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When your sweet taste hits my lips
I can feel my problems fade away
Like the setting sun
On a bad day

When I have you near
I can’t feel down
Indeed, you make me feel
Like the merriest of clowns

Even if our love may be forbidden
And even if I decide to leave you one day
I shall always love you
I shall always love my M
Dredd Dec 2018
you were lying beside me
inches away
but like a priceless artefact
you can't touch
just gaze
from far away

I am the candle,
You are the flames,

I give you vision,
You give me strength.

You are the reason,
That I was made,

But if you get too close,
Then I'll melt away.
Older poem
Laura Nov 2018
Embrace me.
Like I’m all you desire.
Like I’m all you’ve ever asked for.
Like I’m all yours.

(Because maybe that’s all I want to be right now.)
Laura Nov 2018
Your fingers tracing the lines of my body.
Embracing every freckle and all my scars.
Discovering each part of me.
Touching my body and my soul.
Laura Nov 2018
You and me and a bottle of red wine.
On a cloudy afternoon, the sunlight breaking through the clouds from time to time.
An empty beach, wind in my hair, the sound of the ocean in our ears.
There’s nothing more I need.
Just you and me and a bottle of red wine.
Laura Nov 2018
Laying here with you,
my head resting on your chest,
I feel closer to myself.
Because, even if it was
just for the blink of an eye,
I could’ve sworn,
that my heart and yours,
they were beating
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