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Nov 2020 · 244
(goodbye poem)
Riya Nov 2020
i thought
so much
about it all
this and that
too many of this
too little of that
too many thoughts
and so little eyes
to see it all
i need-
i want-
others to see
my random words
of nonsense..
to feel noticed
for my mind.
i think
i'm ready
to leave
my old thoughts here..
to create something better
somewhere else but here.
my last poem here..
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Nov 2020 · 260
almost knew you
Riya Nov 2020
i came close
to you..
made you laugh
i even hoped
to make your day
isn't it great
oh shouldn't it
be great
that you already found
the one
your only one
who can light up
your days..
maybe even
make you
harder than i-
i could never..

I almost came
to knowing
Nov 2020 · 104
Riya Nov 2020
I always wonder
If I'm just
On my own
Without any
To know me
Do they care
Like I care?
I always wonder.
Nov 2020 · 81
consume or be consumed
Riya Nov 2020
careful now..shh
the sound
it's returning..
why? i-
i don't know
they seem okay
though.. i-
i'm not quite sure
if i should be-
be afraid
or surrender my-
my thoughts
my fears
my doubts
then what will i be?
what will it be?

careful now..shh
the sound is growling
feed it something
Quick. Fast. Now.
give in please.
I'm trying to write more cx
Sep 2020 · 460
sleepless nights
Riya Sep 2020
it's my worst
it can ****
if it isn't
too careful
feeding each
that comes
to mind
toxic waste
flowing within me
giving each
****** new thought
a deeper meaning
and another reason
to worry
and worry
until you,
don't know why
you were stressing out
to begin with..
and there goes
another sleepless night..
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Sep 2020 · 500
at ease
Riya Sep 2020
you make
me feel
at ease..
just your voice
gets me
the night..
oh please
just whisper
to me..
tell me all
that you have
to offer
and i promise
that i won't
daze off
cuz i know
how hard
it could be
to finally
open up to
and let
your guard
just for a second
could happen
and maybe
this time
it will be
worth it..
to finally
just be
at ease..
you make me feel at ease <3
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Aug 2020 · 428
would you even understand?
Riya Aug 2020
the words
i put out
can't be said
out loud
would they even
make sense
to you..
would they?
if i were
to write
about you..
would you
even know
that the words
mean more than
just meaningless
sentences on a page..
would you even try
to figure it all out..
or would you say
nice things
just to say them
cause you wouldn't
actually understand
these words
that i put out
for you..

would you?
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Jul 2020 · 736
no words for you today
Riya Jul 2020
you just
dont know
what to
your mind
will just be blank.
your words
will just fade.
your heart
will just tighten.

but even then
you will be

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Jul 2020 · 196
no need
Riya Jul 2020
pass by
like you
always do
no need
to keep up
with me..
i don't
need you.
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Jul 2020 · 585
oh-so blunt
Riya Jul 2020
the time
i had
with you
was nothing
but luck..
time was
a little bit
maybe too
oh dear
i'm sorry
i had to
oh-so soon..
too soon.
i know
the time
we shared
was oh-so
even so
you got to
it was fun..
oh-so fun.
I haven't wrote in awhile.. so hope you like this one..
also sorry for the edits *-*
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May 2020 · 185
nice words equal ily.. ig.
Riya May 2020
I don't get why
all the time
when I say nice things
the words betray me
and attack me.
was I too much
I don't get why
my words have to mean so much
when sometimes
they don't..
mean anything.. at all.
they just read too much..
I can't help
but ruin everything.
it's a cycle.
nice words
can mean everything
to someone.. I guess.
I don't get why
I have to be
the one to blame..
I wasn't speaking
in code.. was I?
did I say something nice
to just be nice? yes.
now is that such a crime..
I didn't ask for the reaction..
but blame is still put on me.

nice words
I love you.. i guess.
I hope you guys can relate..
Mar 2020 · 271
Riya Mar 2020
Feelings are on pause..
feeling kind of lost..
don't know where to go..
kind of on my own..
I know I should be strong..
but how am I
supposed to be
it's overwhelming to feel..
am I going alone
after all..
feelings are fleeting..
why can't I
keep them
under control..
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Mar 2020 · 277
Too Much..
Riya Mar 2020
I'm too much
I whine too much
All the time..
I can't sleep much
Mind is numb..
Can't think straight
I'm so unsure
How anything is
Suppose to be..
Am I really me
Or am I lying to you
About me

Am I too much..
Am I?
I hope this makes sense..
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Mar 2020 · 881
Whats the point..
Riya Mar 2020
what's the point
of trying..
when I know
you're just
gonna be
the same
ya I should be
more understanding
but this time
I can't help
but think
that I'm just wasting
my time..
on you
I'm getting a little sick
sick of this
always worrying about you
when you can't
can't even listen to me
am I whispering..
are my words going mute..
do they even
even mean anything
like you say they do
to you…do they?

what's the point
of caring..
Yaaa /:
Edit: I was sad when I wrote this so it might not make sense..
[Ignore the tags <3 ]
Feb 2020 · 922
Unwanted Tears
Riya Feb 2020
These tears
Will leave.
I know it.
I made them..
You just don't-
Don't know why..
They appeared
In the first place.
I've been wanting to write about what I felt and I finally did. I just had to stop thinking.
Jan 2020 · 702
Stay Quiet
Riya Jan 2020
Stay quiet.
So I can..
Think for
So I don't..
Need you
All the time.
Jan 2020 · 296
Riya Jan 2020
I see
I feel
I breathe
I know
I like writing randomly c:
Jan 2020 · 82
Riya Jan 2020
Let me
How to
Be with
I need you
And you
To need
Let me
Be by
Your side
And help
Let me
I care, okAaay.
Jan 2020 · 223
Afraid, I am.
Riya Jan 2020
I go from
Tear to tear
Flowing with
Each drop
That falls..
I land with it.
Afraid of
A what if?
That the question
In my head,
And doubting..
I want it
To end.
But then
Nothing will be..
And I'll be me.
Fear comes..
I am
all over again.
I'm starting to write how I used too♡
Dec 2019 · 153
Dear Voice
Riya Dec 2019
Dear voice,
Oh come to me.
Speak those soft..
Soft words, slowly
cuz I need it
More than ever
Oh baby, baby
Why must you
Ignore my words
Oh maybe, maybe
You're just
Plain forgetful.
Yet you can still say
Sweet nothings
To me.
See now you're just
Being cruel
Making up excuses.
Oh why, why
Am I putting up
With your bs

Dear voice,
Please come back to me.
Speak those sweet..
Sweet little lies
Of yours.
Cuz I need it, now.
More than ever
Dec 2019 · 280
I imagine
Riya Dec 2019
One day you'll see me crying
And I won't know what to say
But you'll just hold my hand
And hug me cuz you can.
Then you'll say..
"I love you anyways."
Even though I'll feel ugly
You'll say..
"you are still beautiful to me."

I imagine..
One day we will be outside
Looking at nothing
Talking about nothing
Just silence
And your presence
That will be enough for me.

I cry now
Cuz I'm just imagining
That you're here with me.
I'm just giving myself false memories
But also something to look forward to.

I imagine everything
Like if you were here
And I love every second of it.
Nov 2019 · 525
I Just Got To
Riya Nov 2019
That smirk you have on
That brings so much joy to me
I just smile and laugh
Cuz I have to
Cuz I need to
Cuz I want to
Be with you.
I just got to
Be closer
And hold you
Be there for you
Love you
I just got to-
I just got to
Be with you.
Oct 2019 · 255
All of you
Riya Oct 2019
I want all of you
And it's all true
I want you,
I just want to love you.
Give me your love
And I will cherish
All of our memories
I don't want to forget
About you.
So just give me all
Of you
And love me too.
Jul 2019 · 303
Riya Jul 2019
Your eyes are fading.
Your smile is cracking.
Your face is doubting.
Your mouth is running.
Your ears are hunting.
Your heart is just breaking

And you can't do anything
But just watch and wait for nothing.
Jun 2019 · 1.1k
Riya Jun 2019
Rosy cheeks,
Bright eyes, and
A careless smile.

I'm perfectly blinded
by you.

Contagious laughter,
Deep voice, and
An honest heart.

I'm perfectly infatuated
with you.
Maybe this is about them ♡~
Jun 2019 · 331
Smiles Just For You
Riya Jun 2019
Say anything.
Maybe complain or beg.
I don't mind it one bit.
Let me hear your voice.
Even the random banter.
Say anything.
Jun 2019 · 248
Riya Jun 2019
Uneasy thoughts
Take up too much
Time from me.

Wish it away.

Uneasy memories
Make up pure nonsense
And forgetfulness.

Wish it all away.
Jun 2019 · 317
over thinking it all
Riya Jun 2019
I'm overthinking this again.
I can't help it though.
You make me this way.
My thoughts are only you.
Your voice,
Your grin, and
Your laugh.
All blissful memories
String together to make me
Remember your everything.
Maybe I'm not overthinking it all.
I just can't help it though.
You make me feel this way.
All my thoughts are you
And I love it.
May 2019 · 393
Paleface Blueeyes
Riya May 2019
Pale face, blue eyes.
Can't wait, this time.
Too late but it's fine.
Hopefully you'll keep me
In mind.
Ya, I wrote something random... that turned out to be true...weird.
Apr 2019 · 288
Riya Apr 2019
maybe I will
let   you know
when I am
free,    to be
your     little puppy
and oh-   obey your
demanding wishes
let me just
say to you   that
you   only have three-
three little wishes.

so   what will it be?
Something I wrote for my class...
Apr 2019 · 399
me and you
Riya Apr 2019
your lipskissingmine.
   your handstouchingmine.
      your eyes glan-cing at mine.
         your heart bEaTiNg at mine.
            your Everything next to Mine.
Ya... ♡
Apr 2019 · 365
Riya Apr 2019
Becoming bored, and
Eventually, soon
Going to stop, typing.
Gosh, I really do like simple poems..
Apr 2019 · 326
Jet Lag
Riya Apr 2019
Getting a bit slow, slow.
Just one more second, second.
Eventually time will speed up, speed up.
Small poems are cute, right?^^
Mar 2019 · 358
Black Mist
Riya Mar 2019
Eye gives out a blood red.
Everything fades away.

Try to maintain a blank face
Mind is out of place.

Now missing some marvels
And can't seem to find them.

Trip and fall down a empty hall
Where the pieces are.

Try to grab them all
But once more,
Trip and fall through an open door.

Hoping to catch my breath,
Breathing in and coughing out.

Air is toxic with smoke
That buries thoughts
And cancels out the same

Losing steps and gaining nothing
Vision still varies shades of red
Trying to keep up but lose faith
Lost in track and can't go back
Stay still so nothing leaves
But everything is quickly fading

One flash and gone

Now the black mist stays
Tell me meaning?
Jan 2019 · 1.5k
feelings that still linger
Riya Jan 2019
My feelings still linger
Towards you.
Still attached
To this idea of a what if-
That will never come true.
I know I confessed a thousand times
I know that
These scars on my heart will stay the same.
I also know that
How you view me will stay the same.

I can't help but hold on to a what if.
//Why can't I write more happy poems.
Riya Dec 2018
“I can't breathe.
I'm suffocating.
I feel sad, maybe.
But I don't care, yeah I don't care.
I'm still moving with the flow,
I'll just have to get myself in check, with reality.
I need to find another way to feel sane.
Yeah, I need to find another way to feel something else but bleak.

I can't breathe.
I'm drowning with these sick thoughts.
Maybe I'm insane, I can't help it.
Oh, why do I have to feel this way.
Can't I just feel stable for once, sane for once, or anything but sad for once.

Can't  I
Just feel
Something else
For once.”
¡-; //ooof, another sad poem
- buttt guyss honestly I think my mind is playing me, why must it always make me write depressing ****-
- anyways hope you guys, like it? ~♡
Dec 2018 · 159
someone to love
Riya Dec 2018
i want to love someone
and be loved in return.
i want to care about someone again.
i want this emptiness to go away
and to be filled with something else other than my self-love.
sometimes, you just need someone else to worry or care for you.

i just want someone to love.
And to be loved in return.
//THANKSS!! Nap dreeeeam!! for reminding me that I'm a lonely individual!
Riya Dec 2018
"You are poison to the tongue
At least you taste like lemon lime punch.

I can't get over the sour of your voice,
It even gives me anxiety with it's overwhelming taste of sweet bitterness.

Let me overdose with the sound of your sour voice.
I figured if anything,
At least I can lie down with the silence of your bittersweet words and this quiet will help me sleep at night.
I know,

You are still poison to the tongue

At least you taste like lemon lime punch."
//oof, idk if this makes sense..
Dec 2018 · 7.5k
What is a smile?
Riya Dec 2018
What is a smile without the pain.
Does it feel like you are on bliss?
Does it scream out hope?
I have dem rare smilez
Dec 2018 · 306
[Vent Poem]
Riya Dec 2018
I really hate it when I can't cry
Or when I feel like crap
And I can't complain about it
I really hate this feeling
Of not feeling.
I want to scream
But why would I?
Why yell for no reason?
Why would you even try?
Can't even think of a reason to
Do anything...anymore.
Dec 2018 · 211
Pure Nonsense
Riya Dec 2018
I walk and walk,
But I'm walking the wrong way.
I hear and hear,
But I'm misunderstanding some things.
I look and look,
But all I see is blurry shapes.
I talk and talk,
But all that comes out is nonsense.
Just pure nonsense.
Riya Nov 2018
I am cold.
I am heartless.
I am nothing.
I am pointless.
I am a waste of space.
I am no good.
I am dirt.
I am ****.
I am toxic.
I am a disappointment.

I am just worthless and nothing more.
Nov 2018 · 278
Sitting and Waiting
Riya Nov 2018
Wind blows
Scent of familiar rises
Hair sways with the breeze
Fingers tap with muse
Eyes blink with thoughts
Feet walk with carelessness and determination
Backpacks filled with knowledge
Hands stuffed with distractions

Still sitting and waiting.
Oct 2018 · 187
You Are--
Riya Oct 2018
A beautiful,
Yet understanding human being--
Who I very much care for and respect so deeply about.
Love for a friend.
Oct 2018 · 249
[Vent Poem]Dear, F
Riya Oct 2018
"You were nice and kind
But you were also sometimes hurtful
And mean towards Mother.
But I try not to remember that.

You were wise
But you were also ignorant at times.

I would hope you did say, sometimes
"I love you" to me.
But I bet you didn't.

As time went on
You had changed or
I did.

And I now realize,
That you are a spiteful and angry human being.
Who thought he cared for his family but instead only cared for himself.

Sometimes I just wish, one day.
You will just say
"I love you" and mean it.

But I don't believe you ever will
And I don't think we will ever be close again.

Although, I will come back.
It will not be because of you.
But only for them.

So .. bye."
Yeah.. you dont care.
[****, I feel ****]
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
One Cigarette.
Riya Sep 2018
You say you love us
But that's a lie.
You say you just borrow
But you steal.
You say you can't choose
But you can.
You say you are fine
But you're not.
You act all loving
But you're just fronting.
And so
You say that cigs are your babies
Now that's actually true.
Because you my dear
Have told that to us.
Yes, it's a addiction
But if you even cared about us AT ALL,
You would try.
Dispite how stressed you are.

One cigarette can't help you.
Your family can.
Please be open to any sort of help.
Sep 2018 · 699
Neutral Feelings
Riya Sep 2018
People say you have to be positive
You have to smile when you can
You have to cry when you can
You just have to sort of way.

I don't get any of it.

Can't I be- or feel
Can I be 'okay'? For once.
As in I'm neither sad nor mad-
Kind of way.

Can't I feel like
I don't care about anything
And not worry for once.

Yeah, it might be bad
To feel numb.

But I don't care at the moment.

I don't care at all, right now.
When my friends or whoever I tell about how I feel. When I tell them I'm just OKAY.
Aug 2018 · 17.5k
Why Can't I?
Riya Aug 2018
You have a heart
Even if
It has scars
Feels weak.

Even though it doesn't beat
Or stops for anyone.

Doesn't mean you don't have a heart.
You are still sane

You do love.
You do care.

You just love too much
That it ends up
Killing you from
The inside
And out.

You love until
You feel like you can't anymore.

And in time
Someone will do the same thing to you.
It probably already happened.

Someone's heart has beaten
And stopped for you.
You are loved
Cared for.

Even if you don't know it.

You are loved.

Even when you can't love yourself.
Aug 2018 · 864
Shall - Shall We Fall?
Riya Aug 2018
Let it be
As though
We are falling
Into a dark abyss,
To drown
In our self doubt,
To be so-
So broken
That we lose all of our pieces.
Shall we-
Shall we find them together,
Let us fly
And fall with each other.
Maybe the fall down won't be so bad.
May 2018 · 250
A Simple Shoe
Riya May 2018
A Simple Shoe
He yells
And she nags.

It's pointless
To argue.

But they don't see what I see.

I see them go over the top
Like if someone had just murdered someone
But in reality someone just stole a simple shoe.

And that simple shoe was mine,
Yes I know
It's just a shoe
But do they know?


They don't hear what I hear.

All this screaming for the same outcome,
The same results.

They are just blinded by there true selfs.
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