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Yousra Amatullah May 2021
You're named,
And considered,

Your name,
Needs special,
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
touch, con tact
con fide in me, tell me mere tallies,

count my worth in touched
virtual buttons, pulled virtual
triggers of emoticonic
emerging as a wish, a want, a will

to make or take or fake a known
hidden in my bag.

abstruse obscurity, arcane, esoteric, recherché

y'knowaht ai mean?

click, think fast.
Past last learned truthz in everlasting shame games,
swallowing whole
guiling lies left to stumble entertwined
entertained public minds dulled
by constant rub, that mobs
force squeeking
gears of grace, to make while
grinding balance points, tipping the wheel

of time as imagined by sailors on opined currents
swept by winds of geistic hinting hid,
to see, know to pay attention.

Jeffry Epstein was a hoo-min, can you imagine…
calling him friend?
And having no clue?

Linguistics, Style and Writing in the 21st Century -

with Steven Pinker, relating an email,
{received prior to Oct. 28, 2015 YouTubing}
"It is important
to approach the subject from a variety of strategies,
including mental health assistance but also
from a law enforcement perspective"…

translated as:
"We should consult a psychiatrist about this man, but
we may, also, have to
inform the police."
man, not subject, understand… the translation

who was that man {the subject,
I assume, was the deed which a man mutually known
was known for doing}

I think Epstein. Hm, a sick seed… sprouts out,
first the blade,
then the ear,
then the full corn in the ear…

then I think, Krause, a colleague… can I be sued
for thinking I can imagine…

worse can I imagine knowing what
is mutually known, there is a guilt game
that needs linguistical magic
meanings to be hidden in
abstruse obscurity, arcane, esoteric, recherché

ways and means of keeping the plebes entertained.

"It is important
to approach the subject from a variety of strategies."

-- or as I continue imagining being a knower, we could
arrange with other knowers
**** him, and thus the guile goes un detected…

check with the lawyers, no incriminating emails…

"It is important
to approach the subject from a variety of strategies…"

In 2007, when Epstein was first indicted for procuring a minor for prostitution,
Pinker "provided his expertise on language" 
for Epstein's defense,
according to The New York Times.
Pinker offered his services for free and,
he told the Times,
at the request of his friend,
Havard law professor
Alan Dershowitz—who has himself been
 accused of sexually assaulting minors trafficked by Epstein,
which he denies.

From <­-epstein-ties>
Bits that formed a seed, what fruit? I cannot say, it's Christmas Day, my thoughts are on other angels.
Gabriel SWeah Jun 2020
Naked I came here
Empty I shall returned home
Death has no respect
This is to encouraged all brothers and sisters far and near to lived for God
Death has no respect,no matter who you are and what you have.
Diane K Pak Jun 2020
Today feels so so surreal.

The pain is so so unreal.

So painful that I have to deal more than some ordinary feeling.
I'll remember this feeling that it's more than pen and paper intriguing.

I needed a sad song to help me resonates with what I'm going through for reassuring that I'm still living.

Imagine I couldn't be so broken and go through what I go through that anything, that drives away will put my muse into transmission instead of reminiscing of this ignition that engines in some sort of remission.

I want to find my omission on this planet which helps me calls my mission.

To know this suffocation isn't the end if this petition.

I gladly know there nothing left to say but to this but be submitting of all of this dedication of this precognition.

With or without written dissertation to someone's else permission.  Either to decline nor precise superstition neither to my own future preposition. Expect to a precondition to a certain expectations of neither my rights of a preconceived notions definition.

Can't sway nor hide my any persuasion.
You see you can create things and still called it intrusive, but it how you introduce it as any perspective like it not any other electives. So I'll hear my respective not to misrepresent it.  I'll gather my witnesses and still find it by many few selective.
John McCafferty Apr 2020
Stuck in a moment
temporarily on hold
How long to forgo alone
Searching in haste through space
though the globe still spins
our world has slowed
No hairline cracks but open gaps
in broken moulds
A collective directive
or tall order from top to bottom
Who sets the tone
with answers unknown
Not the forgotten
So my friend
educate yourself and
be bold as you bend
To the weight of the world
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
In this day and age, there are standards of learning, not standards of living
We are told you must "live to learn" not learn to live in a world that is dominated by test scores and letter grades
What college you attend and what fraternity you're in
It's keeping up with Jones' and pretending to be someone you're not
to fit in, to win so we stay in disguise
But at the end of the day, it's a thick veil of lies.
We chalk up our life to things people think we should be
But what is it about me that people need to see?
That I'm a daughter...a sister...a warrior
Or I'm a son on the run with ambition in my veins.
We've got so much more to offer than the grades and projects we sustain
So look at me...can you see me through your red pen marked haze that I'm more...I am more than a score
Bhill Aug 2019
The one true thing in life is this
We are not getting out of here alive
Not one single living thing is exempt
We, as humans, do not plan for the end game
The journey towards this goal should be planned
Play, education, work, stress, family,
Illness, retirement and lastly, leaving our earthly boundaries
Is that so hard?
Yes it is....!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 206
Do agree to these words
Yuz Jun 2019
When my' life educates it uses my mistakes.
So should I really call them mistakes?
Or are they rehearsals sent to make me stronger for the journey.

When my life teaches it uses my stitches.
So should I really call them stitches?
Or are they  relics, artistic memorials for lessons learned !

They say when it rains it pours
So Rain keep me drenched ;not just on me, but in me, in the depths of my soul. Let the flood compromise my  'trusted foundations' and my 'solid rocks'  so that it washes away the old and the weak in me, that I may be a new man that I may be defeated no more!
When man knows that pain/burning is part of the plan.
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