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Bhill Aug 15
The one true thing in life is this
We are not getting out of here alive
Not one single living thing is exempt
We, as humans, do not plan for the end game
The journey towards this goal should be planned
Play, education, work, stress, family,
Illness, retirement and lastly, leaving our earthly boundaries
Is that so hard?
Yes it is....!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 206
Do agree to these words
Amanda Jun 2018
Call me "druggie" or any other name you want
I am more than the degenerate society sees
Quick to be cold, they don't know who I am
Toss insults around like leaves in the breeze

I tried to make people understand
Staring is not the correct way to learn
Lack of caring, disrespectful looks
Is all an addict will earn

Show me one person who has never been down
Has no mistakes to hold
Demons find their way into all of us
Life leaves the warmest hearts cold

Things taken in different strides
Each person handles pain in their own way
Some stand ground, others escape
Sense of self-worth is the price we pay

Because of you, the stigma you spread
I found how harshly most judge
I want to educate ignorant masses
Their opinions too rigid to budge
I hate being judged on who I was in the past
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
We suffer in silence because the world doesn't want us to shout.
But how are things ever going to change if we can't tell people what it's about.
Are they scared that once the issues become known, that people will realise that there was no need to suffer alone.
I'm tired of biting my tongue, we've all done it for far to long.
So let me be the first to say I have mental health issues and they aren't going away.
The world treats it like its a disease, we will bring them to their knees.
I want change and so should You, let's force their hands so they have to start something new.
To educate, to improve.
We aren't crazy, we've just been strong for too long.
I feel no shame in saying, it's just a  chemical  imbalance in my brain.

How difficult to choose a job,
Some have made their way,
Some have moved a far degree,
And still a lot to pay!

Inquiry is not practised;
It ne'er be accurate
Without a stately door behind
That shuts who educates.

Dream Fisher Jan 2018
Sitting in a circle, we were just sixteen
A few dumb kids figuring what this life would mean.
Andy says he's going to community college,
Jimmy is going out of state,
As if these plans were going as perfect as they seem
Matt took a year off trying to search for knowledge
I took a similar rope just waiting for fate
As if we can succeed just stuck in a wait.

Andy took general courses, working a minimum grind
He stays up all night, caffeine pills keeping him online.
Jimmy got a degree in something with no market
Thirty grand has him working two jobs
Feeling like seeking education left him robbed
Cleaning up after the generation that cut him off
Matt and I keep passing ideas that we never do
Thinking school might be worth it
Still deciding a future  but even the new
Leaves a taste of the same place we knew

A few average kids didn't stand a chance
Took a few different roads all led to the same
If you have the experience, you lack their degree
If you have a degree, it's two years experience they want to see
So nobody trains you and nobody learns
Now they have a following believing the world doesn't turn
I'm so lost in these politics I can barely find my way home
Jemma Mar 2017
It’s a new day dawning yet we’re still living in the past
Embracing colonialism and saving the rest for last
You know, the rest meaning the other cultures because you think they don’t matter
But it’s time for that glass of classism and racism to shatter
It’s funny how when I go to University I’m rarely taught by people who look like me
No matter how much the white lecturers may try, they will never understand my cultural identity
So don’t get mad if I doze off in your lecture because I just can’t relate
If I speak up I may start the great debate
Learning about Ancient Greeks and those who lived in Rome is fine
But what about the indigenous people of the Caribbean or stories of what went through the slave’s mind?
University is more than just learning about what makes Western culture great
There’s more to this world that we can truly celebrate
America and Haiti both had a revolution
So if we want to make a change we need to come up with a solution
It’s a new day dawning and we plan to decolonise
Despite our obstacles, we will rise
Mi raza (my race)
Judge by a nation by my skin and roots but not by my capabilities.
Judged as a common criminal
But never as a helping hand.
Judged as a poor man for wearing the same clothes every day when I go to work.
Judged as a man that will only drop out of school and depend on welfare.
But the thing they don't know.
I was raised by a mother that had to put both pants to get by.
Become an older brother and a father to my own brothers to give them that love.
That I graduated high school in one of the best schools in the country.
That I'm going to college to become a teacher to educate and inspire that it don't matter what's your race or skin all it matters is your beliefs your dreams and your urge to succeed. I may be Brown and proud. But we're all one heart (solo un corazón) we all should love and bond not fight over who's the dominate race. Who has the bigger guns or the most beautiful woman. We are only one  (solo una raza)
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