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Johnny walker Mar 10
One of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard that of Lime Light
by Chalie Chaplin from
the film of the same
the piece of music apparently was written by Charlie Chaplin himself haven't seen the film for a number of years must watch
But the most moving part of the film Is the ending scene that of a ballerina played by Clare Bloome  
dancing the perfect performance whilst her dance coach If I remember correctly played by Charlie Chaplin
sits In the wings on a chair as she reaches the ****** of her performance he dies with oh so beautiful music playing real tear jerker and a must
A film by Charlie Chaplin Lime Light about a coach and ballerina such beautiful piece of music written by Chaplin himself the a must watch real tear jerker
Alan S Bailey Feb 27
To the tune of Five For Fighting's "100 Years to Live"

From "Frogs For Fighting"
Kermit Sings:

I'm just a simple green Muppet,
Good old friends with Scooter and Fuzzy,
And I'm small and skinny,
A quiet frog that's on the roam.

Animal's clearing out the whole fridge,
There's a Muppet chef inside the kitchen,
Making gibberish sounds,
Boiling a goose or baking rolls.

Piggy I'm alright with you,
No other Muppet pig will do,
MRS. PIGGY-there's never a wish better than this,
When you've got a hundred Muppet Tears TO GIVE...

I'm searching stars at the moment,
Still the frog-I'm just in love with a pig,
Dream of a connection,
A constellation for a sign,

Count goes "AH AH AH" when counting,
Cookie Monster's nomming on the cookies,
Snuffleupagus sounds like he just might have a cold...

But Piggy I'm alright with you,
You've got much might-no one can kick **** quite like you...

But piggy I'm OK with you,
MRS. PIGGY-there's never a wish better than this,
When you've got a hundred Muppet Tears TO GIVE...

Through a small Muppet's eyes
Can tell you no lies,
Bunson's Lab-a surprise,
Madness, havoc explode,
Beaker's running to hide,
We're moving on...

I'm feeling light at the moment,
Small as can be-the sky-all I view,
And I'm just reeling,
High up in the clouds-a message in blue,  
...Mrs. Piggy I'm alright with you,
You're black belt in Karate and Kung Fu,
Super Grover's on his way,
Every Muppet has their dog day...


Piggy I'm alright with you,
There's no other Muppet pig like you,
MRS. PIGGY, there's never a wish-better than this...

When you've got a hundred Muppet Tears TO GIVE...
Sang to the tune of 100 Years to Live by Five For Fighting.

Frog's For Fighting, 100 Muppet Tears To Give.

"Well, no KIDDING Mrs. PIGGING!"
s v e n Dec 2018
"You are poison to the tongue
At least you taste like lemon lime punch.

I can't get over the sour of your voice,
It even gives me anxiety with it's overwhelming taste of sweet bitterness.

Let me overdose with the sound of your sour voice.
I figured if anything,
At least I can lie down with the silence of your bittersweet words and this quiet will help me sleep at night.
I know,

You are still poison to the tongue

At least you taste like lemon lime punch."
//oof, idk if this makes sense..
Give me piece.
Just feel the falling.
Just to hear the calling.
Just to sense the stalling.
The tolling of bells.
Where we give in to sells.
Let me see.
What it is like.
To be a force.
That is not yet completed.
For no amount of time.
Can fix lost time.
Not one of my rhyme.
Not one sour lime.
So I just tell my story.
From sad, to gory.
I don't deserve glory.
Cause the things I am given now bore me.
So don't give more to me.
Unless it is true,
Not just lore or sympathy.
So come only with heart and soul.
If you could have the need to help.
Then give me sweet call.
A lovable Yelp.
I am joking.
Yet I am not.
So give me what I previously sought.
So I could have a strong distraction from my thought.
And also...a signable direction.
Towards this thing that is called affection.
Transfer time, selfish with this and every other rhyme.
Payton Hayes Jul 2018
You are no lemon, or lime but
for some reason you
are still bitter, even
more so than a grapefruit
and I credit envy
with the way
you are so green.
Perhaps you are this
way because it is
winter when you bloom
and the sun isn’t out
to kiss you in the way
it does with oranges.
Gabriel burnS May 2018
Ask Margo why the Salt is always hungry
Why Lime is everthisty
Envious of big bro Lemon
Who, on his part, admires Orange
'midst the Cubes of Ice complaining
Gabriel burnS Apr 2018
The salt envies my lips,
jealous of your tongue
when it wants more
longing for yours
craving slow soft moist caress

It melts in the sharedness,
sparkles in our breath,
a crystalline melt of desire
stretching the flavor in timelessness
fusing in sweet a figure of eight
of our tongues’ thirst

It speaks our secret language
teaching new grammar;
it weaves our thoughts in scarves
spilling cool ambrosia,
warm in our veins
... I didn't know there were ways to make the taste of salt last longer and softer... |)
Matthew Harlovic Aug 2017
if life gives you limes,
squeeze the light
out of it

© Matthew Harlovic
Amanda Kay Hill Apr 2017
Is a beautiful bright
Color it is neon color
Lime green
Lime green
You see lime green
Car and phone charger
And paint and many more
I love to se the color lime green
It is a peaceful color and it is one
Of my favorite color my other favorite
Color is orange I love to see them both
Together lime green and orange
© Amanda Kay Hill
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