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Äŧül Jul 13
Almost one inch inside the love-hole,
Located towards your tummy,
Is the very exciting ******,
Giving a feeling so very yummy,
We both'll love it, you'll love it more.
My HP Poem #1750
©Atul Kaushal
Steve Evans Jun 6
Why did I wait so long?
I saw you almost daily
Admired you from afar
Wanting to ask but timid and shy
Then you came!
Months wasted
So much love missed
When you came it was instant
From the first touch, kiss and embrace
And such wonderful, pure love
Your beautiful slim, lithe body like a Greek statue
Now we start to know each other the love grows more intense
Exploring experimenting
To bring pleasure each to the other
I looked for you my whole life
Why did it take so long
My whole body aches for you
Come, soothe my pain my love
Mon Reve, Mon Amour, Ma Vie
It was noon, sometime in mid-July;
Imagine the road, a twisting highway to my grave.
The bus, a roller coaster ride unhinged from the tracks.
Dodging missiles with headlights, horns rattling my nerves.
Just another three hours.

It was midnight, somewhere out at sea,
Somewhere in the universe, the Milky Way, another galaxy.
A shallow heartbeat, a distant echo of a Chinese Karaoke show, but all else was still.
The stars never seemed so vast, and I remembered that they were bigger than me,
I was just a speck.

It rained on the way back to ** Chi Minh,
The roads turned to rivers, the scooters grew ponchos; under them a family of three.
The city brought chaos; sad, tired faces, begging for one thousand ****; a cent.
The children danced in the downpour, jumping over sticks
Like hopscotch.

I thought of Ha Long Bay, just the night before,
I couldn’t hear the silence; I couldn’t see the stars; a dingy hostel ceiling, grumbling strangers snores.
I went to sleep dreaming of peaceful valleys, fresh spring waters, trees as far as the eye could see,
For tomorrow was a new day,
The next part of my journey.
Chloe Apr 3
September 3, 2013:
I really need to stop drinking because I always say and do things that I don’t really mean. I don’t really mean to do the things that I do, do I? Sometimes I don’t even know who I am.

September 5, 2013:
I saw a man today, he was wearing a grey suit with a red tie. He gave me pills, he said that they would help. I don’t know what they’re supposed to help with but I guess I’ll give them a try.

September 10, 2013:
These pills give me headaches. I don’t like them. They make thoughts really fuzzy. I’m going to see the man in the grey suit tomorrow. He said he wanted to check in with me. I hope he can fix this.

September 11, 2013:
The man in the grey suit told me the headaches are normal and that they should subside in a few days. I hope he’s right.

September 20, 2013:
I think the pills are working. I haven’t had a headache in a week, I don’t even feel fuzzy anymore. I think taking these were the right thing to do.

October 1, 2013:
I saw the man in the grey suit today, only today he was wearing a blue suit. A blue suit with a white tie. I finally asked him what his name was. He said that his name is Steven. He said that he wants to discontinue the pills. He thinks that they’re not right for me.
Steven is a nice name.

October 6, 2013:
I woke up covered in a sticky, red liquid. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t remember anything that happened last night. I think I need to visit Steven.

October 6, 2013:
Steven didn’t answer. I’ll try again tomorrow. I should clean up.

October 9, 2013:
I finally was able to talk to Steven. He asked me if I was drinking again. I haven’t had a drink in weeks. Now that I think about it... I never told him about that problem...

October 13, 2013:
I woke up with covered in a sticky, red liquid. There was a girl sitting at my kitchen table wearing a white dress and a trail of sticky, red liquid that lead from the girl to my front door. What a pretty girl. How did she get into my house?

October 21, 2013:
I haven’t been able to ahold of Steven for two weeks. I keep having dreams about the girl sitting at my kitchen table. She won’t stop screaming at me. She’s such a pretty girl.

October 25, 2013:
I need to stop drinking because I always say and do things that I don’t really mean.

October 30, 2013:
I woke up in a room today. A room with white walls and a white bed. I’m in clothes I’ve never seen before. I spoke to a man in a grey suit with a red tie. His name wasn’t Steven. He won’t tell me why I’m here. He told me that I should stop writing for a while.
I found this short story that I wrote when I was 18. I decided to modify it a little and share it. I think I want to start writing more poems and stories that have a creepy element to them. I’ve always been a lover of horror and I don’t know why I don’t write more things that are inspired by it. I think it’ll be a good change of pace compared to my more personal, emotional writing. Do any of you guys like to write creepy things? I would love some tips and critiques!
Beth Bayliss Mar 31
i have had these bedsheets for a solid four years
turquoise butterflies flit across a sky of white cotton
embroidering trails in their wake

i knew them well - the loose thread
that i definitely needed to fix
(that i was never going to fix),
the ink stain from a late night art project
that, in hindsight,
i probably should have been a bit more careful with

but now there’s you
lying sprawled across them
a new addition to this map that - until now - i knew so well
and suddenly everything changes
i am in uncharted, unfamiliar territory

but then again, i’ve always loved exploring
for h.s.
Francie Lynch Jan 18
Earth:   Three trillion trees.
Moon:   No cotton seeds.
Mars:    No face to feed.
Yet billions here seek shade.
There are more trees on earth than the combined number of stars in several galaxies.
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