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Veritia Venandi Oct 2020
Beyond the realm of reality and at the doorstep of dreams...

There's a place...

It is where you will find me...

Sleepily awake!
Life seems to be continuation of reality and dreams... Each generating each other in return... Forming a self sustaining endless drama!

N yes I dwell in between the two... Most of the times!

Thank you for reading this! ❤
Ellis Reyes Feb 2020
Home is where your dog sleeps on the couch
Or on your bed
Or wherever he wants

Home is the smell of familiar foods
On predictable days
And the sounds of familiar snores
At predictable times

Home is where you can have pizza and a cookie
For breakfast
Popcorn for lunch,
and pancakes for dinner.

Home is where you know where everything is
Tape is here,
A ladle is there,
And rain boots are in the hall closet

Home is where you hear
Familiar creaks in the floor
Slams of the door

Home is your
Lost Oct 2019
Ripping at the seams
Quietly though
Like a mouth parting
The rip of lips opening
In a silent room
Impending doom
Seals them back shut
The combustion is sequestered
To a smaller quarantine
Exploding inside a container
Of memories
Flashes of shame
Burn up in flames
Inside my brain
And I find myself lost
In a maze of moss
Trees so tall
I can’t see the tops
Moonlight shines
On matte rocks
In a forest
In my head
Wandering around
Yet laying in bed
Duality so striking
Complacent activity
Stagnant movement
Stationed electricity
The fireworks bursting
Behind my eyes
Are blinding yet
They shine no light
Lost Oct 2019
Hot with shame
I search your name
And find the same
Exact pain

You did me wrong
You hurt me
But I still long
For a different reality

Your pictures lie
They don’t explain why
You’ve been so cruel
You’ve made me cry

I know what my
Therapist would say
That we’ve said our goodbyes
Today is a new day

But I still can’t stop
Making my stomach drop
The sight of your face
Puts me in my place

On the ground
Under your shoe
Face down
Pinned by you
Bre Oct 2019
Things I miss

Once I looked at you
And you looked back
Made eye contact
Saw me.

Six years has passed
And we’re still

And you don’t see me anymore.
I miss the
Of knowing how
I fit
In your world.

I just watch.
You don’t look.
You don’t see.

But I guess I’m just too much emotionally, huh?
I don’t know how to be visible anymore.
Autmn T Aug 2019
I do not know how to not spiral. I don't know how to catch myself when I fall. I don't know how to put up my hands and make the darkness turn to light. I don't know how to sleep when tonight won't strike 12. I can wait, but then I sit. Waiting for the moon to tell me that it will be the last thing I see and it will be beautiful. But what if I cant bring myself to believe it? What if 12 never comes? What if it never leaves? What if Im stuck there? What if theres just always another 12 to wait for in the inevitable tomorrow? What if I dont make it there?
I dont know how to not dwell.
Light House Feb 2019
Wasted time can be a setback,
but regret & dwelling can be much worse.
Cut your losses once you are met with failure.
Don't use it as an excuse to stop.
Move forward.
This town ain’t doin it for me
As I weep beneath the willow tree
I thought how could this come to be
When you’re the only one I see

And now I sit here and ponder so
About the things that I don’t know
And wonder what our time would show
With the moments shared so long ago

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