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The Quickening
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

I never meant to love you
when I held you in my arms
promising you sagely
wise, noncommittal charms.

And I never meant to need you
when I touched your tender lips
with kisses that intrigued my own –
such kisses I had never known,
nor a heartbeat in my fingertips!

Keywords/Tags: love, quickening, lips, tender, kisses, intrigued, intriguing, heart, heartbeat, pulse, desire
Dredd Dec 2018
you intrigue me yet
you scare me
you are a mystery and
it intices me but
everytime i look at you
i feel unsure
like you are playing with me.

i feel like i am going back to that state of uncertainty
but i have learned my lesson.

my mind can play tricks on me.
my heart can learn the rules but
my soul ultimately tells
me when to stop playing the game.

nish Oct 2018
in a universe
full of drifting souls
you chose me,
the forgotten and abandoned

i warned you
all my pages were empty
but that didn’t deter you
in fact
you were more intrigued

and now i understand
it’s because
your pages were also blank

so we held hands
and scrawled our words
in writing that’s messy
only because there’s
so much to express
in so little time
and we just might forget
if it’s not written down

now my pages
they’re full
and yours are the same

two souls mingling
forgotten and abandoned
by all but eachother.
~ironic because i hate it when people write in my books
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018

I searched for your name
I searched for the famous
words of your own oppression
to learn a valuable lesson
of why you are yourself

I searched for your name
I searched for explanations
and recommendations of whom
you admire to know, whom you
aspire to be for yourself and others

I searched for your name
I searched. For what pertains
to a complicated mind
if I can't understand my own rhymes
for myself?

No. I searched for your breath
I searched for the air in your lungs,
the restless fuel waiting upon your tongue
so that I my breathe and feel
the reality that truly is surreal
in the brilliantly mind within you.

Another play on words...
Danielle L Cook Jul 2016
You intrigue me
With your ***** humor
And filthier mind
Look at the time
I should be in bed
But instead
I'm talking to you
With your *** soaked tongue
And your poems for fun
You intrigue me
I'm not getting enough attention
so I take it from where it comes
Both hands outstretched and
grasping at nothing
But it sure is fun
Anonymous Jul 2016
I see jellyfish in the ocean of your eyes
And I swear those translucent blue jellyfish
Are just the remains of your mesmerizing marble eyes
That shattered into pieces
The second your eyes first met sunlight
When I look at you I wonder
Where all those jellyfish are heading;
Spiraling down into the blackness of your pupil
And I wish I could join them,
I wish I could experience the rhythmic motion of comfort and solace
That your eyes provide just by looking at them,
But how much more would I feel
If I could lose myself in them?
Or maybe I'd be caught in the undercurrent of your thoughts,
Maybe you'd **** me in and I'd never want to leave the black bottom of the ocean in your eyes;
Maybe I'd fall in love with the secret places the jellyfish don't dare to go,
The things I wonder when I look at you,
So many thoughts flood my mind
When I trace my fingers across your lips
And stare at the beautiful jellyfish
That glimmer so brilliantly in the darkness and the light.
I wonder what I'd find down there,
But I think that's my favorite part about looking at you,
This is one thing I'll never really know;
I guess I'll just admire you from my boat,
And continue to be lost in the sea of your eyes
Admiring the translucent jellyfish from afar.
What if our brains are just huge memory cards?
What if the reason why you're forgetful is because it is deleting stuff to make up space for other stuff?
What if you're brainy and the reason why you're forgetful of memories and blissful times is because your brain deleted them to make up space for memorizing academic related things?
Isn't that just so sad?
Derek Leavitt Dec 2015
Her: What will you do next?...
Him: Oh, it's always the same ****** question,every time...
Her: What do you mean?
Him: Everybody's the same really... when you think about it... it's not about what your doing or going to do..... it's how you prepare..
Her: Prepare for what?.. exactly?
Him: Prepare weather or not to make the next decision on this journey you would call, life.. or leave it to fate.. if you believe in that sort of thing that is...
Her: And do you believe in 'fate'?...
Him: I suppose we are about to find out.
Fate... it's one hell of a risk. But ******* if it aint called for one great adventure.
JayceeJellies Jul 2015
Tears slip over my smile.
My eyes are stinging,
But I am happy.
I have him.
At least for a while.
This enthralling boy.
He catches my eye,
I want to talk to him,
All the time.
He is humorous,
But also serious at times.
He is so different from me.
It's somehow a great thing.
Everyday there is something new.
He's someone I want to fall into.
Embrace me, won't you?
..Engaging boy.
Kerri Jun 2015
Jumbled heart
euphoric glow
nirvana at it's finest
never letting go.
Intrigued by your story
fascinated by your hunger
enchanted by your gift
renewed by your wonder.
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