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leeaaun Feb 2
In shadows deep, where sorrows bloom,
A heartache lingers, a soul's dark tomb.
He asked me why I don't love myself,
Said, "I am tired of life, everyday."

A melancholy melody in the night,
Echoing woes, wrapped in pale moonlight.
His eyes, windows to a desolate sea,
Lost in the abyss of his own decree.

The world, a weight upon his soul,
Every step, an agonizing toll.
He questioned why self-love would stay,
In life's relentless, bleak ballet.

I spoke of dreams, like shattered glass,
Of moments gone, too fleet to grasp.
In the tapestry of time, threads fray,
A tired soul, in shadows, does sway.

Yet, in the weariness of his plea,
A symphony of sorrow, hauntingly free.
For love, a mirage in the distant mist,
A fragile hope, by pain kissed.

I painted verses in never ending rhymes,
Of beauty lost in the passage of time.
In nature's embrace, a mournful song,
Where the echoes of joy had grown strong.

"Embrace the self," I whispered, so frail,
In the silence, where heartbeats pale.
Life's weariness, an unending maze,
A tragic ballet, through sorrow's haze.

The soul whispers, the night descends,
A requiem for love, as darkness transcends.
He asked why I don't love myself,
I answered, "Dear friend, in sadness, delve."
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
Love is such a wonderful thing,
It's like the lovely afternoon spring.

But love is not something that can magically heal me,
I'm sorry, but you're love won't set me free.

I have tried so hard to learn to love who I am,
But I've begun to give up and I hardly give a ****.

I know I can't properly heal until I can love me,
But it's like I'm stuck behind a door with the wrong key.

I wish I was able to see myself like you do,
But I see myself through such a negative view.
Kym Relo Jul 2020
I'm happy.
I am happy.

You left me;
And, I thought I would be broken without you,
But I learned that I was miserable with you.

I swear,
Don't ever come back.
It was the only thing you ever did
That didn't hurt me.

If you do,
When you do,
It will tell me
You never loved me.
She left me. She ended it. Fine.
Nicole May 2020
That's what they call me
But I change so much, I forgot what colour I started with

That's what they call me
I can be anything that they want me to be, but I will be who I wanna be

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go

I feel them watching
Yeah, I'll give them the show
They say I'm crazy
But they don't really know me

I hear them talking
But I'm deaf while I soar
The sky is falling
After rains, I explode

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go

They wanna build me up
They wanna nip and tuck me
But who I am is enough
I know I'll always love me for me,

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go
Hafsa Mar 2020
Loved you without no intention

The way you swayed me
And stirred my heart

Why were you so kind
And where's the you I came to love
At that time

The times you taught me how to love
The times I come to love you more than myself

Thank you for the times I come to know about love,
Because of you

And now that I come to love myself
Thank you too
Hafsa Mar 2020
If I give up today
I did it for me

Maybe because
It was too much to handle
Something other than me

And bed become
A friend to depend on and on
Sarah Delaney Jan 2020
I have good days as well as bad
I'm still learning to love myself how I am
Self love is an everyday battle
But it's a battle that I refuse to lose

Sarah Delaney Jan 2020
She was as beautiful as the stars in the night sky
What a shame she could not see the beauty she possessed
For self love was a foreign concept to her

ultraviolet Nov 2019
If you're hurt, let it hurt today.
Cry over silly reasons.
Hold your breath for a while.
Then, only then, you'll be able to let go.
dabble Aug 2019
wind left me with saturated moisture
to rain down what I have condensed to
rain left me with prism of life
to color my thoughts in rainbow shades
winter left me with melting rivers
to let me grow in blooming spring
moon left me with rising dawn
to find myself in the light of day
nature left me ways to live
and ways that I could be myself

I know that now I don't have me
and all have changed
I only had u in me and
yeah, I lost who was me
to the one and only precious you
I finally found why you left
so I could find and love myself
from u where I lost myself
just trying to love myself before I fall for someone else
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