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Gabriel SWeah Jun 28
Naked I came here
Empty I shall returned home
Death has no respect
This is to encouraged all brothers and sisters far and near to lived for God
Death has no respect,no matter who you are and what you have.
Diane K Pak Jun 19
Today feels so so surreal.

The pain is so so unreal.

So painful that I have to deal more than some ordinary feeling.
I'll remember this feeling that it's more than pen and paper intriguing.

I needed a sad song to help me resonates with what I'm going through for reassuring that I'm still living.

Imagine I couldn't be so broken and go through what I go through that anything, that drives away will put my muse into transmission instead of reminiscing of this ignition that engines in some sort of remission.

I want to find my omission on this planet which helps me calls my mission.

To know this suffocation isn't the end if this petition.

I gladly know there nothing left to say but to this but be submitting of all of this dedication of this precognition.

With or without written dissertation to someone's else permission.  Either to decline nor precise superstition neither to my own future preposition. Expect to a precondition to a certain expectations of neither my rights of a preconceived notions definition.

Can't sway nor hide my any persuasion.
You see you can create things and still called it intrusive, but it how you introduce it as any perspective like it not any other electives. So I'll hear my respective not to misrepresent it.  I'll gather my witnesses and still find it by many few selective.
Stuck in a moment
temporarily on hold
How long to forgo alone
Searching in haste through space
though the globe still spins
our world has slowed
No hairline cracks but open gaps
in broken moulds
A collective directive
or tall order from top to bottom
Who sets the tone
with answers unknown
Not the forgotten
So my friend
educate yourself and
be bold as you bend
To the weight of the world
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
In this day and age, there are standards of learning, not standards of living
We are told you must "live to learn" not learn to live in a world that is dominated by test scores and letter grades
What college you attend and what fraternity you're in
It's keeping up with Jones' and pretending to be someone you're not
to fit in, to win so we stay in disguise
But at the end of the day, it's a thick veil of lies.
We chalk up our life to things people think we should be
But what is it about me that people need to see?
That I'm a daughter...a sister...a warrior
Or I'm a son on the run with ambition in my veins.
We've got so much more to offer than the grades and projects we sustain
So look at me...can you see me through your red pen marked haze that I'm more...I am more than a score
Bhill Aug 2019
The one true thing in life is this
We are not getting out of here alive
Not one single living thing is exempt
We, as humans, do not plan for the end game
The journey towards this goal should be planned
Play, education, work, stress, family,
Illness, retirement and lastly, leaving our earthly boundaries
Is that so hard?
Yes it is....!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 206
Do agree to these words
Amanda Jun 2018
Call me "druggie" or any other name you want
I am more than the degenerate society sees
Quick to be cold, they don't know who I am
Toss insults around like leaves in the breeze

I tried to make people understand
Staring is not the correct way to learn
Lack of caring, disrespectful looks
Is all an addict will earn

Show me one person who has never been down
Has no mistakes to hold
Demons find their way into all of us
Life leaves the warmest hearts cold

Things taken in different strides
Each person handles pain in their own way
Some stand ground, others escape
Sense of self-worth is the price we pay

Because of you, the stigma you spread
I found how harshly most judge
I want to educate ignorant masses
Their opinions too rigid to budge
I hate being judged on who I was in the past
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
We suffer in silence because the world doesn't want us to shout.
But how are things ever going to change if we can't tell people what it's about.
Are they scared that once the issues become known, that people will realise that there was no need to suffer alone.
I'm tired of biting my tongue, we've all done it for far to long.
So let me be the first to say I have mental health issues and they aren't going away.
The world treats it like its a disease, we will bring them to their knees.
I want change and so should You, let's force their hands so they have to start something new.
To educate, to improve.
We aren't crazy, we've just been strong for too long.
I feel no shame in saying, it's just a  chemical  imbalance in my brain.
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