a call
Fight for yourself, it's ok even if you fall
You'll probably think I'm stupid, what I am looking for
Felt like hours before I finally reached the door
As I walked out of that door, mind full for fear
Legs were shivering, as I step down the stairs
My heart is ******* beating, thoughts were not clear
My stomach ******* turning, all I'm feeling was fear
Things started moving and the sun was shinning
Don't get yourself stuck here, see life's silver lining
These aren't mere words you won't know how it feels
But I hope you never do because I swear that it kills
Life leaves pains that are impossible to heal
But you have you, you are irreplaceable
Nicole Aug 2014
The love is lost
only hurt remains
at too high a cost
it drives you insane.
Your heart yearns for love
but all your mind holds is rage
and when push comes to shove
they're never on the same page.
Once you're together
that "love" has run dry
though you say forever
it's nothing but lies.
Yet as soon as he's gone
all you want is him back
you admit that you were wrong
then the process reenacts.
This is a rather old piece, probably written 4 years ago when I was still fighting myself and involved on and off romantically with my best friend. This pretty much explains how my mind seemed to think around the situation, despite the fact that I had realized that I do only like girls; I was fighting my own self and hurting him in the process.
Tenant Jun 2019
synthetic authenticity
plastic flowers shaped like roses.
   need to be philosophical objectifier.
an angelic being, or a hurtful sunflower
You will get neither.
Debanjana Saha Apr 2019
Find your circle
Fill the blank spaces
And the emptiness
Residing from within.

A circle of relationships
rooting out to grow
Which I lack indeed.

The sense of belongingness
Lacking to it's brim
with the empty spaces,
With nothing to be hidden
Nothing to be afraid of
Nor accepting
what's happening!

Carefully haunting you
every second of your life.
Only trying to understand
Whatever is true.

The facets keeps on fluctuating
Only You can fill up your core
From your entirety
consisting of the universe
And let it outshine to its core.

Create your circle
In which You and
Tiny imaginative creatures
Will accompany you
to find your hope of joy!
After a long time I have written a poetry, for few months I was realizing, no matter for how long I keep escaping from life, I have no option of hiding out, but to face it through. This poetry inspiring the self realization of my life.
She sat beside herself and asked,
“Do you know where this feeling’s from?”
Her self stared back at her, unmasked,
And wondered who she had become.

Who but herself could ever know,
These things she thought that she once knew?
“I barely know you now, and so,
When was the last time you were you?”

The two of them, just her and her,
Each tried her best to understand.
Her self said, “Why are you so sure
You’re not exactly who you planned?”

“I wanted to be you instead,
Before you filled me with regret.”
Her wounded self smiled back and said,
“Perhaps you haven’t been you yet.”
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Ruhani Jan 2019
If you think
that world needs us
to show our grit and guts
then my friend,
You are wrong.
It is always a journey
self within.
To decide,
if you wanna stay
or be gone.
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