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You are sitting alone by the tallest trees of the forest,
Perched quietly on that stone that was turned over by the erosion of silted banks;
The wild river, a little ways off,
But still the roar of it fills the air.
Your hands are clasped in front of you
And your backpack is slung to the side.
Above your quiet form,
The mountains rise like citadels
And their alpine slopes abound with pines
Like sentinels, watching,
Hiding the yellow eyed wolves
That dart within.
But they will not approach you.
They also attend the dusk,
And the secrets it brings.
The singing of the coyotes
Calls the stars out
One by one,
Emerging in a deepening blue,
While the fire of the sun’s descent
Subsides too,
Into blackness.

The night birds call.

I am here, my love.
Can you see my silhouette against the moon?
The darkness between us thickens
Like blood from a wound.

Reach for me

High above you, a white owl alights,
Beating its ragged wings against the thickness
Of the wilderness;
The dark shadows of the pines, motionless,
Yet, I shake.

Reach for me

You shift your weight and turn to face
The space where I stand.
You lift your hand as if
To gently place my hair
Behind my ear,

Remember how you always loved to do that
When I was here?

You touch me, almost!
We are so **** close!

You are crying now, alone,

The night birds sing to a ghost.
amy zhang Jul 11
For you,

my love is as endless as the deepest blue

shrouded in mystery, exploding with a force

strong enough:

To shatter steel
To erode stone
To birth life.

My love,

softer than the rays of sunlight fluttering
as orange specks underneath your eyelids
kissing your pupils with their delicate touch
Embracing the liquid of your orbs with a citrusy warmth

Showering you with the joy
Of a thousand torn dandelions
Smiling down at you
In the distance


A funny concept.

A million loving words
spoken back and forth,
a thousand steps
taken towards the same direction
A billion I love yous
Over and over again.


we are still distant.

Still distant,

because my love is an ever consuming bonfire

Where close
could never be close enough.

Where I can wrap you in my flames
lure you in with my warmth
provide you with a hearth

for as long as you want.
Or as long as you can stand.

Until your skin burns

And my love scathes

With the rage of a million rays of sunlight.
just a little something for y'all :,) I hope you like it!! <3
Annatman Jul 9
You know who you are
And you know that I'm thinking
About you.

I know that I'm here
But I feel like I'm not
And I'm fine lost in thought
If my thoughts are
About you.

My darling, you are
Like the north star,
No matter how far
In my mind's view I always
Can find you.

Like a compass I am
Always looking at you,
All-encompassing view from within
Take me in and I'm sure I can
Guide you.

I bow to the strong unknown forces inside me
that brought me beside you.
a personal feeling
Jo Barber Jun 27
I grew tired of the sun and the snow;
of the night and the day;
of the right and the wrong.
Lines once so clear
began to blur together.
I grew tired of searching
for something more than what I had.
I grew tired of being happy,
just as I grew tired of being sad.
The days were long,
but nothing felt so long
as the days I spent with you.

Our vacant selves plastered
together in some vain attempt at intimacy.
And yet,
I've never felt further away from someone.
Your love is like the horizon,
perceived no matter where I stand,
unclear which world that it lies in,
in and beyond my outstretched hand.

Your love is like that distant line
where heaven meets the earthly plane,
the beginning of my sunshine
that bounds a limitless domain.

Your love is like the horizon,
connected wherever I go,
comfort I idealize in,
the only constant that I know.

Your love is like that distant line
that never will recede from view.
Surrounding me and only mine,
I’m there in the center of you.
(C) 2019 Daniel H. Shulman
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Let's not definite the infinity.
And let's be close to the deepest intimity.

(1 juin 2016 17:42)
S Bharat Apr 12
When I Talk To You

You're very close
When I talk to you
I trust you twofold
When I continue.
Don't mistake me
When I do explore.
For you're a friend,
Loved even more.

S. Bharat
Laura Apr 3
Come here
and hold my hand
just a bit longer.

Come here
and keep me inside
your warm embrace.

Come here
and share with me
just one more kiss.

Cause when you're here
there's calmness
inside my restless mind.

Cause when you're here
this endless tension
finds its release.

So come here
and stay a little longer
and maybe you'll feel it too
Jodie-Elaine Mar 14
Shut up and go to sleep.
I would give anything
to feel your sleeping body next to mine.
Poem from the 'PERFORMANCE ARTIST POETRY...' collection. Finally, one that makes sense, yay right?
grace Mar 3
If I hold you closer will it hurt
If I let you go will it be even worse
Tell me you'll break my heart
But that we'll enjoy the present while it lasts
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