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Aalhad Raut Feb 2019
I am trapped;
Shut in a dark room where I have forgotten the brightness of light.
I live in this darkness in eternal fear.
I am afraid of predation; a fat snake coils around me.
It stiffens my body, and I can barely breath in comfort.

As its leathery skin chills my bare back,
The snake whispers in my ear
Its serpentine truths with forked tongues and forked beliefs.
The snake whispers to me my inevitable demise.
The snake nibbles at my ear, drawing blood and injecting venom.

In the darkness,
Where two's a crowd, and yet I'm alone,
I question my own existence.
Why was I born to see
The black of this rustic veil.
The snake tells me the fictitious truth
Of the sinful anomaly of my existence.

I cry,
But tear up only the toxicity
Of this serpentine society.
I smile,
And I promise that this smile is true
For just the image of freedom
Is a euphoric drug to fix the pain.

But today is a momentous day.
A door has opened in the shapeless darkness
That reared me into my beautiful self.
The blind snake cringes aback,
Dragging me further from the bright shine.
But its reach isn't far enough to shut that door.

I may die of asphyxia,
But I won't die blind.
I may die in the darkness,
But I won't die alone.
For the door let in not only light,
But a ray of dazzling hope.

The snake may **** me,
Heck, it can eat me up.
Because I have seen light and I have seen fire.
This bird has tasted freedom,
And I'll burst into flames.

I am a phoenix of seven colours.
This poem was written when Article 377 was abolished in India, legalising consensual homosexual *** in the country.
No sacred book,
Or talisman,
No prayer,
Or synagogue
Or mosque,
Can ever change this truth,
Ancient and antiquated:
When two are in love,
No matter the gender,
Or identity,
The earth moves in wonder;
The mountains bow down in awe.
Harry Roberts Jul 2018
His voice rumbles against my ear,
The sound resonates in my mind,
I can hear his heart as clearly as his breath.
I can see us together as clearly as I see myself.

I find comfort cuddled against his chest,
He tells tales so tall they're all in jest,
We've stood together against life's test,
Next to him I'd forsake the rest.

His hair scratches against me,
His hands smooth down my sides,
His arms encircle me whole,
His eyes enliven my life.

Said I'm his heart,
We're nothing apart,
Together we start,
Love is an art.

I only need him,
I swear he's my king,
I'd stand on a mountain,
Swearing love isn't sin.
Harry Roberts - Love Isn't Sin © 13/07/18
Mia Apr 2018
Rainbows are red
Red like beautiful love,
Or like the blood of the dead.
Red, color of intensity. Yes, this fits like a glove.

Rainbows are also cyan
Just like the warm sky surrounding
Or like ice, an element that can,
Just like its color, give you a calm feeling.

Of course, there's indigo too
Not unlike the deep ocean,
Or sadness; after all, you’re “feeling blue”
Such vastness in one color’s span

Its purple is another hue
Symbolizing nobility
And perhaps vanity, it’s true
But you’d be proud donning it, surely?

Visible as well is orange
Revitalizing fruit, as we all know
It’s also part of fire’s burning rage
It’s the emblem of energy, it is certainly not hollow

And I can't forget about the bright yellow
Reminder of sunlight, it brings us warmth
Just like a joyful smile, I can only bow
To the happiness this color brings forth

And lastly, the ever-so-lively green
The veritable symbol of nature
And this hue being so serene
Reflects this fact; it gives me hope for the future.

This poem goes to all who wave
The rainbow flag with all their might
Despite the inevitable criers of “Shame!”,
I know that your hearts are right.

To Patrick
This is certainly not my best one yet, but I've been experimenting with subjects other than just love lately. Here's hoping for quick improvement!
Sean Achilleos Mar 2018
There once was a man who shouted … I am healed
His friends replied
That’s great but we didn’t realise that you were ill
The man answered
I have been healed from being gay
His friends responded
But to be happy is a good thing
The man said
No you don’t understand
Not gay as in being happy
But gay as in loving another man
His friends replied
Since when is Love an illness
Written by: Sean Achilleos
13 March 2018©
Amazon: Sean Achilleos 'An Affair with Life' The Philosophical Poems of Sean Achilleos
YouTube: Sean Achilleos
JoAnna Nelson Dec 2017
What is a sin?
Something foul and loathsome
Something done in ignorance
Not knowing the action
Is considered unsavory
To those who sit on church pews
And listen to the hate spewed
From self-righteous mouths
Of self-proclaimed holy men
Bigots I say
According to them no gay should be gay
No happiness for the queer
They’re not born that way, they’re sick
And they require a cure
A cure that entails “hospitalization”
And endless prescriptions
Of “holy” medication
They preach God hates ****
But their words fall flat
Because it is not God who hates
God loves
That’s the whole point of God
But they forget this in their “holy war”
On pure and natural love.
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